The Pillars Posts And Columns Found In Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Commercial Buildings

IMG_6913I’ve been talking about some of the great designs that hold up our patios and carports during the last few weeks. Today, I’m taking the subject to one of my favorite commercial buildings.

It’s on Las Vegas Boulevard in Downtown Las Vegas. It was a US BANK branch for many years, at least since I first saw it in 1985. Today, the ground floor is occupied by the downtown Post Office.




IMG_6915The building is surrounded by tapered columns that support the broad scalloped overhangs.

The reason we’re doing this series is to try to get the public to start actually looking at and appreciating the great Mid Century Modern design elements of the 1950’s and 1960’s buildings and homes.

Designs like these are timeless, and with growing awareness of them, perhaps we’ll be able to save them from future demolision, as well as providing us with ideas that can be incorporated into future restoration projects on our homes and businesses.

If you know a great design hiding in a back yard, or used in a commercial building, I invite you to send picture or get me an invitation to take pictures so we can share it with our readers.