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Maryland Parkway Music Festival – The Main Drag of Vintage Vegas

Maryland Parkway Music Festival -  




Labor Day Weekend In Vintage Vegas will really be rocking! 3 Different venues on Maryland Parkway. 3 days of non stop music.

Huntridge Circle Park To Host The Friday and Saturday evening events of the Maryland Parkway Music Festival

We’re especially pleased that the newly re-opened HUNTRIDGE CIRCLE PARK will have it’s first major event in the last six years. Having served on the original re-design committee 10 years ago, and as a leading proponent of getting Circle Park re-opened during the last 5 years, I’m happy to see it used for a major event.

For 60 plus years, Circle Park was a meeting place for all the now Historic Neighborhoods that surround the park. Hopefully this will generate renewed interest and lots of future events and programs.

The Sam Ash Music parking lot at Karen and Maryland Parkway will host the Saturday afternoon line-up.

UNLV will host the Sunday line-up from Noon to 9 PM, at Harmon Avenue and Maryland Parkway.

The complete calendar and list of acts that are performing are on the Maryland Parkway Music Festival Website

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Breaking News – Rick’s Restoration Now Open In the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

First – on a personal note:

I’ll be appearing on the TV show “American Restoration” on FRIDAY, AUGUST 26 at 9pm. It’s on the History Channel – 43.

Vintage Kelvinator on sale at Rick's Restoration in Downtown Las VegasIn February, I had put out a call on this blog to help Rick and his team find stuff to restore for the TV show. I offered them up what had been a piece of yard art at my house. They accepted it, but I’m forbidden to reveal anything about what they restored for me, or anything about the filming of the episode. You’ll just have to watch to see.

It’s one thing to make regular tv appearance on local news shows, or at a City Council meeting, but his is a big time national cable broadcast. I’m dying to find out if I come across as nervous as I really was.  

They’re gearing up to start filming a new series, and you can still submit items to be restored.


And now…Let’s Welcome Rick’s Restoration as the newest addition to the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District!

While I was at their old “secret” location – they told me that they would be moving the entire operation to Downtown Las Vegas. I was sworn to secrecy, but the new location is now open, and I took the tour today with Tyler.

ShowroomThey’re now on Commerce Ave, 2 driveways south of Charleston. They’re open 9–5 Monday thru Friday and you can just walk in and take a tour, visit the show room, gift shop and see watch all the restoration work taking place thru huge picture windows into each workspace. 







Rick's Restoration in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts DistrictTours are given whenever you walk in during regular business hours. I’m encouraging them to be open for First Friday.

Rick’s Restoration Showroom and Shop is the newest reason to visit the Art’s District. I think having tourists lining up will help drive a lot of weekday traffic into the Arts District.

Welcome, Rick, as well as all of your crew – to Downtown Las Vegas and The Arts District.  










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Can The Veteran’s Memorial Be Built At Heritage Park In Cultural Corridor??

UPDATE 8/17/2011 2pm – At this morning’s City Council Meeting it was an unanimous vote to change the location of the proposed Veteran’s Memorial to Heritage Park in The Cultural Corridor.

Original post from 8/16/11 begins here.

Huntridge Circle Park is back in the news again.

The new Ward 3 City Councilman Bob Coffin has suggested that the proposed Veteran’s Memorial be changed to Heritage Park which is in the Cultural Corridor along Las Vegas Blvd.

The original proposal, to have the memorial at Huntridge Circle Park was not loved by the surrounding neighborhoods, but was accepted as a means to get the park opened again.

Since the discussion is to be held at tomorrow’s council meeting, there’s not a lot of time to give them feedback.

If you’d like the Veteran’s Memorial changed to Heritage Park in the cultural Corridor, please call Bob Coffin’s office, 229–6405 and tell him.

Or if you have the time, you can email to all of the City Council members from the webpage for the council. Unfortunately, there’s no way to send one email to all of them. You’ll have to click on each of the wards, and email separately.

Here’s the whole story:

On August 17, 2011 at 9am the Las Vegas City Council will convene. One of the items on the agenda will be the relocation of the proposed Veterans Memorial from Huntridge Park to Heritage Park on Las Vegas Boulevard North. The relocation of the memorial from Heritage Park would be a more fitting location to remember our fallen heroes than Huntridge Circle Park.

Here is a list of reasons why Heritage Park is a better location:

– Heritage Park is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, a designated National Scenic Byway
– The Veterans Memorial when built, will be located within walking distance of the Las Vegas Veterans of Foreign Wars Fred S. Pennington Post 1753
– The Veterans Memorial will be located within walking distance from Veterans Memorial Drive
– The Veterans Memorial will be located within walking distance from the American Legion Post #8 located on Veterans Memorial Drive
– It will be located near the historic neighborhood of Biltmore Bungalows. The bungalows were originally built to house airmen stationed at the Air Gunnery Range which would later become Nellis Air Force Base
– The memorial will be located near the US Vets Inc. Las Vegas housing center on Bonanza Road. US Vets provides services for veterans with comprehensive housing and employment services
– The memorial will be located in the heart of the Cultural Corridor. The Cultural Corridor is home to the world famous Neon Museum, Las Vegas Natural HistoryMuseum, Lied Children’s Museum, Las Vegas Library, Cashman Field – home of the Las Vegas 51’s AAA Baseball Team, the Mormon Fort, where Las Vegas began
– Heritage Park is located 1 mile north of historic Fremont Street and the Fremont East Entertainment District
– Heritage Park is located next to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, which has ample parking. In addition the park is set back from the traffic of Las Vegas Boulevard where it allows for a quiet and more contemplative experience.


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Historic Mid Century Modern Las Vegas Construction Photos That Need To Be Identified

Our Secret Mystery Historian needs our help again. Here’s 3 photos that we need to identify. All of them are from either the late 50’s or early 60’s during the heyday of what we now call Mid Century Modern Architecture. I’m sure some of you will recognize enough clues in each picture to help us figure it out.

These photos are not for reproduction, or for use in any capacity except by express written consent from VeryVintageVegas.

If you click the thumbnails, they’ll expand to a much bigger size, and may take a few extra seconds to load due to the size of the originals.


mid century modern neighborhood being constructed in Las Vegas C-1962The first one is pretty easy, as it has a major element of Mid Century Modern architecture and design. It’s interesting to see the asymmetrical shapes of the homes, and some of the elements of the design starting to merge. I’m also fascinated by the depth of field that causes the mountains to loom so large.

Which direction are we facing? What are the 2 non-residential buildings that are in the picture? What streets might these be?



Mid Century Modern School - under construction - in Vintage Las VegasThe second picture is one of our historic Mid Century Modern Schools in Las Vegas. It’s not finished enough to look like any school I recognize. I wish they’d taken the photo from above the chain link fence rather than thru it, but unless someone wants to photoshop the fence away, we’ll have to work with what we have.





 10011-19 unknown neighborhood -reducedOur third picture is a mid century modern neighborhood somewhere in Central Vintage Vegas.

I’m totally baffled. The only thing I’ve decided for sure is that the open pathway between the homes is not the street, but is instead the area that will eventually be backyards. But I could be wrong.

These seem to be mostly ranch style homes, compared to the “desert modern” themes of the first picture.

Please use the comment button to give us your guesses, clues and observations.


If you’d like to see the other “mystery photos” that our secret historian has found over the years, they’re all here in this link. This post will show up first, but keep scrolling down.

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Helen Stewart – The First Lady Of Las Vegas

We haven’t done much about Las Vegas History lately. We’ll have to do more of it, since I’m now the newest commissioner on the City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission. Most of the work regarding Helen Stewart and the Old Morman Fort has already been dealt with by the Commission. I’ll update you on the projects we’re working on as I get up to speed. I guess I should have made an official announcement about having been appointed. I’ll just pretend I’m a politician and announce that I’m going to announce it.

In case you missed this episode of Tom Hawley’s Video Bank on August 11, you’ll want to see it. It’s tells the story of Helen Stewart. Her ranch which encompassed 1800 acres was centered on what is now the Historic Old Las Vegas Morman Fort State Park on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Washington.

Most of the 1800 acres eventually became the original City of Las Vegas when it was sold to the railroad. There’s plenty more on Helen Stewart in the RJ’s excellent series on the “First 100” of those who shaped Las Vegas.

The new statue of Helen is scheduled for unveiling on December 3rd.



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Vintage Las Vegas, Facebook and Jack LeVine’s Back

I’ve been happily blown-away swamped for the last 3 months or so. All my listings are under contract or closed. Lot’s of my buyer clients are already moved in, and lots of them are anxiously awaiting their turn. Lots of them are still in the search mode. Prices have stabilized and there’s even selective price increases in some of the historic neighborhoods. Sitting down to write blog posts on a regular basis is probably the only thing I’m not happy about.  

Though loathe to admit she’s right….Pam at Retrorenovation helped me realize why I’m so reluctant to sit down and type. I sit and type a lot, but it’s mostly email, these days. I actually miss writing for you on a daily basis, but my back is always hurting, and by the time I’m done with the daily work part of selling Vintage homes in Las Vegas, I’m usually too scrunched up and/or heat exhausted to start a new 2 or three hour typing session. But, once again, I’ll tell you that … I’m going to try to do better.

Facebook-logoWhat I HAVE been doing some of, is posting and sharing and commenting on facebook. I know a lot of readers just “don’t do Facebook” or have stopped. I stopped for a while when it got too confusing, but I think I’ve figure it out again.

I’m about to ask all my 1068 “facebook friends” to follow me on my VeryVintageVegas facebook page, which I think I’ve forgotten to mention.

It’s the LIKE button when you get there. I’m eventually going to stop posting on my personal page.


Here’s a few of the hot stories you might have missed if you weren’t following me on Facebook:

FIRST FRIDAY in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

It’s a go! Only the “official” First Friday is on Hiatus. There’s been a lot of confusion, but the most recent press – RJ, SUN, VIEW, and the TV news now has it right.

Come on out anyway. All the shops and restaurants and galleries and everything else is open.

First Friday South - new this month in the Las Vegas Arts DistrictThere’s even a new First Friday South – car show, tents and more on 3rd Street

First Friday has actually become an all night celebration of ALL of Downtown Las Vegas.  Huge crowds start out at First Friday in the Arts District and then move on to Fremont Street Experience, and Fremont East Entertainment District.


If you really need to know the background story, several of the Arts District business owners were on KNPR State of Nevada on Thursday morning to discuss it.

Every Friday Art WalkAND – this just in – An ART WALK EVERY FRIDAY! reported on Enculturate Las Vegas – which is where you’ll find the most comprehensive coverage of the arts and culture of Las Vegas. If you are on Facebook, Brian Paco Alverez is the best source for everything. He’s always posting everything that’s art and culture related.



Former Mayor Oscar Goodman To Open Restaurant In The Plaza Hotel On Fremont Street

from the Las Vegas Sun 

Oscar's in the Plaza Hotel of Downtown Las VegasIt was inevitable, of course. Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is opening a speak-easy, and yes it will be named after him.

The mob lawyer-turned-public servant-turned-entrepreneur is opening a steakhouse and bar this fall in the Plaza downtown, in the space previously occupied by tapas restaurant Firefly…….

A Place In Paradise – A Photographic Retrospective of Paradise Palms, The Boulevard Mall, and The Celebrities Who Lived There

Brian Paco Alvarez installs the finishing touches on Yes, it’s Brian Paco Alvarez again – wearing his day-job-hat as Curator of the Las Vegas News Bureau.

The show is in the food court of the Boulevard Mall. It’s free, and open during all mall hours this month.



A Place In Paradise - a photographic retrospective of Paradise Palms and the Boulevard MallThere’s a special gathering and showing on Saturday – August 6th for the residents of Paradise Palms. 5 to 7 PM. It’s a public place and they can’t (and don’t want to) keep you away. If you’re curious about a VERY special neighborhood in Vintage Las Vegas, and want to meet a truly engaged and active group of neighbors, then this is a great opportunity to do so.

This link will take you to just about every post I’ve ever written about Paradise Palms.

If you want to see what a terrific neighborhood website looks like – check out Paradise Palms Las Vegas. It should be the template for every historic neighborhood. All it takes is someone like Clay Heximer to make it happen. If you want to see the Paradise Palms Facebook Page, just click away.

Clay Heximer and Brian Paco Alverez will be the guest on KNPR State of Nevada FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 to discuss the photo retrospective. The link will be up after the show on the KNPR website.

IMG_0220And if you want to see what all the Paradise Palms buzz is about in person, take a drive behind the Boulevard Mall. Paradise Palms is on BOTH sides of Desert Inn between Maryland Parkway and Eastern Ave.

And of course talk or email me if you’re buying and selling in any of the Historic Neighborhoods of Las Vegas.


This took 3 hours, my back is killing me, and still, I’m most pleased to have typed out a real blog post again.

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