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Francisco Park Three (Mid Mod)

Very Vintage Vegas Welcomes New Neighbors

PB294281Our final closing for the year was a cute little mini-mod in Francisco Park 3. Maribeth and Chris plan on adding a garage, and are real excited to finally get to be home owners.

They wanted to buy over a year ago, but were slightly priced out of owning a single family home. With the price reductions and 2 year lows in interest rates, they were able to get into a home for the same monthly cost that they would have had for a condo a year ago.

Congratulations and Welcome To Vintage Vegas.

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I Found Another Decorative Block Pattern I Haven’t Seen Before

PA143496Found it in Fran Park 3, one of our undiscovered mini-mod neighborhoods.

We did a whole series of posts on the old site. I’m linking to the posts below, and republishing Fran Park 3 for you today.


All The Francisco Park posts from the old site are here 


 From our July 24th Archive:

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