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The Mid Century Modern Decorative Sunscreens That Are Found In The Retro Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our series. No one caught the mistake of a pattern that got repeated twice. I’m not going to re-number them, since no one else noticed. There’s only a […]

Historic Neighborhoods In Las Vegas Feature Many Mid Century Modern Homes – And Unique Architectural Concrete Block Designs

One way to find out you’ve left “Vintage Vegas” is the decorative concrete block sunscreens, and fence patterns start to disappear. Except for the “Double X” and the “Double Y” (which are still used as […]

The VolksWagen Mid Century Modern Decorative Concrete Block Story

As you know, I’m obsessed with the decorative block sunscreens and walls,. The series that we did about them seems to have long tail search engine value. I gave you a teaser the other day about a […]

Mid Century Modern Commercial Buildings

One of my favorite Mid Century Modern 60’s buildings has a massive sunscreen that should have been part of the decorative block series from last summer. This is the US Bank building on the corner […]

The Las Vegas McNeil Mid Mods That Most Mesmarize Me

There’s 2 of them. Side By Side. Neglected and forlorn. I had a chance to get inside the Mid Mod to the north a few years ago. The tenant had the place on a lease […]

Plan 5 – The Tri – Level In Paradise Palms – A Mid Century Modern Neighborhood In Las Vegas

This one’s for you, Clay. There’s no mistaking the Tri-Level design. They were only built South of Desert Inn, in Paradise Palms– the first Mid Century Modern Neighborhood of Las Vegas. You can’t miss them. There’s about a […]

Decorative Concrete Block Stories

Here’s a great example of the kind of email I get all the time from all around the country…. Mr. LeVine, My name is Robin.  I am construction purchasing agent for a Paramount Pictures production […]


Paradise Palms is a Mid Century Modern housing community.     The home pictured is known as the Caddy Shack.  I’ve been fortunate enough to represent buyers and sellers of this home five times over the years.  I’ve […]