Vintage Homes Sometimes Have Wheels – The Invasion Of AirStreams In The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhood Of Marycrest

PC304500Googie, or Jetsonesque, or Space Age design wasn’t limited to homes and commercial buildings. One of the signs of middle class upward mobility was the Airstream travel trailer. There were 3 families on our block when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Donny and Danny’s Dad used to take it with us on our Boy Scout Campouts.

We rarely get to see one anymore, but to find 2 on the same street at the same time was one of those great events that I just had to share  with you.

When I was in the trucking industry a lifetime ago, I used to see caravans of Airstreams all summer long. I always loved them, and got to see inside a dozen or so when I’d see one at a gas pump or or in a freeway rest area.

Vintage Airstream Collector Clubs

Airstream AdThere’s huge collector and enthusiast clubs, naturally one is called the “VINTAGE Airstream Club” with rallies and caravans and tours and all kinds of events that are held all over the world. 15th Street the other day seems to be the smallest rally ever held. Of course I googled the whole topic for you, and also found the Wally Byam Caravan Club International. The creator of the Airstream was Wally Byam, who seems to have obtained Icon status among his followers.

There’s a “50 year rule” for something to be called antique, classic and vintage. I don’t want those words applied to me personally but all the things that I love from my childhood are now fair game. What other classic, vintage things should I be on the watch for. 

As my brother Joey still says, your rememberies are welcome in the comments.