Pattern 10 – The Mid Century Modern Block Wall Designs Of Vintage Las Vegas

P2154652 croppedPattern 10 (selected randomly from the collection) has a half circle notch at the top, and 2 quarter circle notches on the bottom corners.





P2154653Combine them together, and alternate them top to bottom and you’ll see that they make a terrific design with an alternating full circle. I’ve only seen them on 3 homes, so they’re pretty unique.







These pictures come from a home on Westlund in McNeil.

McNeil is a neighborhood of custom and semi custom homes from the late 50’s to the mid 60’s. Most of the homes are are on 10,000 foot lots.

The boundaries of McNeil are Oakey on the south, Charleston on the north, Rancho on the east and Cashman Avenue on the west.