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Efforts Underway To Stop Or Slow Down The Foreclosure Problem

Lately, I’ve watched CNBC for financial news even more than I watch CNN. Schizophrenic is the only word to describe the lending world right now. One of the blogs that I read regularly is RealtyCheck, which is published by Diane Olick, one of the major CNBC commentators on the housing and mortgage industry.

There have been several proposals put forth, but now the Fed and the Treasury are weighing in with plans to freeze the “starter rate” for owner occupied home loans that are about to adjust. That would help stem the tidal wave of upcoming potential foreclosures. Doing so would stabilize prices, and give the market time to absorb the massive inventory of homes that are already bank owned.

I think it it’s something that has to be done. The consequences to the overall economy if they don’t do something like this is much more devastating than if they do it. No it’s not a perfect solution, and I’m rarely in favor of government intervention, but I see it as the only viable solution.

Olick’s recent rant on the subject brought a response from FDIC’s Sheila Bair where she addressed the issue of fairness.

If you’re in the least interested, as you should be, RealtyCheck is worth reading every day. I highly recommend it.


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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – The Joke Is In The Context

Junior OfficeNormally, I just cut and paste the picture, but in this case I had to take a screen shot to show you the picture in context. I got a good laugh out of the caption, and I hope you will too.

Click on the picture to see it full sized, if you can’t read it.


The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Happy Birthday To Mary Joy Alderman

PA283941Mary Joy is our favorite lifelong downtown resident, and major supporter of our efforts to preserve our vintage neighborhoods, buildings and homes.

Happy Birthday!




If you’d like to leave a birthday greeting for Mary, feel free to do it in the comments.



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Protest Rally And Lots Of Press Coverage Energizes Las Vegas Historic Preservation Groups

Approximately 75 demonstrators gathered at UNLV on Wednesday to show support for saving Maude Frazier Hall. Channel 8 has covered the issue, and so has the Las Vegas Sun. VeryVintageVegas’s Cultural Historian Brian Paco Alvarez had a letter published today in the Sun today, in response to their editorial. The RJ has been totally silent on the issue.


Atomic Age Alliance Founder MaryMargaret Stratton and  President, Josh Greidl Address The Crownd Of Protesters

The UNLV President And Chancellor Stop By To Watch The Protest March

There’s a lot more fun picture below the fold

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Fire Damages Historic 5th Street School In Downtown Las Vegas

Historic Preservation Efforts Thwarted By Fire At 5th Street SchoolA 2 alarm fire damaged roof timbers and interior work that had already been completed during restoration of the 70 year old “Fifth Street Grammar School”. The building is one of the oldest buildings in Las Vegas and was supposed to open by next summer as a cultural center to be shared by the city and UNLV.

Preserving and saving our historic buildings and vintage neighborhoods are 2 of the primary goals of VeryVintageVegas. Lately, we’ve devoted a lot of our blog time and energy to projects like this school, and the Maude Frazier Hall. We support and promote other preservation groups such as the Atomic Age Alliance, and Friends of Classic Las Vegas. We are heart broken over this fire, and I’m sure I speak for everyone who’s interested in saving our heritage.

We’ll be all over the city to make sure that the restoration is completed and the building is saved.

Click on the photo to see the Channel 8 coverage from last night.

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Las Vegas Sun Raises Awareness of Mid Century Modernism – Maude Frazier

Kristen Peterson at the Las Vegas Sun once again is doing a great job of reporting on Vintage Las Vegas & raising awareness of endangered architecture.  Our friends Mary Margaret Stratton & the Atomic Age Alliance, Lynn Zook of Classic Las Vegas, and a growing number of the general public are pushing to save the UNLV’s first building that represents so much more than just Mid Century design.  Read the full article here on the Sun’s website.  You can also Sign the Petition to Save Maude’s Hall.

Thanks to Brian Paco Alvarez, who always makes sure we get the Vintage Vegas Important News Stories, no matter how busy we are with end of the month real estate!

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Rancho Bel Air Is An Upscale Vintage Vegas Neighborhood With Deep Roots In Las Vegas History



Rba 3One of the premier guard gated neighborhoods of Vintage Vegas is located on Rancho, between Alta Drive and
The 95. Rba6
Rancho Bel Aire is 122 custom one of a kind homes with guard controlled access to the community. Most of the lots were 1/3 acre. Almost every home has a pool. 

There’s every shape and style home you can imagine. There’s lots of Mid Century Modern as well as English Tudor, Roman, Mediterranean, Contemporary South Beach and many more. It’s really a fun drive, if you can get in the gate.Rba 1
Rba 9 Today there’s still a few vacant lots that have never been built, but most of the homes were constructed in the 1960’s and 70’s. There have been a few built in each decade since then, and there’s only 3 or 4 lots that have never been developed.
One of the undeveloped half acre lots is for sale for 520,000. and there’s currently 6 homes for sale between $750,000 and $951,000. You can find them easily if you search the MLS  for zip code 89107 and set the parameters for 750k to 1,000,000.
Rba 9
 If you can get thru the gate, it’s a fun drive.

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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – How Much Time Could It Take?

The Library Has Built In StorageSometimes I’m just baffled. Could it really be that difficult to stuff the newspapers into the vanity, close the door, and THEN take the picture?

At least the toilet lid is closed. I’ll give ‘em that!


The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!


If you see one while searching thru the Las Vegas MLS, just send me an email with the address or the mls number or copy and paste the picture. I’m sure you’ll find one or a hundred also.


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Neighborhood Activists Applaud Cities Efforts On St. Louis Ave.

Yesterday’s dedication ceremony was well attended by many of the regular supporters and leaders of the various Neighborhood Associations. Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese, and City Manager Dr. Doug Selby thanked the neighbors for the idea to beautify and control traffic on St. Louis.

The attendees were reminded that change doesn’t happen from the top down. Concerned citizens, working together as neighborhood associations are the catalysts for improvement.

Are you active in your neighborhoods voluntary association? Does your neighborhood even have one?

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Hope You Caught The Sunset







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Historic Preservation and Las Vegas History Gets Feature Spot On Channel 8 EyeWitness News

Maude postitKudos To Channel 8 for helping us spread the word about our historic preservation efforts. If you didn’t see the report you can watch it here.

They not only included history of the building itself, including pictures I hadn’t seen of it under construction, they provided some great background on Maude Frazier herself, who was a true pioneer in creating the early educational system for Las Vegas.


If you can get away tomorrow, please come down to UNLV and carry a sign with us. It’s a great opportunity to meet many of the most active preservationists, especially me, of course.

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Worst MLS Photo – The Funniest Worst MLS Photo Ever

Sometimes I couldn’t help doing a rerun on this one. Ask my subconscious why this photo was the setting for an argument in my dream last night.

The original caption that I used when I first published it in the old blog was

 “Sometimes “funny” is just a matter of timing. I think it’s a timing issue, and not a subtle hint at the seller’s motivation”.

If you really get off on the Worst MLS Photos, you can see the first 2 months worth of them by following this link.


If you see one while searching thru the Las Vegas MLS, just send me an email with the address or the mls number or copy and paste the picture. I’m sure you’ll find one or a hundred also.

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Retro Camper Makes Appearance In Vintage Vegas

PB043962If you’re going park a camper in the driveway, at least make it a retro “airstream”.

I’ve never studied up on them, but I know there’s a huge collector club for them. This one almost looks like a new one. Are they still making them? Anyone know?


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Everywhere We Look – Replacement Windows Are A Major Upgrade To The Homes Of Vintage Las Vegas

PB043959Energy Efficiency is a major part of making our older homes “functionally modern”. Window and Sliding Door replacement is one of the most expensive things we can do, but they pay for themselves in no time.










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This Weeks Events In Vintage Vegas And Central Las Vegas

St. Louis Avenue Dedication Ceremony

Today is the dedication of the St. Louis Ave. Beautification project and the new monument signs for the Southridge and Beverly Green Historic Neighborhoods. 10AM 11/26 on St. Louis just east of Paradise.

Las Vegas Marathon

Las Vegas Marathon. This Sunday 12/2 It won’t be a good day for driving anywhere near the course. Starts on the Strip by Mandalay Bay, up the whole strip to 4th Street to Fremont Street Experience, then north on Main to Bonanza To MLK then North To Cary then west and out of our way for the rest of the way as it goes west and then south and finally back to the strip along Desert Inn

It’ll be a mess for us locals. Here’s the map of the course.

Save Maude Frazier Hall Rally

Maude Frazier Hall Rally Wednesday. 11/28 11:30 to 12:30

Samuel Becket Festival

started last week thru December 15th. Here’s the link for more information

Hudson and Marshall Bank Owned Foreclosure Auction

Sunday 12/2 12 noon. Lake Las Vegas – Ritz Carlton

All of our articles about the auctions are lumped together in this link


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