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Retro Details Make This Downtown Las Vegas Custom A Very Special Property!

Classic Homes And Historic Neighborhoods Are 2 Of The Key Topics Discussed Daily  At  Very Vintage Vegas  dot  comThanks to all of you who stopped by the open house at 1700 Chapman. 8 readers who I’ve never met before stopped by to say hello, as well a lot of friends.. About 10 people from the neighborhoods dropped in when they saw the signs, just because they were curious.



Custom inlaid wood mosaic in the double island kitchen at 1700 Chapman Drive in Historic Downtown Las VegasOne thing that really made my day was that most of the folks who saw the house really appreciated the original bathrooms, and everyone loved the kitchen, the doors, the hardware and the yard and pool. Only 1 of the approximately 20 people said they’d “have to rip out all 3 bathrooms” to make them look like one of those new homes in the suburbs.

When I showed some of the details in the post on Saturday, I didn’t have a close up of the inlaid wood mosaic accents in the kitchen counters, but I grabbed a good picture during the open house.

Uncle Jack Presents A True Retro Treat in his new Las Vegas Real Estate  listing at 1700 Chapman Drive.

One of the other great retro features that everyone liked was the tufted leather bar The and matching barstools in the what we’re calling the “Elvis Game Room”. The entertainment space in this home is terrific.

The flyer which shows all the great retro themes of this home  is now in our GALLERY OF FEATURED HOMES, which is always in the left hand column.

While you’re looking thru them, who do you know that’s thinking of buying or selling in the historic pre 1970’s Las Vegas?

Your referrals are always appreciated! 







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Details Make This Retro Custom Home In Vintage Las Vegas Into A One Of A Kind Statement

While Steve’s busy building the brochure for our gallery of featured properties, I thought I’d share some of the finer details that make 1700 Chapman Ave. so special. We put it into the MLS today at $595,000. We priced is at slightly less per square foot than what 1701 15th and 1908 Chapman Sold for. In it’s own unique ways it’s just as special if not more so.

Original Antique Doors And Hardware That Have Been Lovingly Preserved Are Hard To Find Even In Vintage Las Vegas

Jack LeVine has been chosen to market  this Downtown  Las Vegas Mansion Antique doors

Antique door hardwareEvery door in the home makes a statement. The interior doors are opaque french glass with antique hardware.

Untouched Retro Bathrooms Are The Hottest Selling Feature In The Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas.

The Red Throne Room In The No one’s ever seen a bathroom like this before except in Vintage Vegas. It’s only one of the 3 retro bathrooms.

There’s a matching jetted tub in what we’re calling the “Liberace Suite”.


Red Cultured Marble Kitsch Makes A Retro Statement In This Home For Sale In Vintage Las Vegas 




Inlaid Mosaic Inserts In The Counter Tops Are A Custom Feature Rarely Found In ANY Home For Sale In Las Vegas

 Inlaid Mosaic Inserts Make The Counter Tops One Of  A Kind In This Historic Las Vegas Mansion

Counter space like this is truly a rarity even in the biggest of homes.

This is truly a custom one of a kind kitchen.





I’ll be holding an open house on Easter Sunday from 2:30 to 5pm.

Front 1YOU’RE INVITED to stop by and say hi, whether you’re in the market or not. I love meeting my readers, or having an opportunity to say hi again. 

Until they’re gone, we still have some VeryVintageVegas car window stickers. You’re welcome to stop by and grab one of the last of them.

Oh, by the way, this is the same home where the estate sale was held last weekend. It’s on the corner of Oakey and Chapman, just east of Maryland Parkway.






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“Clear Story” Windows Are A Modernist Adaptation Of An Ancient Design

The Triangular Windows Above The Normal Wall Space Are Called Clear Story Windows. This Home Is Our Listing At  1821  S. 14th Street.  Click On The Picture To See More.How do you let lots of natural light into a room, and still maintain some privacy? The modernist architects that were responsible for the “mid-century modern” home that we talk about so frequently here at VeryVintageVegas solved the problem with “Clear Story” Windows. Since the ceilings were vaulted, and the roofs so often flat, or low pitched, it was easy to add windows above the normal wall space.

In modern usage we find the term spelled “clerestory” as well as “clearstory” and even “overstory”. In the mid mod homes, an excellent definition is:

rows of windows above eye level that allow light into a space. In modern architecture, clerestories provide light without distractions of a view or compromising privacy

180px-Malmesbury_abbey_clerestory_arpI never really connected the high-in-the-wall windows of modernism with the ancient architecture of Gothic cathedrals. In fact, according to this article in wikepedia, the use of clear story windows dates back clear to the Egyptians.  

low windows take away from wall spaceA big complaint that I get all the time about our suburban cookie cutter homes, is that the windows are so large that you lose all the wall space for furniture. Yesterday’s Worst MLS Photo was a good example of the windows ruining a room. The windows above are  an example of clear story windows, as they might be used in a more suburban 2000’s home.

DSCN1890Modernist homes, however were built for desert living often had wide, thin windows set high in the walls to let in light, allow for furniture below them, and privacy within the room, and minimal direct sunlight.










Now you know what to call high windows in a tall room.

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