Is Your Vintage Vegas Fireplace Ready For A Nostalgic Night Of Snuggling?

Vintage Las Vegas Homes Often Have Real Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplace1One of the advantages of living in Vintage Vegas is that we have wood burning REAL fireplaces. In 1989 they were outlawed for new construction, and all our suburban friends have these “gas appliance” that they pass off as fireplaces.

A regular reader asked in the comments about my water softener episode:

Jack–I remember reading a while back that you were going to post referral/resource information for Vintage Vegas homeowners. We have two fireplaces in our home and we are looking for someone to come and take a look at them before we turn them on. Know anybody good?

It’s a GREAT IDEA to have the fireplace cleaned every few years. There’s also special logs that you can burn that will clean the creosote out of the chimney.

 But that’s just one small part of it.

Is the spark arrester in place? Do you even have one?

Does the damper open and close properly?

Are there cracks in the fire box?

Is the fire resistant caulk between the edge of the fire box and the surrounding wall surface intact?

Take a good look yourself or call a home inspector or chimney cleaning company (There’s 3 in the yellow pages under “Chimney Cleaning”. If you haven’t cleaned your chimney in several years, GET IT CLEANED!

Fireplaces are great if they’re not going to pose a fire risk for you or your neighbors.