Scotch 80s Battles Commercial Encroachment Into Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoood.

Scotch 80s signsI started to bring this up last week. The Scotch 80s neighborhood south of UMC Hospital is facing an all too common of a threat. Commercial Encroachment!

Tonight is the planning commission meeting where the rezoning requests will be heard. Items 12 to 14 will only be the 2nd public hearing so it won’t be too very long after the 6pm meeting gets underway.

If any of you are able to attend, I’m sure the Scotch 80s Neighborhood Association folks would welcome your show of support.

Alan Choate covers the story well in the RJ today.

If you’re a regular reader of Very Vintage Vegas, then you know how important the issue of commercial encroachment is to the whole concept of preserving and protecting the Historic Neighborhoods of Las Vegas. This is not a new problem. But it is one we’d better be willing to fight over and over again.

We’ve battled it over the “Titanic” encroachment into John S. Park, The Stratosphere Scorpion Tail Roller Coaster intrusion into into Beverly Green and SouthRidge. Condo proposals along Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara Ave are other examples.

I personally have not had a lot of interaction with the Neighborhood Associations on the west side. I applaud them for being organized and ready to do battle when needed, and I lend them my full support.