Fun Features Found In Foreclosures…And Rentals…And Estate Sales

IMG_9764Frank ended up buying this great swag lamp (and the McNeil house where we found it). It wasn’t even on the market yet.

I’d attended an estate sale there, and just knew it was the perfect home for him.

If you know of a great home in any of the Vintage Vegas neighborhoods that isn’t on the market yet….Please have the owner call me. I probably already know the right buyer for it.




IMG_9765We found this terrific railing in a McNeil Trilevel that same day. It was the only thing worth taking a picture of, as it’s a huge home that’s half remodeled in a bad Home Depot sort of way.







IMG_0067Speaking of great railings…. This is from the Robert Maheu home in Paradise Palms (next to the Casino House). For Lease at $2495 a month.








IMG_0075So is this one piece Terrazzo Tub. I’ve never seen one like it. Obviously, it was hand poured in place.








IMG_0061And this sunken bathtub with it’s garden window is in the “Johnny Carson Home” that I told you about the other day.







I don’t know why I forgot to include this shot. The whole house is in equivalent state of neglect and disrepair, but it’s one of the most architecturally important homes of Paradise Palms.

I’m anxiously looking for someone with LOTS of money that wants to take on a SERIOUS project home. I need someone who can make it back into the Mid Mod showplace that it was when I first saw it 20 years ago. Know someone? Give me a call.