Often Called “Stone Screens”, Decorative Concrete Block Can Be Found In All Of The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Uncle Jack collects images of the various concrete block  designs that are all over in  Vintage Las VegasI thought I’d found every single pattern that there could possibly be, but lo and behold…. 2 more!

Almost every pattern I’ve found can be found on many different homes, but these 2 so far on unique. I found the first one in McNeil, and the second pattern in a pretty run down neighborhood near Tropicana and the 515.

From Uncle Jack's Collection of Vintage






We done several posts on these venerable pieces of mid century modernism, and thanks to MaryMargaret, we discovered that there’s a name for them.

Many of the posts about these really cool mid century modern designs are on our old blog, which we’ve saved for posterity. The old blog was used between March and September of 2007

Jack LeVine has found about 50 different patterns of decorative concrete block. This one is one of the few that  he hasn't seen duplicated on multiple propertiesThey’re all over in vintage vegas, and one of the elements that you should look for when driving thru our historic Las Vegas NeighborhoodsDecorative block can be used for accent on fences, or to create screens that  hide windows, courtyards and other areas . They allow the light to get thru, but still create privacy