How To Reproduce Decorative Concrete Blocks – A New Summertime Series

IMG_4028I met Chris and Marilyn at a recent event at the Morelli House. They had just bought a very run down house on Hastings in the Alta Rancho Historic District. Now they’re regulular readers of VeryVintageVegas.

They’re wrapping up on the inside renovations and are planning to put up a decorative concrete block screen in the front of their home. Their favorite pattern, as it is with most people who I discuss the various blocks with is the “champaign bubbles”. But where to get them?

I get that question all the time. I don’t know. No one makes them any more. As I’ve mentioned previously, I get a call or an email once or more a week from people all over the country asking me if I carry this block or that one. Google is a wonderful thing sometimes. Other times – NOT. 

IMG_4031Since the champaign bubble blocks are nowhere to be found….Chris has decided to make his own!

He’d read that I had one in my collection, and asked if he could use it to get the proper dimensions. He came by this afternoon armed with every kind of measuring devise. Turns out he’s a retired mathematician, so we can count on them being precisely the right shape and size.

His next step is to cast a mold, so I loaned him my block to use as the the guide. He’s promised to let me photograph every step of the process. Oh, how I wish I had that much free time! This should be fun. Stay tuned and don’t touch that dial.