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Decorative Block Patterns Abundant In Vintage Vegas

For one reason and another, I spent most of yesterday in Paradise Palms. It’s still one of my all time favorite neighborhoods in all of Vintage Vegas. While there, I found 2 more decorative block […]

Today’s Re-Run – Our Obsession With Decorative Block Patterns Found In Mid-Century Modern Homes

Our long time readers know about this obsession of mine. I love them! Here’s a new one that I’ve never published before. Click here for all the archived posts relating to decorative block.     […]

The Moonlight Mid Mod Bus Tour – Part 2

Who would have thought that  the power plant of Circus Circus would prove to be an interesting spot on the tour? MaryMargaret showed us the block screens surrounding the building. She was kind enough to […]

Often Called “Stone Screens”, Decorative Concrete Block Can Be Found In All Of The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods

I thought I’d found every single pattern that there could possibly be, but lo and behold…. 2 more! Almost every pattern I’ve found can be found on many different homes, but these 2 so far […]

Las Vegas Arts Commission Dedication Wednesday April 9th In Downtown Las Vegas

Thank you to Brian Paco Alvarez for sending us this information!  As you can see, it’s based on one of Jack’s favorite obsessions, decorative block. There’s lots more of them on our old blog.   […]

“First Friday” Pictures – It Happens Monthly In The Arts District Of Downtown Las Vegas

Antique radios on display at the Funk House Antiques. I have the blue one in the top left in my own collection of radios.           We keep running into “Freddie Mercury”. […]

Decorative Concrete Block Was A Mid Century Modern Innovation – They’re Everywhere In Vintage Las Vegas

Today, there’s a renewed appreciation for them. They’re actually called “Stone Screen” after famed mid century modernist architect Edward Durell Stone” . I’ve been collecting pictures of the different patterns for over a year. I’ve […]

Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas Often Had Decorative Stone Screen Walls For Privacy

Pattern #17 in our series, seems to be everyone’s favorite when the subject of the decorative block walls comes up in conversation.       We call them the “champaign bubbles”.     I’ve seen […]

Mid Century Modern Architectural Design – Pattern #28 In Our Look At The Stone Screens Of Vintage Las Vegas

This is a fairly common design that can be found all over Vintage Las Vegas. It’s an “X with boxes in a box.     But stop for a second and look at any 4 blocks at […]

The Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Neighborhood Of Paradise Palms Has Some Of The Most Unique Decorative Concrete Block Patterns

Here’s a favorite of mine that I’ve only ever found in the part of  Paradise Palms that’s north of Desert Inn. Pattern Number 33 In the series of Mid Century Modern Decorative Block Designs   […]