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Neon Museum Hosts Talk By Alan Hess – The Work Of Paul Williams and “Googie” Architecture

I’ve just found out that Alan Hess has agreed at the last minute to stay over after the Zick and Sharp Panel Discussion and Tour. The Neon Museum has booked him for a talk on Monday […]

How To Spend A Monday Night When There’s No New Episode Of Heros

Didi has become one of our regular readers and most regular commenter. To thank her for that, we thought we’d give her some blog love and direct you to her fine writing about Chicago’s past. […]

My Earliest Memory Of “Jetson” Architecture

Goodness knows I’d never heard the term “modernism” when I was 5 years old. But even when I was 5 I was crazy about a bank building out in a Columbus suburb called Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It looked like […]

Vintage Homes Sometimes Have Wheels – The Invasion Of AirStreams In The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhood Of Marycrest

Googie, or Jetsonesque, or Space Age design wasn’t limited to homes and commercial buildings. One of the signs of middle class upward mobility was the Airstream travel trailer. There were 3 families on our block when […]

Las Vegas Urban Living, Culture and History Could And Should Be Promoted To Tourists

It turns out that one of our regular readers is the owner of ACCESSVEGAS, which is a tourist oriented site. Since we have so many out of town readers, who come to Las Vegas,and all […]

Historic Restoration Of The La Concha Is An Major Accomplishment For The Neon Museum and Las Vegas History In General

Kirsten Peterson of The Sun nails it again in telling why this is SO important to the future of Cultural Tourism, and Historic Preservation: We casually reported about the La Concha last week, but the […]

Pattern 14 Of The Decorative Block Series – Found Only On Very Vintage Vegas

Last Fall, if you’ll remember, The Atomic Age Alliance And The City Of Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Department hosted a “MOONLIGHT BUS TOUR OF MID CENTURY MODERN LAS VEGAS”. On the tour, we were shown […]

Take A Trip To Boulder City Nevada If You’d Like To See What Historic Preservation Can Accomplish

Boulder City was the first master planned community in Clark County. They built a little town out of nothing high on the bluffs overlooking the Colorado River. They built the town while they were building […]

Cultural Tourism And The Historic Mid Century Modern Neighborhoods and Architecture Of Las Vegas

When I travel, I don’t spend my time at the pool. I set out to find the oldest buildings, the hippest revitalized neighborhoods, the historic markers, the museums and the galleries. The culture is the SOUL of […]

Another Mid Mod Bites The Dust –

We reported back on October 10th about the Federated Employees building which until the other day stood in out in front of the Italian American Club at Eastern and Sahara. Now it’s gone. The Atomic […]