A Reader Writes: What A Find!

My husband and I moved here two years ago from Miami courtesy of Uncle Sam at Nellis AFB.  We love this town so much we have decided to retire here.  We live in a newly built suburban box in North Las Vegas.  It is very nice but not very inspired.  Historic Las Vegas calls to me, especially the vintage neighborhoods.  I had a concern about crime in the older neighborhoods until we were robbed twice right here in suburbia!  A close knit neighborhood can be all the protection needed, regardless of its location.


Your website is a fantastic find.  We will have some discretionary income early next year and I’ll contact you then to begin showing me around for a distressed vintage home in an emerging neighborhood or pocket. I’ve renovated several homes and would love to research and do a vintage renovation.  Until then, I think I’ll drive your history challenge and get an idea of the neighborhoods. 


Everyone says Las Vegas is glitzy and new with no character or identity of its own.  I disagree.  You and your friends and proving it. 


Thanks for the great site, I’ll be in touch when we’re ready to look seriously.


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