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Uncle Jack’s Pictures and Comments From the Citizens Leadership Academy

Mary did a good job yesterday (in her very first published post) describing who spoke, and what we did.
I wanted to mention a few things that I learned.

One, the Mayor is a part time job! But it seems he works like I do. They say he’s often in the office before 8, is the last one to leave, an has events and appearances almost every evening. I also learned that he loves momentos of his job as much as he loves being the “happiest mayor in the world”

Two: I have a face made for Radio. 🙁 but I loved being in front of the camera, wasn’t nervous, and sound great on the playback. And I got a real kick out of running a camera and turning all the knobs, and wearing the fancy headset which is way cooler than my bluetooth. The control panel for a TV station is more complicated than a jumbo jet. I’d have never been a good TV production “geek”.

This Saturday, I’m taking a guided tour of the Lied Animal Shelter. I sure hoping all the previous problems have been straightened out. I’ve got a lot of questions, and don’t intend to let them sugar coat anything.


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The City Of Las Vegas’s “Citizen Leadership Academy”

Last night was the meet and greet opening reception. I am very honored to have been accepted into the Academy this year. There’s only 25 who were chosen from about 100 applicants.

The Academy is an 8 week course in how government works. We’ll get behind the scene tours of City Hall, the jail, the fire department, the sewer plant, the municipal courts, animal shelter, parks and recreation facilities and many more. We alsoWe were also allowed to sign up for extra credit trips, and I’ll finally get to do ride alongs with a metro officer, and a code enforcement officer.

Each week, I’ll be reporting on who we meet, what we saw and what we learned. One of the cities goals for conducting the academy in the first place is to develop civic leaders who can help spread the knowledge. I’m looking forward to being able to share what I learn with you.

Watch for it every Wednesday.


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Two Very Vintage Vegas Residents Choosen For ‘Citizen’s Leadership Academy’

Our favorite lifelong downtown resident Mary Alderman, and your intrepid blogger Jack LeVine have been selected for 2 of the seats in this years Citizen Leadership Academy. 25 seats were available, and there were over 60 applicants.

The academy is an 8 week, 10 session workshop to teach us how the City of Las Vegas actually works. We’ll get to tour the downtown, the sewage treatment plant, the KCLV tv studio, a fire station, regional justice center and jail, and lots of other things that we don’t normally get to see behind the scenes.

We’ll get to meet all the department managers and staff, city councilpersons, mayor and the people who actually run the city.

We’ll be doing a weekly post of what we learned, and passing on to our readers everything of interest.


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Applications Now Being Accepted For Citizens Leadership Academy

Las Vegas residents are invited to apply for an opportunity to experience firsthand how city departments work. The city of Las Vegas is launching its fourth annual Las Vegas Citizens Leadership Academy, a program designed to educate residents on the daily operations of city government and to highlight programs and opportunities for residents to better their communities. The academy will begin in the fall. This eight-week hands-on program will feature a series of interactive workshops, facility tours and discussions with city leaders. This year’s workshops will be held in September and October in the evening hours. The class concludes with the graduation on Wednesday, November 7. Academy participants are asked to attend at least seven of the eight weekday evening workshops and at least one of the two scheduled Saturday workshops.To participate, interested residents must submit a completed Las Vegas Citizens Leadership Academy application. A selection committee will select up to 25 people to represent the diverse residents and neighborhoods throughout Las Vegas. Applicants will be accepted based on their willingness to commit time and energy to complete the program, their personal commitment to shape the future of their community and past volunteer and civic involvement. Selected participants will be notified by mail during the week of August 27.Applications are available now by calling (702) 229-6501, or on the Citizens Academy Web page. To be considered, all applications must be submitted to the Office of Administrative Services no later than Tuesday, July 31, at 5 p.m. Applications can be faxed to (702) 464-2611.For more information on the academy, residents can contact the City Manager’s Office at (702) 229-6501


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