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Whining and Perstistence Pays Off For The Latest Mid Century Modern Home Owner In Vintage Las Vegas

Meg moped and whined, but consistently kept looking for a great mid century modern home. The whining was because her dream house had gotten away from her. Actually she started looking about a week too […]

The Pillars, Posts and Columns Of The Retro Homes Of Las Vegas

And there’s support walls also. This one is 1×8 planks with an offset bias. It’s from McNeil, which is one of the most popular of the Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods. There’s actually 4 separate subdivision names within […]

Mid Century Modern Revival Movement Finally Comes To Las Vegas

In Preparation for this Sunday’s Tour Of Mid Century Modern Homes In Paradise Palms, I thought you might like to read up on the subject.    The truth is…The Modernism revival movement is just barely starting to catch on in […]

Retro And Original Homes For Rent In Vintage Las Vegas

We all know there’s homes for sale. Lots of them, in fact. But there’s also homes for rent, and we rarely cover them here at Very Vintage Vegas. This week I’m going to feature some […]

Fun Features Found In Foreclosures – A Retro Mid Mod Pink Bathroom (Part 2)

Well it’s definitely NOT a mid mod. It’s actually one of the very few “Cap Cod” styled homes in all of Las Vegas. This one is totally out of character for the Mid Mod RANCH […]

Fun Features Found In Foreclosures…And Rentals…And Estate Sales

Frank ended up buying this great swag lamp (and the McNeil house where we found it). It wasn’t even on the market yet. I’d attended an estate sale there, and just knew it was the perfect […]

Welcome To Vintage Vegas

I wanted to do a special welcome shout out to some new residents of Vintage Vegas. Kevin’s signing his papers tomorrow for his Palmer And Krisel home in Paradise Palms. He was ready with his […]

Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – It’s Two-fer Tuesday

Which isn’t so special when I give you a triple play on Monday, but here it is anyway. What’s up with all the mattresses lately. It’s sad enough to lose a home to foreclosure, but I home […]

Foreclosure Moratorium Ends Without Any Media Coverage – Good News? or Bad News?

Late last year, with lots of fanfare and media coverage, Fannie Mae put a moratorium on new foreclosures. They said they wouldn’t initiate any new foreclosures during the moratorium. The moratorium ended on April 1st. […]

Speaking Of Mid Century Modern Preservation In Las Vegas

I’m tired of the history stuff for the moment. Let’s talk about Mid Century Modern homes from the 50’s and 60’s. They about clean lines. Lack of ornamentation. The merging of indoor and outdoor living […]