I’m Taking The Weekend Off

I haven’t really taken a day off in months. Of course, since this is the busiest weekend of the busiest month, there’s no lack of things to do to fill my weekend.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of the several thousand frequent and occasional readers of VeryVintageVegas. We’ve become the #2 real estate blog in Las Vegas, and its in the top 100 real estate blogs nationwide.

Those rankings come from the number of unique visitors each and every day as tracked by TOPBLOGSITES. If you click over to there, you’ll find all the top real estate blogs ranked. The Real Estate Tomatos, who taught me how to do so much of this blogging stuff says it’s the only tracking service among the many that matters. At TOPBLOGSITES, we’re #54, and inching our way onto the front page of the top 50.

Well, it matters to us, the bloggers, but since there’s been such success and such a great community that’s been built around VVV, I thought I’d share that success with you, and thank you for it.

After all, with you, it’s just a bunch of words and pictures on the internets.

I’ll be recharged…. or totally hungover come Monday.


Uncle Jack