Jack LeVine Is Pleased To Get Corrected Regarding His Las Vegas Real Estate History – The Oldest Tract Homes In Las Vegas Were Not Huntridge

Railroad cottagesOur very own VVV cultural historian Brian Paco Alvarez emailed me this afternoon to correct something I wrote. I’ll let him tell you himself.



Hi Jack, I wanted to mention that I read your latest blog about the Huntridge being one of the First Track communities in the US. Actually in Las Vegas the oldest track communities were the Railroad Cottages and it was one of the first in the nation. The link below takes you to the UNLV Special Collections website regarding the cottages. When I was a student at UNLV I was one of the first people in almost 100 years to work with the original plans of the Railroad Cottages. These plans that you will view on the website link below were cornerstone to my exhibition at the POST Modern for the cities centennial. I will provide you with images from my personal collection for you to post if you would like. One of the Railroad Cottages has been moved to the Clark County Heritage Museum.

To learn more about the Railroad Cottages visit the UNLV Special Collections Website

“The employees’ cottages represented one of the first tract developments in the United States and the high standard of construction influenced further developments in the surrounding areas of “Clark’s Las Vegas Townsite.”

As always, setting the record straight is more important than my ego, thank you Paco!