Why Jack LeVine (Uncle Jack) Is Writing Long Drawn Out Headlines With The Words Vintage, Historic, Mid Century Modern, Mid Mod, Retro, Classic, Urban, Foreclosure and Las Vegas In Them

That’s how the search engines determine which websites show up when you search for various combinations of those words. They look for keywords that are used in both the headlines and in the body of the posts.

Of course, once you’ve already become a reader, they’re annoying, but I have to keep on using words that people are searching for if google is going to think I’ve still got relevance to the searcher.

I got lazy mid year, and stopped practicing the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I don’t think I need to tell you in every headline that I deal in Classic and Retro Homes In the Historic Neighborhoods of Las Vegas. But I do need to tell google often, that if someone is looking for a foreclosure or even for a nice well loved and well maintained home that’s classic or retro or Mid Mid Century Modern (mid mod), then they definitely ought to get pointed to VeryVintageVegas. I’m also working on my name and Uncle Jack as well as Unclejack.

Of course, there’s current owners who want to sell their classic, retro Mid Century Modern Homes in Las Vegas, and they often search for a Realtor who specializes in homes in historic neighborhoods. I want them to be able to find me also.

Some of the other things the search engines look for in determining relevance is how many other websites link to this one, how often I give links out to other websites, how often I link back to myself in previous posts and HOW OFTEN PEOPLE COMMENT. That’s why I mentioned trying to get lots of comments the other day, though it didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

Now you know. I’ll probably get lazy about it in a few weeks again, since it’s not how I talk, and I think it’s a stilted unnatural way to write. But it works! You probably found me that way yourself.