“URBAN” – What’s Your Opinion About This Word?

There’s a heated discussion going on about the use of the word “urban” and what it connotes when people hear it.

I tried to refine the description of this real estate blog. We analyzed the content of Very Vintage Vegas and realized that there are 4 main topics that we discuss regularly. I was looking for what they call an “elevator speech”, for when you’ve got 20 seconds to tell your story to a stranger, and I wanted to use it in the top of the right hand column as a description for the search engines, and for new readers who find VVV on the web.

 I rolled it all into:

Classic Homes, Historic Neighborhoods, URBAN living, and Las Vegas History

Yesterday, in  A Tale Of Two Homes, I posted on our new listing by calling it “URBAN chic”.

Our favorite Magazine VURB stood for “Vegas Urban”. They use the word all the time.

I use the word to mean the opposite of “Suburban” as in Summerlin or Green Valley etc.

There’s all kinds of uses for the word. The census department thinks all 2 million of us are urbanites, with no differentiation between the  Huntridge/Soho Lofts/Streamline/McNeil version of the word (as I use it), and Summerlin/Green Valley which I consider to be suburban.

Dictionary.com says it’s:–

1. of, pertaining to, or designating a city or town. 
2. living in a city. 
3. characteristic of or accustomed to cities; citified: He is an urban type. 

I know you’ve always wanted to comment on this blog, so here’s an important invitation, even if you want to remain anonymous.

Do you consider all of Vintage Vegas to be urban?

Does it bother you that I use the word to describe historic neighborhoods of single family homes instead of just New York or San Francisco style mixed use cities where people actually walk, and live in buildings with stores or offices on the first floor? Does it have to only refer to high-rise densely packed areas? Do you think it only refers to blighted innercity areas?

Does a mile or 3 either side of the Strip constitute urban? Does the word urban make you think of hip and cool and fun and exciting?

On the other hand, does it make you think of gangsta rap, crime, drugs and prostitution?

Do you think it only refers to blighted innercity areas?

Does your age have an impact on how you think of the word?

Bottom line: Should I change it or keep it?

Please tell me what you think about the word “urban”, how old you are (exactly or approximately), whether you consider yourself an “urbanite” or a “whanabe urbanite” or whatever pops into your head on the subject. I’ve posed  a lot of good questions, and I really need your help.

Of course if you want to remain anonymous, you can make up a nickname for yourself, or use just your first name. If you type in your own website or what ever your name will become a link to your website or facebook, or blog and you’ll probably get some extra traffic for yourself.

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