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The Liberace Museum Is A Must See Attraction For Anyone Interested In Las Vegas History

IMG_3838I attended a cocktail party last night at the Liberace Museum. It’s a great place to bring your out of town guests, and for locals, it’s Free every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Just a few teaser pictures and the rest of them are below the fold.


Located at Tropicana and Spencer.

Check the website for hours and admission fees.  










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A New And Revitalized Urban Core For Las Vegas

A rendering of the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, designed by Frank Gehry, covers the fence surrounding the building’s construction site at Union Park in Las Vegas.  Leila Navidi/Las Vegas SunLast week, at the official groundbreaking for Union Park, Mayor Goodman was waving a New York Times article about the project.

I’ve had the link to it since then, but didn’t realize that it was written by my friend and client Steve Friess, who’s one of the most published freelance writers working out of Las Vegas. Steve’s Blog is always full of scandal, dirt, and behind the scenes news about Las Vegas and The Strip

Steve wrote:

LAS VEGAS — As other cities look to replace their blighted downtowns with new development, Las Vegas, known for its extravagant facsimiles of European and American landmarks, has come up with an unusual approach: Build another downtown, right next to the decaying one.

On Thursday, the city will formally inaugurate a new urban core on a 61-acre, undeveloped parcel of land — a project that some experts say is unprecedented in city planning. Called Union Park, its supporters hope it will revive the historic downtown just to the east, where the region’s courthouses, government offices and oldest casinos are clustered.

More than $6 billion in mostly private money has been announced for five ambitious projects: an Alzheimer’s research center, designed by Frank Gehry; a 60-story international center for jewelry trading; a hotel by the celebrity chef Charlie Palmer; a casino-resort; thousands of residential units and square feet of office space, and, as its centerpiece, a $360 million performing arts center.

Construction on the rippled Gehry building and utility lines is under way on this former brownfield, once a chemical dumping ground for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Here’s the whole article: Up With The New: A Second Center City for Las Vegas, by Steve Friess, in the April 23 New York Times.

Mayor Oscar Goodman Deserves High Applause For His Efforts To Revitalize The Urban Core Of Las Vegas

All of us at Very Vintage Vegas believe that Union Park, as well as most of the other development in downtown will be good for all the neighborhoods surrounding downtown.

We want to congratulate Mayor Goodman pushing things along, and wish him and all the city the best for a revitalized and exciting urban core of Las Vegas 

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Pattern 19 Celebrating The Decorative Concrete Block Walls Of The Mid Century Modern Homes Of Las Vegas

P7051116 -1The Iron Cross or Nuclear Warning.

It’s very rare. I’ve only ever found it on one property in Paradise Palms.



P7051114 croppedIf you focus at the junction of the blocks, you get a starburst design.  



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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day –

Jack LeVine presents the worst mls photo of the day on VeryVintageVegas.comYour captions and comments are welcome in the comments section.






The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Cleaning Up In The Huntridge and John S. Park Historic Neighborhoods

Block partyLance Kirk, The president of Huntridge West Neighborhood Association sent some pictures of the block party THAT AREN’T BLUE.






IMG_3792The Block Party was a kickoff for the cleanup event that happened on Sunday and Monday.

There was a great response, and I caught some pictures Monday Morning of the City crews that were picking up the mountains of stuff that had been put to the curb.


IMG_3788This home on Francis Avenue in Huntridge certainly is the prize winner.







IMG_3698And speaking of cleaning up, we’re happy to report that the “Welcome To The Historic John S. Park Neighborhood” monument is now graffiti free, thanks to the rapid response team from the City of Las Vegas.

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Viking Road Is One Of The Great Streets For Architectural Sightseeing In Vintage Vegas

IMG_3407I rarely mention it, but I sure love to drive down it. We had it on the History Hunt Last Summer.

One of the grand Old Vegas Estate Homes on 2 acres is for sale by owner. It’s always been one of my favorites. Just 2 million give or take.




IMG_3406It sports the only GIRAFFE that I know of in all of Las Vegas. Maybe there’s one at The Las Vegas Zoo, but I haven’t been there for a long time. (YES WE HAVE A ZOO!)

Talk about yard art!





Take The Very Vintage Vegas History Hunt Of Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods 

If you want to spend a pleasant spring time afternoon and about 2 gallons of precious gasoline….

Why not drive the HISTORY HUNT that we put together last summer. It will take you to some fabulous historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods and some secret little spots that I love. You’ll also see some truly beautiful homes, and get a real sense of what we’re talking about here at VeryVintageVegas.

All of the directions are in the post that’s linked to above where it says HISTORY HUNT.

When you’ve driven it, give me some feedback in the comments to this post. If you did it last summer, tell our good readers what a great experience it was.

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Pattern 18 Is From The Stunning Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Country Club

IMG_3605 croppedI have a friend who tattooed this design around his biceps.



IMG_3603It’s the block fence that surrounds the Las Vegas Country Club! You can find a about 2 running miles of it if you drive Karen Avenue from Maryland to Joe Brown, or on Joe Brown from Karen to Desert Inn.





P8202223I found it in one other spot, but honestly don’t remember where I took the picture. Anyone know?

Speaking of the Las Vegas Country Club, Some of The finest post and beam, Mid Century Modern Design and Construction I’ve ever seen in my life is in the club house. Click here, (which is the same link as the words Las Vegas Country Club above), and you’ll see what I mean. The Las Vegas Country Club website has some interesting history of the club and you can read up on it at the LVCC WEBSITE.

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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day –


I’m going to keep doing these because you seem to like them, but for a while, you’ll have to provide the captions.

Just click on the little word that says “no comments” if you’re the first one or “1 comment or 10 comments” if you’re not the first.

It’s at the bottom of the post.

Have fun!

The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Yea! WE Won A Graffiti Battle Between The City Of Las Vegas And Nevada Power

Graffitti removal is a top priority for Jack LeVine of  Very Vintage Vegas  dot comThere’s a major power easement that runs north and south clear thru the valley. It’s called the Spencer Easement. It cuts thru the downtown historic neighborhoods, francisco park, Paradise Palms, and keeps going to Flamingo, where it ducks underground.

Some parts of it are wide open, such as in the island down the middle of Spencer Ave. in Paradise Palms. Some of it is fenced in, and locked off to everyone EXCEPT THE GRAFFITI VANDALS.

It’s the locked off part that’s the problem.

Neighborhood services says that Nevada Power has to clean up the mess. Nevada Power says that the back of the block walls inside their fence is the responsibility of the homeowners, or the city. The City says they can’t get into the fences because NP has them locked off. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I’ve got calls in today to find out who finally cleaned up the MASSIVE amount of Graffiti. Did the city actually work together with Nevada Power? I’d like to think so. Did the city do the job? Nevada Power?  It’s my most fervent hope is that it’s the combined effort or pressure from all of them that got the job done.

I’d made numerous calls about over the last few months to Neighborhood Services, Nevada Power, Mayor Pro-tem Gary Reese, Planning Commissioner Steve Evans, County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.                         

The City Of Las Vegas and Nevada Power have been battling over who's responsible.Ironically, however, they did, manage to miss the single tag on the “NO TRESSPASSING” sign on the fence. Click on the picture to see it blown up.

I’ll live with that one for the moment.

IF YOU SEE GRAFFITI, please report it immediately to the city or the county. They’ll take care of it quickly, unless it involves politically try to pass the buck.  

City – 229–6615

County – 455–4191 

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Can A Casita Or Guest House Have Separate Meters For Electric?

A reader and downtown neighbor asked the question, and I don’t know the answer. Though there’s certainly plenty of legal as well as illegal guest houses and casitas, I’ve never run across one that did have separate meters for the power.

Could a sub-meter be installed which just the owner read? Will Nevada Power allow a separate account for the 2nd meter?

Have any of you ever researched it? Know anyone who accomplished it?

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You’re Invited – Grand Opening Of Wolfson Lofts In Downtown Las Vegas

Wolfson Lofts In the rapidly regentrifying Downtown Las VegasWe attended the VIP Broker opening Last Thursday night, and were WOWED with just about every aspect of these fabulous lofts.

Saturday May 3, from Noon to 3pm is the public open house. Mayor Goodman is speaking at 1pm, and EVERYONE IS INVITED.

You’ll find them 2 blocks south of Alta on Tonopah Avenue, which is one block east of Rancho.

Downtown Las Vegas appreciates the new loft living  complex called Wolfson Lofts

If you are in the market, I’d certainly be happy to represent you. Colliers International is the listing agent for these, and they welcome broker participation.


The first 5 units are complete, and ready for sale from the High 700’s to almost 2 million for the 3400 sf penthouse. There will be 3 more buildings, each with only 5 units coming in the future.


Wolfson Lofts Grand Opening In the Penthouse Unit in Downtown Las VegasWhether you’re in the market or not, it’s a great place to see some fantastic design, amazing gorgeous lighting and fixtures. Especially, don’t miss the hand painted, metallic finish Italian Porcelain floor tiles. If you’ve never seen a round kitchen, you’ll be as awed by it as I am.

Local Downtown artist Steve Spann has provided the art for the walls, so it’s also a gallery showing for Steve’s beautiful and varied abstracts.  


Ken Wolfson, of Wolfson Lofts with the VeryVintageVegas fashionista, Mary Joy Alderman. Ken Wolfson, who designed, developed and built this gorgeous property has become a good friend over the last year. He deserves a big round of applause for showing us what can be accomplished in the realm of urban infill. We’ve been talking about how to take this concept and repeat it in a broad price range. It’s possible, and Ken’s the man to do it.

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Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas Often Had Decorative Stone Screen Walls For Privacy

Bubbles single blockPattern #17 in our series, seems to be everyone’s favorite when the subject of the decorative block walls comes up in conversation.




P6270988 croppedWe call them the “champaign bubbles”.



I’ve seen these on at least 2 dozen mid century modern homes. They’re scattered all over downtown, McNeil, Glen Heather, and Paradise Palms.



Champaign cropped




There’s absolutely nothing wrong with painting your decorative stone screens, either. In fact, the more colorful the better as far as I’m concerned.




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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day –

819029_701_22What was all that noise on “flip this house” about neutral colors, nice window coverings, and making the home look like one of them newfangled new home models?

But there is a ceiling fan.



The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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150 Happy Neighbors Attend Block Party For John S. Park and Huntridge West Neighborhoods

Block party 3Perfect weather, Pleasant Conversation, Kids on skateboards, lots of food, and a camera with a bad setting. The pictures have a blue cast. Unfortunately, I can’t go back and re-shoot the pictures. Maybe next year!

If you’re neighborhood association wants to have an event, the city and county Neighborhood Services departments can help you to  make it happen. Just ASK!



Block Party 1


Hot topics of the conversation included how to get CIRCLE PARK open again, weeds, graffiti, and naturally home values.

I repeatedly told people not to worry about the home prices. It only matters the day you’re wanting to sell. Most of the neighbors I spoke to have NO INTENTION OF EVER MOVING, since they love their neighborhood and their homes so much.  I made the point over and over again, that the historic neighborhoods will recover faster, and the improvement momentum will start to pick up speed again, now that the market seems to be creating a bottom.

Block party 2

We met many people for the first time, and were extremely encouraged that they all wanted to get involved and help to do something.

My first suggestion  is that they should go knock on the doors of everyone in a 10 house circle around themselves, and say hello.

Of course, I suggested that they help us by reporting EVERY graffiti tag the moment they see it.

I asked them to attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings when topics come up that affect us, and to attend and volunteer at the neighborhood meetings.

Block party 4



Young and old, and in between were there, and everyone had a great time.

 The Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods are fun and energetic and devoted to improving the quality of life for all of our neighbors.



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Deco Block #16 – Simple Circles

P2194685 croppedIt’s as simple of a design as you can get. One full circle surrounded by 6 half circles.

But if you put them together…..



I’ve only found them arranged 2 different ways. A straight line, and a solid wall.

Privacy 8









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