Disparaging Remarks About Luv It Frozen Custard Controversy Goes Viral

Luv-it Frozen Custard - a local's favorite in Downtown Las Vegas Well….it went viral in Downtown Las Vegas. I haven’t had this many “heads up” calls and emails in a long time.

CityLifeBlog mentioned it. So did Kristen Peterson in The Sun, this morning.

Comments were rampant on the “Las Vegas Downtown Neighbors & Luv-It Fans against Mindy Kaling” facebook page. That’s where the whole thing started when Jessica Brown first posted the link to the segment on the Late Late Show with Craig Fergeson. It’s a terribly important topic! It demands our absolute attention! If you’re not on facebook, here’s the description of the group and why it was of such vital importance that the word be spread

Las Vegas Downtown Neighbors & Luv-It Fans against Mindy Kaling
Category: Common Interest – Beliefs & Causes
Description: The insanely and inexplicably popular actress Mindy Kaling has launched a coordinated attack against one of the oldest and best neighborhoods in Las Vegas.* By joining this ultra influential Facebook group,** you will be showing Mindy who’s who!

**This group is made up of literally tens of people in a loose coalition of Downtown LV neighbors including, but not limited to, Luv-It fans, praetorian artists, urban hipsters (aging and otherwise – that includes you, feminist drinkers), Joe Sacco’s publicist, Joe Sacco’s documentary film maker, bohemian university professors, cranky lawyers (you know who you are), anyone who takes Mad Men scenes as the basis for a personal design aesthetic, bar owners, those who’ve been yelled at by the homeless folks in Baker Park (“I wouldn’t bring *my* dog to *your* yard!”), the homeless folks in Baker Park, the Orthodox Jews at Congregation Shaarei Tefilla Forman-Glick (L’shanah tovah, yo!), Bay Area refugees, anyone who eats at the Huntridge Pharmacy, White Cross Drug, Heidelberg Cafe, or Lotus of Siam and fans of Craig Ferguson. We only have one question for Mindy: was the custard good?

The worst of it is that my friend Steve Friess says we’re just a bunch of whiners! Boo-Hoo. Someone called downtown “Sketchy”. As the foremost proponent of Urban, Downtown, historic living (next to his honor, the mayor – maybe), I take offense at being called a whiner. It’s my JOB to defend the home turf.

I’m CALLING HIM OUT! Debate me on the subject on Jon Ralston, Steve! DARE YOU!

There are some big questions that still need answering……

How did Craig Fergeson know about Luv-Its?

Will the lines at Luv-It Frozen Custard be that much longer?

Will any of the tourists that learned about Luv It venture a few blocks to the east and discover the Historic 50’s and 60’s neighborhoods and fabulous Mid Century Modern homes?

Are you having as much fun with this as I am?