Just In Case You Don’t Think I’m Blogging Enough

I’ve got a great excuse!

Jake’s signing his loan documents today for the REPO on 6th Street.

The Liberace Townhouse is set to close on Friday and today’s the walkthru and seller signing. I represented both the buyer and the seller. Alicia really excited to get her keys.

Will And Yoselyn are signed and waiting for the bank to sign off so we can give them keys in Paradise Palms on Thursday or Friday.

Daniel’s busy shopping Townhouses with me.

Jim and Becky are looking for that perfect Mid Mod.

Desiree from Seattle got the deal on the bank owned foreclosure in Paradise Palms yesterday. Today we opened escrow.

I already mentioned Harold closing on Canosa. Forgot to mention Melissa closing on Wengert.

Our listing on Papago has been inspected and appraised and all’s well waiting for an October closing.

The Garden Place listing is inspected and appraised and ready for signatures for the end of September.

There’s offers out on 5 repos and 2 short sales awaiting some kind of decision or other from the seller or the seller’s bank.

We’re putting the final touches on the Paradise Palms Mid Century Modern Tour for October 5th.

There’s currently 23 serious buyers in the process of getting their loans, credit, downpayments etc lined up for purchases in the next few months. All of them are busy studying the market, searching the mls, educating themselves about neighborhoods, and getting ready to do it right.

In case you didn’t notice, there’s amazing interest in the Classic Homes and Historic Neighborhoods of Las Vegas. There’s not one buyer on the list above or the similar lists from the last few months who would even think once about looking in the suburbs. They’re all excited to be part of something that was really building momentum before the lending crisis. The wheels are turning again, and homes are selling. And they’re selling at 2004 prices!

And still with all of that, I’m probably one of the most prolific real estate bloggers in the country. But I can’t help myself from feeling guilty if I don’t throw something at you every single day!

This coming Friday Saturday and Sunday is the Blog World Convention which I’ll be attending at the Convention Center. Yes, there’s not only blogs about blogging, there’s conventions about blogging. I’m hoping to find some new gadgets, and get some new insights, education and inspiration to make Very Vintage Vegas even better.

This weekend, there probably won’t be many posts, but I won’t feel guilty since I’m apologizing in advance!