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Tuesday’s OPEN HOUSE – The Lowest Price Home In McNeil Is a Bank Owned Foreclosure

This weeks “best foreclosure deal I can find” is in the famous McNeil neighborhood. The brick fireplace I showed you the other day is in this home. There’s not a lot of “cool” vintage fixtures, […]

Fire and Explosion In McNeil – Vintage Las Vegas Loses A Mid Mod

We lost a lot of one of the desert mods in McNeil last night. My phone started ringing about 10:05 pm when it hit the 10 pm Fox5 news. I only talked to 2 of […]

More On The Fire At The Mid Century Modern Home In The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhood Of McNeil

I’m saddened at the loss of one of the few “desert” mid century modern homes in McNeil. Actually there’s several very cool ones on Ashby, but this was one of the only ones in the rest […]

Fun Features Found In Foreclosures – A McNeil Mid Mod

Tongue and Groove, beamed ceilings though the entire house would certainly qualify as fun features. Exposed beam ceilings are one of the most sought after (and fairly rare) features of Mid Mod architecture.  I’m pretty […]

The Las Vegas McNeil Mid Mods That Most Mesmarize Me

There’s 2 of them. Side By Side. Neglected and forlorn. I had a chance to get inside the Mid Mod to the north a few years ago. The tenant had the place on a lease […]

Restorable Mid Mod In The McNeil Neighborhood Vintage Las Vegas

This is really a “fun features found in foreclosures” post. This is a very restorable mid century modern home in Vintage Las Vegas. It’s a “desert modern” and one of the few in McNeil. Mostly McNeil is a neighborhood […]

Vintage Neighborhood McNeil

Homes For Sale In The Historic McNeil Neighborhood Of Las Vegas One of the most popular – and certainly one of the most charming of all the Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhoods is commonly referred to […]

We’re Curious About The Roof Line In This McNeil Remodel

We’re trying to figure out what the final roof line will look like in this expansion in McNeil. You can see the original pitched roof home hiding under the new front additions. I can’t figure […]

FOR SALE – 2416 West Oakey Boulevard, McNeil Park – Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

An excellent opportunity to finish the final 20%. The seller is just unable to finish this grand remodel. CASH ONLY as there’s currently no kitchen installed and the primary bath is partially demoed. The rest […]

Terri’s Tale Chapter 2 – The Resurrection Of The History Hunt

Last week, I posted an email from a lady and her air force husband. Last night she emailed me again. I love her writing style, sense of humor and her passion. As long as she […]