Historic Neighborhoods In Las Vegas Feature Many Mid Century Modern Homes – And Unique Architectural Concrete Block Designs

One way to find out you’ve left “Vintage Vegas” is the decorative concrete block sunscreens, and fence patterns start to disappear. Except for the “Double X” and the “Double Y” (which are still used as the top row of blocks in the “cinderblock canyons” of the suburbs), you won’t find many neighborhoods built after 1970 where the patterns we’ve been showcasing are used at all. 1970 is generally considered the end of the Mid Century Modern era of architecture.

P8202242Just as you’ll stop seeing the decorative blocks as you get further and further away from the center of town, I’m running out of patterns to showcase. If you’ll remember, I guessed that there were about 50 of them, and today we get to look at pattern #48


P8202241I like the shadow box 3–D effect of many of our patterns. When the sunlight is just so, it changes the whole feel of the design.



P8202241 starburstThis pattern, when laid out in rotating squares creates a sunburst design of it’s own.



P8202241 diamond

And if you shift your focus you’ll find an excellent diamond shaped pattern hidden in the design