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Clark County Museum Hosts Photography Day

This event is open to the public if they want to watch or observe, but is limited to 90 “participants”. If you’re there to watch you’ll only have to pay the normal $2.00 to get into the museum grounds. If you’ve never been to the museum, it’s the best 2 bucks you can spend for a day of learning and reminiscing.


The official press release and flyer start here:

4Photo smallestjpgPhotography enthusiasts will have a chance to test their shutterbug chops on April 30 when the Clark County Museum Guild hosts photography day at the Clark County Museum from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Photographers will be able to shoot professionally styled models and vintage cars, located in and around the historic homes and outdoor exhibits of the museum grounds.  A Nikon representative will be present to loan cameras and lenses to qualified participants. Pre-registration is requested, and enrollment is $20.  Walk-ins for this event will be charged $25.00.

Eight locations at the Museum, suggestive of various eras, have been selected.  Planned scenarios include a 1960’s wedding at the Wedding Chapel, a 1930’s Brenda Starr reporter by the Train Depot complete with Model A Ford, a “Magnesium Maggie” mom and daughter team in the Victory Garden behind the Townsite House, a Gibson Girl hanging laundry on the line behind the Beckley House, a modern wedding in the Gazebo, a Steampunk “Nell and Snidely Whiplash” couple by the Union Pacific switcher engine, a Rockabilly Couple with a vintage motorcycle by the 1960’s Spartenette camper, and a Honeymoon Bride at the 1930’s Motor Court.  Mark Hall-Patton, Museum Administrator and guest expert of “Pawn Stars” fame, will be on hand to sign his book, Asphalt Memories. Copies are available through the museum store, and all sales benefit the museum.

Additionally, from 3-4 p.m., participants will be invited to network in a Meet and Greet, under the Gazebo.  Registrations open April 1, 2011.  The event is limited to 90 participants.  To register, call the Clark County Museum Guild at (702-455-0104) or e-mail: [email protected]

The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Admission to the museum is $2 for adults, $1 for seniors over 50 and children ages 3-17.  For more information call (702) 455-7955. www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/parks/Pages/clark-county-museum.aspx

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Energy Conservation Demonstration and Open House – April 26th and April 28th

ENERGY CONSERVATION OPEN HOUSEYou’re invited to attend either (or both) of the Energy Efficiency Open Houses sponsored by the City Of Las Vegas and the HomeFree Nevada project.

Both events will be held at the historic Mesquite Club 702 E. St. Louis Ave.

Please see the attached flyer for all the times and details. It’s a clickable picture to read it full sized..

Tuesday 4/26 or Thursday 4/28

Learn how you can take advantage of $1,000.00 offer thruough HomeFree Nevada and win an additional $1000 toward energy effienct upgrades to your home.

Yes, we love our vintage homes, but probably the most important thing we can do to them is to upgrade the energy efficiency.

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Fun Features Found In Foreclosures – One Of The Iconic Mid Century Modern Homes Of Las Vegas

1139172_101_12When it comes to Mid Century Modern Homes in the Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas…..

You can’t beat the new one that was listed today. I’ve been watching and waiting for it for several months now.

I’m on my way to see it now, but the pictures in the MLS do tell the story. And – the agent actually took good pictures!

It’s had the kitchens and bathrooms gutted, so there’s no way for it to go to anyone who doesn’t have some big bucks left over after the purchase. I really want this to go to a true Mid Century Modern affectionado.

At $154,900 there’s bound to be a bidding war! I fear it falling into the hands of someone who thinks it should become “summerlinized”. Send a Text or email or call me if you want the address. 378–7055 [email protected]

More about it tomorrow! 

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Paradise Palms Las Vegas – The Mid Century Modern Master Planned Community

COVER ONE -Last year, I uncovered some of the newsletters, and parts of the sales brochures from the Mid Century Modern Neighborhood of Paradise Palms.

I’m most happy to now be able to pass on the covers from the sales brochures, thanks to Clay Heximer, who does the Paradise Palms Las Vegas website and the Paradise Palms Facebook Fan Page






Paradisepalms0024Where were they hiding all these years?  At UNLV Special Collections. They had a copy, naturally. The Special Collections has a vast archive of Las Vegas history. It should always be the first place that people turn to who are researching Las Vegas History.







Cover insideHere’s one of the inside covers. I would think there would be another inside back cover as well.

The Paradise Palms Home Owners Association Is No Longer In Existance

In the early 70’s, the Paradise Palms Community voted to abolish the homeowner’s association. I’ve been told that it happened both in 73 and 74.

With the HOA defunt, the community park was closed and the land was re-developed for the last homes to be built in Paradise Palms. Those homes are distinctly different and have the feel of the 70’s and 80’s. You can find them on the south side of Nakona, just west of Spencer.  


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The Changing Face Of Vintage Las Vegas – The Flamingo Arroyo Trail

TrailMapFlamingoArroyoVintage Las Vegas is the center urban core of Las Vegas. It’s not just downtown where we find the historic neighborhoods or the Mid Century Modern Homes of the 50’s and 60’s. The Flamingo wash cuts thru many of the great historic neighborhoods of the southeast part of Vintage Vegas. The first of several trailheads and parking lots are now open to the public.  


The project a 2.5 million dollar public works project which will eventually run from the UNLV campus all the way to wetlands park.


IMAG0159In Paradise Township we have a terrific new feature. It’s the Flamingo Arroyo Trail. (There’s an old real estate joke that says if you’re selling it, it’s an arroyo, and if you’re buying it – it’s a wash). The new trail head is finished on Pecos-McLeod at Emerson, and this last week the pedestrian bridges over Desert Inn Road at Mohave were installed.

The project a 2.5 million dollar public works project which will eventually run from the UNLV campus all the way to wetlands park.


2011-03-25_14-59-42_602The trailhead on Pecos-Mcleod features several shelters as public art, signage and was built with lots of the rubble from the stardust. This is a big chunk of the steps from the swimming pool with it’s still embedded tile work. The graffiti was not there when it was part of the Stardust. I called Clark County, and hopefully the graffiti will be gone when you get there to see the Flamingo Arroyo Trailhead for yourself.



Flamingo Arroyo Public Art and Shelter - photo by Las Vegas WeeklyThe Las Vegas Weekly featured one of the shelters in February in their Art Along The Way page.







2011-04-14_16-45-35_67 resizedI happened by as the 3rd segment arrived by truck. I waited around as long as I could to see it being craned into place, but I had to leave before it happened.

Desert Inn Road will always provide a reminder that it’s time to park the car and take a nice walk along the arroyo.




2011-04-17_17-59-21_941While the weather is still nice, take a walk and check out the view from the new bridges over Desert Inn Road.







Hopefully I’ve broken the logjam at VeryVintageVegas, and are back to blogging regularly about the Historic Neighborhoods, Mid Century Modern Homes and Urban Las Vegas Living.

You can’t imagine how good that makes me feel. It’s about time.

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Let’s Make A Deal – City of Las Vegas Residents

I’ll start blogging again if you’ll…….


Only half of the expected votes were cast in early voting. I’ve got plenty of good excuses for having been such a poor blogger lately, but there’s no excuse for not voting Tuesday if you haven’t already.

I’ve known both Chris and Steve for many years. They’re both neighbors and friends of mine. More importantly, they’re both committed to bringing years of EXPERIENCE and DEDICATION to making Las Vegas better.

They’ve both proven themselves over and over again as hard-working, intelligent and sincere. They’ve proven it to me and to anyone who looks at their records.

I may not have kept my promise to endorse them on my blog (till now) but I know they’ll keep their promise to help rebuild both the well known historic neighborhoods as well as the forgotten neighborhoods.

Please – if you haven’t voted yet – GO TO YOUR POLLING PLACE on Tuesday and cast your vote for Steve Evans for Ward 3 and Chris Giunchigliani for Mayor of Las Vegas.



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