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I Found Another Decorative Block Pattern I Haven’t Seen Before

Found it in Fran Park 3, one of our undiscovered mini-mod neighborhoods. We did a whole series of posts on the old site. I’m linking to the posts below, and republishing Fran Park 3 for […]

Edward Durell Stone – Modernist Architect Given Credit For Use Of Decorative Block Facings

Our tour the other night and the subsequent discussions of the decorative block designs led me to do some homework on Edward Durell Stone. His NYC Brownstone is one his most famous and most hated […]

Decorative Block Design #5 – Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Preservation

I’ve collected photos of all the mid century modern concrete block patterns that I have seen, and when this series is finished, we’ll know exactly how many I have found. There’s no particular order that I’m […]

Pattern 9 – Decorative Blocks That Are Readily Found If You’re Looking For Retro Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Real Estate

This interesting design is simple, yet lays out in  different ways to create all kinds of different patterns. I’ve found it laid out in 2 different way, but I I’ve never seen it as a […]

Pattern 14 Of The Decorative Block Series – Found Only On Very Vintage Vegas

Last Fall, if you’ll remember, The Atomic Age Alliance And The City Of Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Department hosted a “MOONLIGHT BUS TOUR OF MID CENTURY MODERN LAS VEGAS”. On the tour, we were shown […]

Pattern 21 of the Mid Century Modern Decorative Block Series

I found this decorative block pattern in McNeil, which is on the west side of Rancho, between Oakey and Charleston, I’ve only ever found it on 2 of our mid century modern homes, so it’s truly a […]

Mid Century Modern Architecture In Las Vegas – Decorative Block Pattern #23

Probably one of the most common of the designs is the “sunburst”. 8 triangular points with a thin flat face in a square block.       I’ve found them all over Downtown, Paradise Palms, McNeil, and Francisco Park and […]

A Very Rare Decorative Block Pattern On A Mid Century Modern Home In Las Vegas

These are the only pictures I have of this pattern. I don’t even remember where the wall is or which of our Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods I found it in .       If you […]

Retro Las Vegas Neighborhoods Have Decorative Block Walls

Pattern 46 in our series was installed over a solid stuccoed surface on this home in Paradise Palms. So technically, it’s not a sunscreen, it’s just decorative.     I love it’s simplicity, and I […]

I Saved The BIGGEST Decorative Block For Last

Well, we finally made it to the end of the “official” series. I know some of you are real happy about that. Personally, I’m going to miss doing them.     These aren’t really blocks […]