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The Spring Time Fix Up Season Is In Full Swing In The Classic Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

We found all kinds of work going on during our recent home shopping tours with James and Sabrina. Yesterday we took them sightseeing thru Scotch 80’s on our way to McNeil. There’s some amazingly great deals […]

1951 Parcel Map Of Las Vegas – Most Of What I Call Vintage Las Vegas Isn’t There

Update: if you looked at the middle picture   It’s a funny thing about being the “newest” big city in America. Vintage in Washington DC or NYC or Philly, dates back to revolution. In St. […]

Cleaning Up From A Very Crazy Week In Very Vintage Vegas

Even though I got behind in my usual posting routine, I was still out showing homes, getting 3 deals into escrow, showing off our historic neighborhoods to prospective buyers, and all the other fun stuff […]

The Preservation Community Of Las Vegas Has A New Best Friend – Heather MacIntosh of Preservation Action

Last Monday, our client and friend Joe Schoenemann reported in the Las Vegas Sun that a national lobbiest for Historic Preservation, Heather MacIntosh was going to spend a few days in Las Vegas to try […]

Secret Pockets Of Vintage, Historic And Retro Las Vegas Neighborhoods

I’ve been accused of focusing too much attention on the McNeils, and Marycrests, and John S. Parks, and Paradise Palms type neighborhoods of Vintage Las Vegas. In my own defense, I’ve talked about some of […]

Decorative Mid Century Modern Concrete Block Pattern #2

This is going to be fun. Make sure to tell me in the future if I lose tract of them and do one twice. There’s thousands of pictures that I’ll be picking from. On Monday, […]

Very Vintage Vegas – Geographically Speaking

Last night at the Lo-Pro Mixer, someone asked me what I consider to be Very Vintage Vegas. At first I thought he was asking about the types of neighborhoods, and types of homes. But it […]

Pattern 10 – The Mid Century Modern Block Wall Designs Of Vintage Las Vegas

Pattern 10 (selected randomly from the collection) has a half circle notch at the top, and 2 quarter circle notches on the bottom corners.         Combine them together, and alternate them top […]

Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas Often Had Decorative Stone Screen Walls For Privacy

Pattern #17 in our series, seems to be everyone’s favorite when the subject of the decorative block walls comes up in conversation.       We call them the “champaign bubbles”.     I’ve seen […]

Pattern 21 of the Mid Century Modern Decorative Block Series

I found this decorative block pattern in McNeil, which is on the west side of Rancho, between Oakey and Charleston, I’ve only ever found it on 2 of our mid century modern homes, so it’s truly a […]