VeryVintageVegas Makes It Into The Top 50 At BlogTopSites

Topbloglist 49All that SEO crap I’ve had to do and have complained about has been doing it’s job.

This weekend we managed to move to #49 in the rankings of Real Estate Blogs NATIONWIDE!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your part.

The rankings are based on Unique Visits. You can go to a hundred times a day if you want, but it only counts as 1 unique visitor. Yes, they know who you are (at least by IP address).

Of course,  if each of you would check in every day instead of every other day, or twice a week instead of once a week, or twice a month instead of once a month —VeryVintageVegas could easily become the number one Las Vegas Real Estate Blog in no time. (You’re welcome, Bill, for the Link Love)

According to the Real Estate Tomato, who taught me how to do all that stupid SEO (search engine Optimization) stuff, BlogTopSites is the only tracking service that counts amoung the serious bloggers of the nation. The top 50 are on their page one, and this is the first time we’ve been there. There’s a lot of great blog reading there, and you can get to the list by clicking on the little BlogTopSites widget thingies at the bottom of the left column.

Thanks again for your help, your loyalty, and for being enthusiastic about the same things that get me all excited. Audience Participation is always welcome, and you can comment on any of these posts by using the “comments” link at the bottom of each.