It’s ALWAYS “A Work In Progress” When You’re Doing Over A Home In The Classic, Retro, Vintage and Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

One of the expressions I hear over and over and over from the people I meet in the historic neighborhoods of Las Vegas goes something like “Oh, it’s not done yet….It’s a work in progress”. It’s rare that we’re EVER truly done working on our homes.

No one EVER needs to apologize, especially to me! Go ahead and show off what you’ve done, and enthusiastically espouse what you’re going to do.

On the other hand, my friend Terry has moved every 3 years for the 25 years we’ve known each other. He’s a compulsive retro home remodeling machine. When ever he gets a home to where he wants it, he sells it and buys another classic dump in one of the vintage neighborhoods of Las Vegas and starts all over. On the other hand, I know people (like me) that love to start projects, but they get caught up in the decision process and there’s always a several month gap between the tear out and the finishing.

IMG_5301Our block walls are a great example. Back in May we started tuck pointing and fixing and painting. Half way thru, we decided we ought to do something about the nosy beagles who were constantly staring into the neighbors yards. Shadow and Bayley were just looking for something new to bark at. Maggie was scoping out a way to escape.





IMG_6279We decided to fill the “holes” with pop out block. It’s taken 2 months to decide whether they should just stick out an inch or become ledges and plant holders or whatever. In the meanwhile, we finished the painting and rebuilding the gates. We’d get all gung ho busy at 7am, and get in an hour or two before it was time for a break, and then it would be too hot to continue. Suddenly the whole summer has gone by, but we’re in the last stages now.

We decided that the lower holes would pop out an inch or two , and the upper holes will be plant/art ledges. So here it is August already, and we’re busy mortaring the pop outs into place. We’ll probably be painting all the pop outs in bright primary colors around January.

Unless we change our minds.