How To Screw Up A Tin Ceiling

IMG_5261The occasional screw up series is back with a literal screw up.

To avoid embarassing anyone, I’m gathering all of these from the overly abundant bank owned properties that I’m seeing.

I vaguely mentioned this home yesterday. My client got out bid, since there were the typical multiple offers. That’s what happens when a bank puts a price tag of 189,000 on a home that should have been about 300k.


But none the less, there was a tin ceiling installed in the kitchen in place of what I think was once a drop ceiling.

IMG_5262From a few feet a way, it looked really cool. Up close however, we find the screw up.








The moral…. don’t use drywall screws to screw up tin ceilings. However, if you do, then at least space them nicely.

AND… not all bank owned properties are the bargain they appear to be, since the new strategy seems to be to price them ridiculously low to generate a bidding war and get them sold quickly.