Geometric Patterns Are An Important Design Element In The Mid Century Modern Homes Of Las Vegas Design

Trapezoidal Carport Columns In The Mid Century Modern Homes of Las Vegas

This series that we’re doing on the posts, pillars, columns that hold up our patio covers, carports and awnings is about giving you some ideas about what to look for when you’re driving or walking around in the historic Mid Century Modern neighborhoods of Las Vegas.  

On 5th Place, in the Historic John S. Park neighborhood, you’ll find my 3 favorite trapezoids. Geometric shapes play a big role in the architecture and design elements of 50’s and 60’s homes. 

The symetry of these pillars is not only beautiful, it has bulk and substance. They serve a structural purpose, but don’t shut out the neighborhood. They succeed wonderfully at being open and inviting.  They convey the sturdiness of the homes that were built by real craftsman with real materials – unlike the suburban tract homes of the current era.