Mid Century Modern Jewel In Los Angeles

Conversation PitYou’ll remember that I visited Aaron and Leslie in Los Angeles last week. Surrounding the amazing sputnik lamp in the breakfast nook is a terrific example of modernism. Here’s the pictures I promised.

But there’s some more back story that needs to be told. Last month Leslie was the reader that had asked for help in setting up her “cultural mid century modern vacation tour” of Las Vegas. Thanks to great advice from our readers, one of the stops that she made was to Retro Vegas, the hip new mid century modern furniture and accessories store on Main Street. As she and Aaron were walking into the store, Mark and Bill the owners were in the middle of emailing to Pam, the author of RetroRenovation. They wanted to know how to reach Leslie,  the lady in Los Angeles was that had the collection of Moss Lamps.

And small world that it is….. Leslie walked into their store.

IMG_6637Leslie has a great collection of “MOSS LAMPS”. I’d never seen one, or even heard of them until I saw them at her home. They’re amazing.







Upper Living RoomI’ll just let some of the other pictures speak for themselves.

















IMG_6652Again, I thank them for their hospitality, and for sharing their home with me and my readers.

One of the important things that we do at VeryVintageVegas is to make the point that the mid century modern revival movement is not a Las Vegas thing. It’s happening all over the world!