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Throw Back Thursday – Liberace Townhome Has Stained Glass Windows Returned After 20 Years

From October 22, 2007 This is a VVV exclusive, as the story hasn’t been told anywhere else. I heard from a friend that Liberace had designed, but never lived in one of the Tudor Townhomes […]

Fremont Street – First Paved Street in Las Vegas, Nevada

Did you know Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas? In 1925, the famous street was paved from Main Street to Fifth Street. The picture is a view from 4th and Fremont, […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Read: The Truth Many Headlines Overlook

There are a lot of questions right now regarding the real estate market as we head into 2022. The forbearance program is coming to an end and mortgage rates are beginning to rise. With all […]

Nevada Unclaimed Property

What “Property” Really Means Don’t let the name fool you! “Property” is the word we use to refer to cash, payroll, stocks, mutual funds, bank accounts, gift certificates, deposits, insurance proceeds, and other types of […]

The Birth of Las Vegas May 15th 1905

The artesian springs, at the site of present-day Las Vegas, had been used by humans for about 15,000 years when in 1829 a band of New Mexican traders en route to Los Angeles came upon […]

Today’s Housing Market Isn’t Like 2008

With all the headlines and talk in the media about the shift in the housing market, you might be thinking this is a housing bubble. It’s only natural for those thoughts to creep in that […]

A Source of Strength for Homeowners Today – Home Equity

Experts agree there’s no chance of a large-scale foreclosure crisis like we saw back in 2008, and that’s good news for the housing market. As Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, says: “. . . don’t expect a […]

Understanding Common Real Estate Terms

Real estate can be an intimidating topic to research and understand. It can also be confusing when you come across real estate terminology. Knowing the various common real estate terms can help you navigate real […]

One of the Most Unique Homes in Las Vegas

ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING UNIQUE HOMES I’ve ever listed. Almost 9000 sf on a half acre with a real lap pool. There are 6 Ensuite “apartments” – some are studios and some are 1 […]