City Guides Story On “Vintage Las Vegas” – Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods Get A Positive Review

No, VVV didn’t get mentioned, but Steve Sebelius, who is a regular columnist and blogger for City Life, wrote a great piece for the MSN City Guide.

Among other things such as the Golden Steer, Peppermill, and Old Post Office, Steve mentions some of the historic neighborhoods that we promote all the time here at Very Vintage Vegas.

Scotch 80’s, and John S. Park Historic Neighborhood both get a nod. Of course, they’re the best known, but if you’ve been reading along with us for a while, you already know that’s just the “tip of the iceburg” when it comes to the historic neighborhoods of Las Vegas.

Ginger, who’s one of our readers, and the owner of the famously restored Liberace Stain Glass Windows showing the 4 seasons at Lake Mead gets the hat tip for finding this story for us.