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“Four Houses” On The Learning Channel Seeks Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas

FOUR HOUSES FLYER pdf (3)I’ve been asked by The Learning Channel’s “Four Houses” show to help them find Mid Century Modern Homes in Las Vegas that are worthy of being on their show.

In case you are unfamiliar, Four Houses just had it’s first season on TLC. The show asks four homeowners to critique the style, decor, and originality of each other’s homes, and rank them based on four criteria. In the end, the homeowner with the highest score wins a prize. This year, the prize per episode is $10,000.


The flyer (click it to see it full size) says to email them pictures and contact information. If you make that first cut, then they’ll ask you to fill out an application and arrange an interview. 

Everyone thinks I know all the cool retro Mid Mod Homes in Las Vegas. Even though I’ve been in more of them than anyone else, I don’t know everyone – as much as I’d like to. I’m sure there’s many many homes that I don’t know about that could be perfect for an episode of “Four Houses”. If you want to get the ball rolling, then follow the directions in the flyer. 

Most of their shows that have been filmed so far are either way out bizarre homes, or “beautifully” decorated suburban McMansions. This time they’re looking for Mid Century Modern Homes – tastefully done in authentic or retro era-proper decor. If there’s enough qualified entries, then they might even do a second episode.  If you’re as proud of your Mid Mod home and furnishings as I am of mine….. lets find out who has the best one.

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Paradise Palms – “The Mid Mod Neighborhood” Of Las Vegas Is Featured In Atomic Ranch Magazine

Atomic ranch fall 2012 001One of the most important neighborhoods in Very Vintage Vegas is Paradise Palms. I’m proud to have sold over a hundred homes in Paradise Palms over the last 22 years. Many of the most prominent and active residents are there because I introduced them to it, or because they found out about it here at VeryVintageVegas.

One of the dreams I’ve always had was that each of the neighborhoods get organized to promote not only the neighborhood itself, but all the various subsets of Mid Century Modern. That’s happened with gusto in Paradise Palms. What was needed was a strong dedicated leader to step to the plate and make it happen.  Clay and Denise Heximer – who wrote the article and took the pictures for this article in Atomic Ranch – are the heros who picked up the ball and ran with it. There are organized clean up days, monthly get to know your neighbor cocktail parties and more happening now. And with this article, Paradise Palms is getting the kind of national attention that it deserves.

The article is in the fall edition of Atomic Ranch and is available on news stands now if you want a hard copy. If you want to see it now, the Paradise Palms website has the images available now.

Speaking of which – I have two homes for sale at the moment in Paradise Palms. 3192 Seneca Drive and 3421 Sioux Way. Both are equity sellers (not shortsale and not bank owned).

Dean Melissa just closed on a home on Caballero Drive on Friday,  and Olga and Will just closed this week on Burnham Ave. I also have several short sale listings in Paradise Palms that are working their way thru the bank approval process.

Keep your eye on Paradise Palms. If you want to take a drive, you’ll find it on both sides of Desert Inn between Maryland Parkway and Eastern.

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