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Glen Heather

Glen Heather Neighborhood Affected By Project Neon

Neon_map_t652One of the great little neighborhoods in Vintage Vegas is Glen Heather. It’s located in the Southeast corner of Rancho Drive and Oakey Avenue, just west of the I-15 freeway. Glen Heather can be accessed via side streets off of both Rancho and Oakey.

It’s a charming neighborhood with a mixture of “Desert Modern” and “Ranch Modern” homes. All are on large lots and the entire neighborhood is dominated by huge trees. It’s a remarkably stable neighborhood, and has had very few foreclosures over the last few years. There’s currently only one home available (at $329k), and 4 in contract.

Some of the residents of Glen Heather are being threatened with an eminent domain taking for the I-15 Freeway expansion. The Project is called “Project Neon”. The entire huge project includes widening of I-15 from the Spaghetti Bowl to Sahara, as well as a complete new interchange for Charleston. I’d stayed up to date on pending takings for the Charleston Blvd Intersection project which threatened some of the homes just south of Charleston and West of MLK, but wasn’t aware till yesterday that Glen Heather was going to be impacted by the widening of I-15.

The Las Vegas Sun did a feature story yesterday about how the affected residents of Glen Heather are in limbo. Unlike efforts to expand casino and commercial districts into the historic neighborhoods, I don’t think there’s any way to stop a major public works project that will have such a huge impact on future traffic.  





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Fun Fixtures Found In Foreclosures

Yesterday, I announced the winner of the new “weekly best foreclosure deal” open house. I’ll be holding it open on Tuesday July 22, from 3–6 pm.  

The runner up, however, deserves some coverage and a plug as well. It’s in Glen Heather, one of the other great mid mod neighborhoods at Oakey and Rancho.

807233_101_12The address is 1900 Loch Lomond. Here’s the link to the MLS, but it gives absolutely NO information about the house and only this one picture.

I didn’t pick it because it’s in too bad of a condition to meet the FHA “livability” standard, but there’s plenty of reasons why I might have considered it, and that you might also, if you’ve got lots of cash for a big downpayment and for fixup costs once you own it.

For starters, it’s only $180,500. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!

The seller is offering a $3000. decorating allowance, not that you’d get real far with it.

It’s 2246 square feet, but that includes the REALLY bad garage conversion. It was permitted, but it’s really disfunctional, and unless you need the space, I think it would be better to put it back to a garage.

IMG_5693It does however have the stone fireplace wall and entry way wall that I showed before.








IMG_5692And it’s got a lot of holes in the walls, that are easily repairable by anyone who knows how to do drywall.





 There’s more pictures below if you click on the “read the rest of the story” button.

IMG_5689The swimming pool is empty, but appears to be salvageable.  







IMG_5701The bathrooms are a toss up as to whether to start over or to work with what’s there. I really like the  tile bathtubs in the master with it’s built in back rest.


















IMG_5688After the trustee sale that returned the property to the bank, someone changed out the main electric service panel, but no one finished buttoning things back up.






IMG_5690There’s a huge patio cover that runs the full width of the house. The roof and Air Conditioner aren’t all that old either.

All in all, if you can get financing, have the cash or credit cards to do the repairs and remodeling, and are looking for a serious project, this could well be the right house.  If you’d like to see it, give me a call.

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Glen Heather – A Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhood That You Should Know About

Glen-Heather-MapA little before Scotch 80’s came another neighborhood at the South East corner of Oakey and Rancho. It was called Glen Heather. There’s a big mix of styles, but the most impressive thing is the number and size of the trees. Huge evergreen abound, as well as lots of Mulberry, Olive and of course Palms of every type. 


classic mid century modernism in Glen Heather, A Vintage Las Vegas  NeighborhoodThe earliest homes of the 204 total were built in 1955 and 1956. They were hard core mid-mod! I’m not sure what happened that no homes were built for the next 3 years, but there was a group built in  1959 and then another 3 year gap, and 1962 and 1963 they finished out then neighborhood. A typical Ranch Style Rambler In The Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhood of Glen Heather


The later homes were mostly Cinderella Ranch, rambler ranches and regular ranches, instead of the earlier mid century modern.  In the 70’s and 80’s we started to get the assorted add-ons, expansions, conversions and other things people have done over the years, just as in most of the Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods.

Giant trees in the lovely Glen Heather Neighborhood  of Vintage Las VegasAlways, they been considered the little brother of McNeil and the nearby distant nephew of the Scotch 80’s. A few of the homes are severely noise challenged by the adjacent I-15, but most of the homes are as peaceful as you’d hope. 

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A Multi Purpose Dump Of The Week – A Bank Owned REO In Glen Heather

756082_101_12Besides that it’s one of the mid-mods in Glen Heather, it was also a listing of mine about 10 years ago. The seller then had completely restored the home. It was stunning, very original, and full of funky cool vintage 50’s furniture. We got 125,000 for it, which at the time was TOP TOP dollar for Glen Heather.

It’s changed hands a few times along the way, and now it’s a bank owned, beat up mess which qualifies it for the dump of the week. The Bank just lowered it’s price by 20k to $268,500.








The lot is 10,000 sf, with good views of the stratosphere and the some of the strip, but it’s far enough west to avoid any freeway noise.


PA053250I’m also categorizing it as a “remodeling mishap” because somewhere in the last few years a new roof was put on it, and they used nails that were too long. Since it’s an open beamed ceiling with tongue and groove planking, the nails poked thru the planks in several places. PA053255I’m sure it can be repaired and made right, but I’d pull the roof and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They also covered over the 2nd tier windows over the sliding doors. What were they thinking?

You can drive by it at 1704 Birch, or give me a call and I can show you the inside.  



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