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Rancho Manor

April 27, 2018


Travelers who use short-term residential rentals as an alternative to traditional hotels enjoy cost savings and “living like a local.” Property owners, or “hosts,” enjoy extra income generated by renting out a spare bedroom they’re […]
April 2, 2018


Most of the vintage homes and the historic neighborhoods in Las Vegas were built in the 50’s and 60’s as the town was growing up.  The strip was growing and people needed someplace to live […]
November 23, 2009

Rancho Manor Neighborhood Association

I was most pleased to find this sign on a lawn in Rancho Manor this morning. It’s truly sign of an actively engaged neighborhood association. “Home of the Month” awards, landscape awards, clean up recognition and […]
September 18, 2008

The Pillars Posts and Columns of The Retro Homes of Las Vegas

One of my favorite retro homes in Rancho Manor features 5 columns of block that support the front porch awning. They’re set at a diagonal to the beam that they support, and lend an element of […]
May 9, 2008

Staging A Mid Century Modern Home For Sale In Las Vegas Is Easy –

We held last months Atomic Age Alliance meeting in this home in Rancho Manor. Everyone was truly impressed, and I put it in my mind that I was going to try to find the perfect […]
December 13, 2007

The Secret Square – Revisiting A Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhood That Should Not Be Forgotten

I found a new monument sign announcing “Rancho Manor” on Shadow Lane north of Alta. I’m not sure when it was put up, just that it wasn’t there the last time I went north on […]