The Paradise Palms Brochures From 1963 – The Most Important Mid Century Modern Housing Tract In Las Vegas

One of the coincidental outcomes of the ReVision House  was that I got to meet a few of the original Paradise Palms owners on Pueblo Drive. One of them made me an incredible offer.

Maisie Ronnow, and her late husband Garland bought their Palmer and Krisel  Age Modern house in 1963. The Ronnow family were the owners of Superior Tire.

During her tour of the ReVision House, she told me that she had all the original floor plan brochures from 1963!

I now have them in my possession and am busy busy scanning them for you. Hereis plan number 1. Previously, we had some photo copies of an abbreviated version that we had published one of them here. Alan Sandquist had a few of them on his flicker page, but they are no longer there, and I can’t remember why I was requested to not show them.

But now we have our own set of originals so they all will be permanently archived for everyone during the next few weeks.

But wait! There are more. I also have 8 of the original Paradise Palms Community Newsletters that were part of the marketing of the neighborhood. The were handed out to potential new homeowners, and mailed to the existing owners. They are full of fun pictures of Mid Century Modern furniture, hairdos, clothing styles, as well as a TON of previously lost knowledge about the Paradise Palms community of Las Vegas.

Paradise Palms Plan 1 - original 1963 brochure and floor plans These are clickable thumbnails. They all open in a new window, at their full 8.5×11 size. You are welcome to Save As or whatever you’d like. If you have friends in Paradise Palms that are regular readers of VeryVintageVegas, I hope you all share these with them as I publish the whole set.

One of the most interesting things about the floor plans, and why it is so easy to believe that there is actually dozens of different models is because of the multiple elevations and roof lines. Besides that, some of the models could be turned 90 degrees left or right and then combined with a different roof line.

That is the same floorplan could get built with the front door facing the street, or turned with the door facing to the side. Depending on that, you alway got the rear living room wall of glass  facing the side the back of the house. Depending on the rotation of the house, the fireplace wall and the glass wall were interchangable.

So there really are dozens of variations thru out The Mid Century Modern Neighborhood of Paradise Palms.

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