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Coming Soon – New Downtown Listings Ready To Hit The Market

PB114099There are some amazingly cool homes in Downtown. We’ve just taken listings on 2 of them, and will have all the marketing and promotion materials ready in a few days.

I did want to use the concrete acid stained floors from one of them as an example of the hottest thing in flooring right now. If you hate carpet, and love solid surface flooring, this might be a great way to go instead of tile, ceramic or stone.

Of course, I’ll have great pictures for you in a couple of days.

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Demolition Of Home In Radlick Park Causes Unfounded Panic in Downtown Las Vegas

PA153504But it turns out its not a complete demolition. I spoke to the owner, Tom, who’s been battling the city planners for 2 years to get permits to tear off the majority of the home and rebuild from scratch. He’ll be adding 800 feet, and keeping the home in character with the neighborhood.

I started getting calls over the weekend, and became determined to find out what was happening. The neighbors who called me were worried that a complete demolition would lead to a suburban style home that would be a sore thumb in this otherwise charming neighborhood.

PA153507If you see something that needs exploring, or that the other readers of VVV would want to know about, give me a call or send an email.

From April 5, 2007 on the old web site:

I Stalked A Roadrunner Through Radlick Park – Beep Beep

I spent 20 minutes stalking/following/chasing an extremely rare sighting yesterday! A roadrunner in Radlick Park (Ralwick Park is just 20 homes built in 1953 and 1954. You can find it in the 700 blocks of Oakey, Bracken and Griffith).

Now I’m officially paparazzi. Clicking on any picture will give you a blow up of it.

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