Travel Nevada’s Past: Archaeological Awareness and Historic Preservation Month, May 2007

Below you’ll find the original memo From the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office, asking anyone interested to start planning their events.

We’re personally not so big on the Archeology part, but there’s a great opportunity for us to expand the publics awareness of our Vintage Homes and Historic Neighborhoods

VVV would like to sponsor an event during the month long campaign.

Do any of our readers want to make a suggestion? Any of you want to get involved and help us plan, devise, promote, volunteer or whatever?

My first idea was to revise and revive the History Hunt that we did last summer, but we’re open to other suggestions.

Leave a comment, or contact us if you’ve got an idea or want to help in some way.

FROM:            Nevada Archaeological Association and State Historic Preservation Office
SUBJECT:       Archaeological Awareness and Historic Preservation Month, May 2007
Now is the time to plan activities and events for this year’s Archaeological Awareness and Historic Preservation Week.  If you’ve never sponsored an event, consider doing so to show your family, your friends and your community why the study of archaeology is important to the understanding of our collective past and why preserving historic and reusing historic buildings and other historic resources is important to maintaining a sense of community and place.  Public education and community involvement are necessary if we are to ensure the preservation of Nevada’s historic and prehistoric resources for the future.  Celebrating archaeology and historic preservation one month a year gives us a chance to capture the public’s attention and convince them of the need to preserve our heritage. If you have events that fall just outside the dates for the month, please include them anyway – I’ll place them in the brochure.

This year’s theme is “Travel Nevada’s Past” as we celebrate transportation and its role in the history of the State.  We urge you to plan an event: an archaeological site tour, a walking tour of an historic neighborhood, a talk at a local school or service organization, etc.  The Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA) and the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office are funding the production of a poster and a brochure featuring a calendar of events to publicize the week of activities.  After the events take place, I will be polling organizers following events to find out the approximate numbers of people in attendance.  These numbers could help the SHPO in finding additional support for the programs offered.  Please keep track of numbers of participants.
If you need assistance in planning or publicizing an event, or need posters or brochures, please call Alice Baldrica at (775) 684-3444.  If you know what you or your organization would like to do, please take a few minutes to fill out and return the attachment.  The information you provide us will appear in the brochure to be distributed throughout the state and will be publicized in press releases and on the SHPO web site.  Please send your completed form to Alice Baldrica, State Historic Preservation Office, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV  89701, fax to 775-684-3442 or e-mail to  no later than February 23, 2007.
Date and time of event: ____________________________________________
Name of event: ___________________________________________________
Location (address, town): ___________________________________________
Location (site name): _______________________________________________
Contact person: ____________________________________________________
Contact telephone number: ___________________________________________
Contact e-mail address:_______________________________________________
Sponsor: ___________________________________________________________
Cost/Admission: _____________________________________________________
Description of event: __________________________________________________________________
Your name: ________________________________________________________
Telephone number __________________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________
Please return this form to Alice Baldrica at 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV  89701, fax to (775) 684-3442 or e-mail to by February 23, 2007.  If you have any questions please call Ms. Baldrica at (775) 684-3444.
Month, May 2007