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Louis Prima 100th Birthday Concert At Fremont Street Experience

Louis Prima Concert.jpg

It’s a full evening of SWING, RAT ROD, ROCKABILLY and BURLESQUE!


Louis Prima Jr. is performing a celebration tribute concert in honor of his father, Louis Prima’s 100th Birthday.

Tuesday, December 7 6:30 to 8pm on the First Street Stage at Fremont Street Experience.

The Swingin’ Pedestrians follow with 3 sets from 8 to 11pm.








Don’t know about Louis Prima?

From his bio page at LouisPrima.com ……

Of all the musical giants of the past seven decades, specifically since the days of the big swing bands and Dixieland jazz, there is one who stands out amongst them all as the greatest contributor towards modern music and the course it eventually took. His name is Louis Prima and it all started when he took off at the once-famed 52nd Street in New York City.

As a bold, talented, ambitious youngster, Prima rose from the rank-and-file of musicians in the now acknowledged great training ground of New Orleans in 1934 and headed for the “Big Time” in the city of New York. After a few weeks of waiting for the right opening, he was finally given the opportunity to debut at the then inconspicuous “Famous Door.” By virtue of the Louis Prima Band becoming a smash hit in the small-but-jumping club, the entire 52nd Street, between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, was renamed “Swing Street.”

Thus, a whole new era of music began, with Louis coining such expressions as “swing” and other “hep” sayings like “solid jack,” “crazy man,” and many more. Later, it was decided to name Benny Goodman the King of Swing, but only as a result of a big hit on the song “Sing Sing Sing,” written by Louis Prima – so what does that tell you?


Louis Prima’s Vegas Years are covered well in the Wikipedia article about him.

Vegas years

The popularity of the big-band sound started to wane, and Prima began losing money, just as he needed it to support the pregnant Smith. Prima found work with Smith in small venues all over the East Coast. Eventually he called up his friend Bill Miller, who was then entertainment director of The Sahara nightclub and casino in Las Vegas, and asked for a job. The main stage at the hotel was booked for months to come, but Miller had an opening on the small stage in the lounge. His friend Cab Calloway warned him against the cramped Sahara lounge, and Vegas lounges in general were considered the domain of struggling newcomers and faded has-beens, but the financial pressure was too great for Prima to turn the gig down. Prima telephoned legendary New Orleans saxophonist Sam Butera and instructed him to pick up a few musicians and go to Las Vegas in time for Prima’s debut.

Prima acknowledged his new musicians for the opening-night crowd, and spontaneously asked Butera what the name of the band was. Butera ad-libbed, “The Witnesses!” From then on, Sam Butera and the Witnesses backed Prima and Smith on stage and records.

The initial Sahara gig was a resounding success, with Prima and Smith packing the lounge with every performance. They were soon promoted into the main showroom, and they quickly became one of the biggest acts in Vegas.

Prima and Smith worked hard throughout the 1950s, performing multiple shows a night and finishing at 6 a.m. Their efforts were rewarded with a resurgence in their popularity, and they were at least partly responsible for making the lounge at The Sahara a hotspot. On stage, Prima insisted on Smith adopting a humorless, poker-faced character that would play straight to Prima’s zany ad libs. Smith actually had a fine sense of comedy that is often audible on the team’s recordings; no matter how much the incorrigible Prima tried to disrupt her vocals, Smith would often come back with a funny remark of her own.

Louis Prima and Keely Smith were very much the model for Sonny & Cher: the exuberant Italian musician and the serious, exotic female singer, Smith and Cher both being of Cherokee descent (although Cher’s heritage is primarily Armenian).[citation needed] Similarly, echoes of the stage banter between Prima and Butera would be heard years later in the early performances of the E Street Band and the interplay between Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons.[citation needed]

In 1959, Prima and Smith won the Grammy Award for Best Performance by a Vocal Group or Chorus for “That Old Black Magic”.

In 1956 the Prima ensemble performed at the Sahara Hotel and Casino to record tracks for the album The Wildest!. It was an attempt by Capitol Records to capture the essence of the Vegas act. Over the next nine years, Prima and Smith raised two children, while he made scores of records, owned racehorses, appeared on television, and even opened a golf course. They outgrew the lounge and were promoted to the big room. They appeared in a few quickie musical films, including Senior Prom and Hey Boy! Hey Girl! Prima co-produced the feature Twist All Night, in which his band also appeared.

During this whirlwind of activity, according to Smith, the couple drifted farther and farther apart. One night, he refused to conduct for one of Smith’s performances, delegating to Butera instead. A few days later they were in court, petitioning for divorce.

HERE’S SOME LOUIS PRIMA MUSIC AND PICTURES among the many Louis Prima clips available at youtube


It’s one of my mother’s all time favorite songs!

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FOG HAT At Fremont Street Experience This Weekend

LAS VEGAS – February 25, 2010 – Fremont Street Experience welcomes race fans during NASCAR weekend with the 7th annual RaceJam beginning Monday, February 22 through Sunday, February 28. The week-long party will feature live performances from headliner Foghat, in addition to Jimmie Ray’s Johnny Cash Tribute and The Jay Bolan Band.
Foghat brings their earthy blues rock music to Fremont Street Experience performing hits that catapulted their success including “Slow Ride,” “I Just Wanna Make Love to You,” and “Fool for the City.” Foghat will perform free concerts at 9 p.m. both Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27 on 3rd Street Stage. Roger Earl and Dave Peverett joined forces in the 1960s with a true passion for rock and roll and enlisted fellow band members Rod Price and Tony Stevens to form Foghat. The band immediately began touring performing to excited fans worldwide. Foghat currently consists of members Roger Earl, Craig Macgregor, Bryan Bassett and Charlie Huhn and continue their non-stop tour with incredible energy, promising new and exciting performances from one of rock’s most established acts.
Jimmie Rae’s Johnny Cash Tribute is a dynamic, charismatic performance that incorporates music from all six decades of Johnny Cash’s career including some of his last songs such as “Hurt” and “Like the 309.” The band brings a wide range of music including old vintage country, a touch of gospel, blues and rock to Fremont Street Experience.
The Jay Bolan Band brings the best of classic rock to Fremont Street Experience with hits from groups including Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Grand Funk, Lynard Skynard and more. The group’s love of live performances keeps them busy averaging 300 shows per year drawing crowds at countless venues.
The 7th Annual RaceJam begins at 8 p.m. on Monday, February 22 and in addition to live entertainment, includes drink specials sponsored by Crown Royal and 42 Below. All are invited to ride on downtown and enjoy great music while surrounded by the iconic neon lights of the Fremont Street Experience. All concerts are free and open to the public and parking is available at the Fremont Street Experience parking garage located at Carson and 4th Streets. The entertainment schedule is as follows:

Friday, Feb. 26
·     5:30 to 8:30 p.m. – The Jay Bolan Band – 3rd Street Stage
·     9 to 11 p.m. – Foghat – 3rd Street Stage
Saturday, Feb. 27
·     5:30 to 8:30 p.m. – The Jay Bolan Band – 3rd Street Stage
·     9 to 11 p.m. – Foghat – 3rd Street Stage

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Fremont Street Experience Welcomes Rodeo Fans for the 23rd Annual Downtown Hoedown

Fremont Street Experience is going country for the annual kickoff party for the National Finals Rodeo on Wednesday, December 2. The event highlights major country-music entertainment with free live concerts on two stages at Fremont Street Experience. Entertainment schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, Dec. 2
6:30-8pm – Gloriana, 1st Street Stage
 6:30-8pm – Jonathan Singleton, 3rd Street Stage
 9-10:30pm – The Lost Trailers, 1st Street Stage
 9-10:30pm – Emerson Drive, 3rd Street Stage
In addition to the Dec. 2 kickoff event with country music headliners, Fremont Street experience will present free country music concerts Dec. 3-12 on the 1st Street Stage, 8-11 p.m. nightly.

Fremont Street Experience located in Downtown Las Vegas.


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“Las Vegas Car Stars” Wheels Its Way Into Fremont Street Experience October 23-24

I’m going to go see “Herbie The Love Bug” and the Star Wars Transporter in particular!

LAS VEGAS – October 23, 2009 – Fremont Street Experience welcomes “Las Vegas Car Stars” on Friday, Oct. 23 and Saturday, Oct. 24. The event, produced by Paul Casey Entertainment, will host some of the best automobiles from popular television and motion picture films for all car enthusiasts, owners and fans.
Carsstars3Las Vegas Car Stars will pay homage to original television and movies recognized worldwide and features cars from the following hit shows and films: Magnum P.I. Ferrari 308, Star Wars Transporter, Fast & Furious Dodge Charger, Herbie from The Love Bug, Transformers 2010 Camaro, Elvis’s 1959 Cadillac and more. The event will also host a special meet and greet with various celebrities including Joe Esposito, Elvis’s personal manager; Catherine Hickland, daytime actress and Knight Rider cast member; Mike “Movie Mike” Walsh, racing legend and movie car customizer and Doug Lovegrove, car builder of the Love Bug.
Las Vegas Car Stars and vintage, hotrod and classic car owners participating in the event will be raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network, a nationally recognized charity that assists children and their families in need.
The schedule of events is as follows:
Las Vegas Car Stars Press Conference – Friday, Oct. 23
·     4-7pm – Press Conference (1st Street Stage); Meet and greet with celebrities

Las Vegas Car Stars Day – Saturday, Oct. 24
·     10am – Opening ceremony with Las Vegas City Council, Nellis AFB Honor Guard Presentation and Las Vegas Car Stars

·     10am-5pm – Celebrity cars on display, celebrity appearance Q&A and autographs (11 a.m.-1 p.m.), vintage/classic/hotrod and muscle car show

For more information on Las Vegas Car Stars visit www.LasVegasCarStars.com. For more information on other Fremont Street Experience events, visit www.vegasexperience.com.


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Fremont Street Experience “Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust” Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock with Woodstock Tribute Palooza

I ran into an awful lot of you this weekend at the woodstock tribute palooza. For the rest of you, here’s some pix and some videos.

The ENTIRE summer long extravaganza has been a smashing success, regardless of what criteria is used to measure it. I talked to (and danced with) hundreds of strangers during the course of the summer. We met locals and tourists and never ever got a negative review. Jeff Victor, the president of Fremont Street Experience told me the crowd numbers, gaming numbers, food/beverage numbers where beyond the best hopes. I often was told that they’d booked their room on the strip, and ended up going to FSE every single night of their visit.

And those of us in the “new urban core” of Las Vegas didn’t have to drive far to get there, (or to get home safely, for that matter).

VeryVintageVegas is really about Urban Life. It’s not coincidental that the LV history scene, the Mid Century Modern revival scene, the art scene, the music scene, the entertainment capital of the world scene, are converged and merged in the essentially the same place and the same time. It’s happening “downtown” and not in the suburbs. Recession or not….the momentum hasn’t slowed.

This video is most of the actual Woodstock tribute show on the VivaVision.


I’d mentioned the Fremont Street Dancers before. Saturday night, I played spectator and shot this video of the 1st performance. They had pushed the crowd back and opened up a clearing and were all ready to go. I turned on the camera a minute early, which allowed me to catch the “frat boys” pushing their way thru the crowd only to discover themselves smack in the middle of the circle.  

IMG_4555The dancers moved to the 3rd street stage area for the second performance, and I was flowing along with them when I realized they were dancing their way across the “take your picture in the crowd at woodstock” set-up.

You can get a good sense of the “set” in the video. There was a non stop line of people waiting to get into the crowd and have their friends take pictures.

Jeff told me that they worked on this all summer trying to get a picture blown up that big, get the dimensions and measurements right, and figure it all out. I’m glad they spent the time, as it ended up being one of the really popular attractions for the Woodstock Tribute Palooza.


IMG_4538In the meanwhile, we had terrific tribute music on both stages. Janice, Jimmy, Creedence, and Jerry kept us dancing all night.













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Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman’s Birthday Party

UPDATE: The photos below are mine, but professional photographer Larry Burton shot the whole event while I was busy dancing. He’s posted his entire gallery and shared the link with us.

Mayor Oscar Goodman Celebrates His 70th BirthdayMayor Oscar Goodman celebrated his 70th birthday with a couple thousand of his closest friends.








Cirque Du Soleil performers at Mayor Oscar Goodman's 70th Birthday PartyCirque du Soleil performers work the crowd.








IMG_4359Massive crowds!








John Van Hamersveld and his wife Aleda at Mayor Oscar Goodman's 70th Birthday partyJohn and Aleda Van Hamersveld. John’s the iconic artist of the hippie era. Make sure to visit his “Hippie Nation” gallery on Fremont Street (Next to Mickie Finz)   







Jeff Victor, the President of Fremont Street Experience, welcomes the crowd to Mayor Oscar Goodman's 70th Birthday PartyJeff Victor, the President of Fremont Street Experience, welcomes the crowd.







IMG_4343Wayne Brady performed.








Zowie Bowie, who perform at the Palms in Las Vegas also performed at Mayor Oscar Goodman's Birthday Party And so did Zowie Bowie.








IMG_4307Mary Joy Alderman, Steve and MaryEllen Spann.









This is the best cover band I’ve ever danced to. We really kicked it up for hours after the official party was over. “3 Digit IQ” played what seems to have been the ENTIRE 60’s and 70’s rock songbook.






IMG_4359We also spotted Planning Commissioner Steve Evans, Dede Nave of the Jr. League, Downtown Steve, Councilman Gary Reese, Pam Hartley, Steve and Susan Dean, Trinity Schlottman from the Urban Lofts, Brett Wesley, Aaron Sheppard, Justin Favala, Bob Forbus, Derek Washington, Brian Paco Alverez, Terry Wilsey, Tom Bruny, Shawnee (who also had a birthday that night), Tanya, and a whole lot of familiar faces that don’t have names attached to them in my brain.




AND, there’s more…….

I finally got a video of the “hippie nation” VivaVision show. There’s a fun little spontaneous dance going on at  1:40.

I’ve seen the show a dozen times now, but to catch a video of it with the artist John Van Hamersveld taking pictures of his work on the VivaVision was a real treat that I just had to share with you.

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Fremont Street Experience’s “Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust” Presents An “American Pie 4th of July”

LAS VEGAS – June 22, 2009 – Fremont Street Experience presents the second annual “American Pie 4th of July” celebration with major headlining entertainment Janis Joplin’s Original Band Big Brother & The Holding Company on Friday, July 3 and The Grass Roots on Saturday, July 4.
The festivities kick off Friday, July 3 as “American Pie 4th of July” commemorates Independence Day weekend from Friday, July 3 through Sunday, July 5 and highlights Fremont Street Experience’s Viva Vision show, “Don McLean’s American Pie.” Headline concerts will feature Janis Joplin’s Original Band Big Brother & The Holding Company on Friday, July 3 and The Grass Roots on Saturday, July 4. The weekend-long event will also showcase a brilliant virtual fireworks show on the Viva Vision canopy, in addition to “Signs of Life,” the official Viva Vision show by Official Artist of Summer of ’69, John Van Hamersveld. Various downtown hotel-casinos will also be offering outdoor patios, selling Fourth of July barbeque favorites.
The Grass Roots are known as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, as they charted between 1966 and 1975 as the brainchild group of songwriting duo P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri. Throughout their career, The Grass Roots have achieved one platinum album, two gold albums and charted singles a total of twenty-nine times. Between 1967 and 1972, The Grass Roots set a record for being on the Billboard charts for 307 straight weeks. They are one of only nine bands that have charted twenty-nine or more Top 100 Billboard single, in addition to selling over thirty million records worldwide. The band also holds the all time U.S. attendance record for a concert consisting of only one act, their show for 600,000 people on July 4, 1982 in Washington D.C. Since the disbanding of the original group in 1975, early member Rob Grill and a new lineup of The Grass Roots continue to play live shows each year.
Janis Joplin’s Big Brother & The Holding Company is the definition of a true American rock band. The group formed in San Francisco in 1965 as part of the same psychedelic music scene that produced the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane and are best known as the band that featured Janis Joplin as their lead singer. Their 1968 album, Cheap Thrills, is considered one of the masterpieces of the psychedelic sound of San Francisco, having reached Number One on the Billboard Charts and was ranked number 338 in Rolling Stone’s The 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.
The entertainment schedule is as follows:

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My Favorite Cars From The Vegas “Groovy” Cruise In Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas was host this past weekend to the “Vegas Cruise”. It’s an annual event, so if you missed it, there’s always next year.

IMG_3228200 pre-1970 show cars, gorgeous weather, huge crowds drawn to downtown Las Vegas instead of the strip. What more could you ask for?






‘60 VW Beatle Convertable



‘60 El Camino










‘62 Cadillac








IMG_3114‘60 Corvette









‘62 Lincoln Continental with “suicide doors”









It’s a funny thing about classic cars. My dad was crazy for the cars that were around when he was a kid. So am I. As you can see, it’s the late 60’s cars that I remember best. I spoke to several guys in their 70’s and they were most interested in the cars from the 50’s. I chatted with some under 20 year olds, and they were blown away by all of them, since every single car from their childhoods looked just like every other car. I think that’s true of the houses of the particular era as well, which is why I have so many 20 to 30 year old being so passionate about Mid Century Modern architecture.

I’ve totally given up on trying to create photo albums in Facebook, so all the rest of the pictures from the Vegas “Groovy” Cruise are in a FlickR Album. Also, you don’t have to sign in or anything to see them.  

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Hippie Nation – The Work Of John Van Hamersveld On Display In Downtown Las Vegas

AOne of our many stops at First Friday was the new gallery, Hippie Nation at the Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas.

I had met John at the unveiling of the Hippie Buses that are the stage for the Hippie Bus Show. John Van Hamersveld let me take his picture with his favorite of the many famous works that are on display – “The Endless Summer” poster.

The gallery is a great addition to the Fremont Street Experience.  These are all signed prints, and available for sale at pretty reasonable prices considering the fame of the artist.

IMG_2952John and his wife will be in Las Vegas all summer. My understanding is that the gallery will be open in the evenings.















Heritage Posters and Music is behind the Hippie Nation Gallery in the same space on Fremont Street. There’s a terrific assortment of original concert posters, albums, photographs and other memorabilia. Together with the gallery, there’s plenty to stimulate the senses.





There’s also a full show of the images of the hippie era that John has created exclusively for the VivaVision. The schedule for his show can be found on the Fremont Street Experience’s “Summer Of ‘69: Vegas or Bust”. It rotates with Rock Anthem series which plays all summer. Some of the other “watch it again and again” shows on the VivaVision are “A Tribute To Queen”, “George Thoroughgood – Bad To The Bone”, “Kiss Over America”, and “Don McLean’s American Pie”.

And don’t forget the FREE concerts. Next up is July 3rd and 4th for Big Brother and The Holding Company as well as The Grass Roots.

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Summer Of ’69: Vegas or Bust – Fremont Street Experience

IMG_2426“The Guess Who” in concert SATURDAY NIGHT at Fremont East Experience – 9pm FREE

“Blood Sweat and Tears” in concert SUNDAY NIGHT at Fremont Street Experience 9pm FREE



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“Summer of ’69: Vegas Or Bust” – Sneak Preview This Friday

Fremont Street Experience will offer an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming “Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust” concert and event series on Friday, May 22. The event kicks off with the unveiling of a custom work of art by renowned artist, John Van Hamersveld in celebration of Fremont Street Experience’s free headlining concerts and entertainment that will be held in celebration of 1969.
Artist John Van Hamersveld, most known for his prominent 1960s iconic image of the Pinnacle Indian and The Beatles cover for the “Magical Mystery Tour” album, joins Fremont Street Experience and Mayor Goodman in celebration of the “Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust” summer extravaganza. The completed art piece, a custom-painted vintage school bus, will be unveiled to the media for the first time on Friday, May 22 by Van Hamersveld. In addition to the unveiling, Fremont Street Experience will give media a sneak-preview of the Summer of ’69 street show, “Psychedelic Ride: A Hippie Bus Street Party.”
Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust kicks off Memorial Day weekend at Fremont Street Experience and comes to a close Labor Day weekend. The summer-long campaign will feature major headlining entertainment and events reminiscent of the year 1969.
Friday, May 22
11 a.m. –
Media Check-In
11:30 a.m. – Press conference with Mayor Oscar Goodman, artist John Van Hamersveld, Jeff Victor, President of Fremont Street Experience and Rossi Ralenkotter, President/CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
11:45 a.m. – Bus unveiling/Psychedelic Ride performance

Fremont Street Experience
At Main Street between Golden Gate and Vegas Club hotel and casinos.  

The entire schedule of events for this all summer long extravaganza is here.

AND AS A SPECIAL OFFER: Chef Enrique Tinocco is offering a 15% discount to all readers of VeryVintageVegas. Tinoco’s Bistro is located in the Vegas Club Hotel and Casino. All you have to do is say “Uncle Jack Sent Me!”

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ACM – Academy Of Country Music Weekend At Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas

Academy of Country Music Weekend at Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las VegasThe Downtown Las Vegas music, art and entertainment scene has become very vast and varied.

For some extra variety, April 3rd and 4th is ACM Weekend at the Fremont Street Experience. The Acadamy Of Country Music will be hosting multiple acts on both the 1st Street Stage and the 3rd Street Stage.

Sunday night at the MGM is the ACM Awards show as well. I’m told it’s sold out already.

Of course Friday Night the 3rd is also First Friday, which I usually mention on the Monday before, but since you’re ALL coming down for First Friday anyway, you might as well put the Fremont Street Experience and the ACM weekend event on you agenda as well.


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Fremont Street Experience Hosts 2009 Knight Rider Festival

The Mayor Doing A Ski Jump In One Of the KITTS? This I Gotta See!

Stephanie, who does PR for Fremont Street Experience sent this note along with the announcement.

Hope all is well. Please see below for a media alert including this weekend’s Knight Rider Festival at Fremont Street Experience. This evening at 6pm, Mayor Oscar Goodman will be riding with a professional stunt double for a ski stunt performance inside a Knight Rider car. This is the first time this stunt has been recreated since 1971! The car will start at the 1st Street stage area on Fremont Street Experience and is set to begin at 6pm, followed by opening remarks from the Mayor at 6:15pm.

Fremont Street Experience hosts the 2009 Knight Rider Festival on Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21. The event is free and open to the public.

The Knight Rider Festival kicks off at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20 with both the original and new KITT cars followed by a ski stunt performance and opening remarks with Mayor Goodman at 6 p.m. The evening also features entertainment with Paul Casey and other special guest performers on the 1st Street Stage. The Knight Rider Festival continues on throughout Saturday, March 21 with opening ceremonies, a VIP Q&A session and autograph signings by current and former Knight Rider celebrities. The KITT replica cars will be on display until 11 p.m.
Friday, March 20
5 p.m. –
KITT car display
6 p.m. Ski stunt with Mayor Goodman
6:15 p.m. – Opening remarks with Mayor Goodman; 1st Street Stage
811 p.m. – Paul Casey & special guest performers; 1st Street Stage
Saturday, March 21
10 a.m.
– Opening ceremonies; 1st Street Stage
11 a.m. – 12 p.m. – VIPs Q&A session; 1st Street Stage
12-1 p.m. – Autograph signing; 1st Street Stage
1-2 p.m. – VIPs Q&A session; 3rd Street Stage
2-3 p.m. Autograph signing; 3rd Street Stage
3-4 p.m. Knight Rider Companion book signing; 3rd Street Stage
8-11 p.m. – Paul Casey & special guest performers; 1st Street Stage

Fremont Street Experience located in downtown Las Vegas

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Bring Out Your Inner Leprechaun as Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Las Vegas’ legendary Fremont Street Experience will be the place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when live entertainment kicks off on Tuesday, March 17.
St. Patrick’s Day at the Fremont Street Experience brings free concerts with Whiskey Galore, Tempest and Celtic and Irish Performers on Tuesday, March 17. The performance schedule is as follows: Tempest, 8-11 pm, 1st Street Stage; Whiskey Galore, 8-11pm, 3rd Street Stage; Celtic and Irish Performers 8-11pm, Main Street Stage.
Whiskey Galore formed in 1997 as the result of friendship and a deep passion for Celtic music. Since then the band has been delighting audiences with their unrivaled mix of raw and technical talent, producing lively Celtic tunes with pipes, drums, Irish flute, bodhran, djembe, guitar and other instruments. Based out of Bakersfield, CA, Whiskey Galore’s signature brand of spirited Celtic sound has entertained fans in various venues throughout California and Nevada.
Tempest treats fans to high-energy folk rock, fusing together Irish reels, Scottish ballads, Norwegian influences and other world music elements. The band has released more than 12 critically acclaimed albums and continues to travel throughout the country.
In addition to live entertainment, Fitzgerald’s Hotel & Casino will be hosting “Shamrock & Roll 2009” with green beer on tap, Irish coffee and signature Irish specials. At 5pm on the 3rd Street Stage, the Fitz will have three exciting contests including a Leprechaun Look-A-Like, Green Jello Eating Contest and an Irish Jig Off.
Green beer starts flowing on Tuesday, March 17 at the Fremont Street Experience. All are invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while surrounded by the iconic neon lights of the Fremont Street Experience. All concerts are free and open to the public and parking is available at the Fremont Street Experience parking garage located at Carson and 4th Streets.
The Fremont Street Experience is a five-block entertainment complex located in historical downtown Las Vegas. In 1995, Fremont Street was closed to vehicular traffic and a giant screen was suspended 90-feet over the street to display spectacular light and sound shows on its 1,500 foot surface. The 12.5 million lights of the Viva Vision screen dazzle 365 nights a year and make the Fremont Street Experience a one-of-a-kind venue. With direct pedestrian access to 10 casinos, more than 60 restaurants, specialty retail and free nightly entertainment, the Fremont Street Experience attracts millions of annual visitors. The Fremont Street Experience can be found online at www.vegasexperience.com.

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New Year’s Eve At Fremont Street Experience – TributePalooza To Be A Major Part Of America’s Party

LAS VEGAS – December 16, 2008 – Las Vegas’ famed Fremont Street Experience is ready for a smash New Year’s Eve celebration with TributePalooza and the world premiere of its newest Viva Vision extravaganza, “KISS Rocks Vegas.” Tickets are free to locals with valid Nevada ID (21 and over).  For those traveling from out of town, tickets can be purchased for $20 by calling 877-834-2748.
Revelers are invited to celebrate the final hours of 2008 in true Las Vegas fashion at the city’s one-stop outdoor entertainment venue. The night will be filled with music as eight live tribute bands rock the crowd. The street will be packed with action while the Riders of the Thunderdome thrill with their Globe of Death motorcycle show and the giant Viva Vision screen dazzles with a light and sound extravaganza 90 feet above the street. The five blocks of the fabulous Fremont Street Experience, home to 10 legendary casinos, will be transformed into the biggest private party in Las Vegas.
TributePalooza features eight top tribute bands, performing classic favorites for all ages from Aerosmith, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Eagles, KISS, Queen, the Rolling Stones and U2. 
The performance schedule is as follows:
6 pm – 7:15 pm
The Long Run (Eagles)                           1st Street Stage
Michael John (Billy Joel)                        3rd Street Stage
Riders of the Thunderdome                     Main Street
7:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Space Oddity (David Bowie)                  1st Street Stage
Original KISS Army (KISS)                   3rd Street Stage
Riders of the Thunderdome                     Main Street
9:15 pm – 10:45 pm
2U (U2)                                                   1st Street Stage
Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)                   3rd Street Stage
Riders of the Thunderdome                     Main Street
11 pm – 1 am
Aeromyth (Aerosmith)                            1st Street Stage
Queen Nation (Queen)                            3rd Street Stage
Riders of the Thunderdome                     Main Street
Aeromyth, the ultimate tribute to Aerosmith  www.aerosmithtribute.com  not only has amazing Steven Tyler and Joe Perry look alikes, but all band members look and sound like the band members they portray. 

The Long Run  www.thelongrun.net  is regarded as the finest tribute to the Eagles, consistently delivering faithful recreations of the lush harmonies and rich instrumental arrangements that make the Eagles an unforgettable part of rock history. 

Local Las Vegan Michael John’s seamless imitation of Billy Joel www.billyjoeltributeshow.com  entertains crowds with the same intensity and passion as the Piano Man himself. 

Space Oddity, David Brighton’s Tribute to David Bowie www.davidbowietribute.com  pays tribute to rock’s most electrifying superstar, complete with costume changes and an extensive set list. 

The Original Kiss Army™ www.thekissarmytribute.com  fully re-creates vintage KISS in all its glory. The band members prowl the stage and stalk the audience, generating unrivaled excitement with unbridled energy and classic stage raps. 

2U www.notu2.com  faithfully imitates U2’s top hits through the decades. 

Satisfaction www.rollingstoneshow.com  is internationally acclaimed as the most authentic cast and production show paying tribute to the Rolling Stones. Lastly,

Queen Nation www.queennation.com  rounds out the TributePalooza line-up with their amazing renditions of Queen’s explosive hits.

In conjunction with America’s Party, Fremont Street Experience presents the world premier of “KISS Rocks Vegas” Viva Vision show at 9 p.m. The show features three of the band’s worldwide hits, “Lick It Up,” “Shout It Out Loud” and the rock anthem “Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night,” stylistically showcasing the band’s rich history, iconic make-up and costumes surrounded in a cacophony of fire and pyrotechnic graphics.

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