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Cinema In The Circle – At Huntridge Circle Park

Nacho Libre - Cinema in the CIrcle - Friday April 18, 2014  7pm


Jack LeVine – THE Realtor for Mid Century Modern Homes and Historic Neighborhoods in Las Vegas is pleased to sponsor this years Movies Series – “Cinema in the Circle”

The 2014 Movie Series is starting up and I’m pleased to be one of this year’s corporate sponsors. The first event is the 2006 comedy “Nacho Libre” starring Jack Black. The first event of this years season is FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014. The show starts at sundown (approximately 7pm this month).

The Cinema in the Circle series is FREE to the public. The movies are shown outdoors at The Huntridge Circle Park on Maryland Parkway – just south of Charleston Ave. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs. The snack bar will be open and proceeds will benefit THF.

If you’re not a downtown resident and haven’t explored the historic neighborhoods of Las Vegas – I suggest spending an hour or two driving around the neighborhoods surrounding Huntridge Circle Park. You’ll love the Mid Century Modern Architecture of the homes you find.

The Huntridge Foundation and the West Huntridge Neighborhood Association are producing the series.


The Huntridge Foundation

The mission of the Huntridge Foundation is to preserve the architectural integrity, history and culture of the Huntridge Theatre and the surrounding community.

The foundation is pending 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization tax exemption status and is registered in the state of Nevada. The community movement is led by Las Vegas residents seeking to restore the beauty and splendor of the Huntridge Theatre’s streamline moderne architecture to the iconic Las Vegas landmark. The goal is to promote awareness of the theatre’s potential for operating such diverse cultural programming as cinematic films, performing arts theatre, live entertainment, special event venue space and all-age music shows, among other events.

The Huntridge Foundation’s efforts include the following:

  • Performing research to document and archive the historic significance of the building, identify entertainment acts that played there, as well as discover longtime Las Vegas residents who attended the theatre;
  • Conducting interviews and creating storied exhibits using eyewitness accounts and memorabilia from longtime Las Vegas residents who performed, worked and attended the Huntridge Theatre;
  • Producing local events and applying for grants to raise funding for the foundation’s work documenting the theatre’s history and significance.

You Can also follow The Huntridge Foundation on their facebook page.

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Historic Morelli House – Downtown Las Vegas – To Hold Spring Open House






May is Historic Preservation Month. Among the events is the one that’s always my favorite isThe Morelli House Open House. If you’ve never been to the Morelli House, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.   

The Morelli House, which is the crown jewel of the Mid Century Modern Preservation movement in Las Vegas will be holding it’s spring open house on Sunday, May 15th from 1 to 4pm. They’re also holding a simultaneous art fair which will showcase works that depict Las Vegas History and Landscapes.

The flyer below is clickable to see if full size.

The Morelli House was rescued by the Junior League. It originally was the home of famed Sands Hotel Band Leader Antonio Morelli, and was located at the the Desert Inn Country Club.

The back story about Antonio Morelli, the home, the rescue and relocation to downtown are all available in this link. The Historic Morelli House In Downtown Las Vegas















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National Trust For Historic Preservation – Online Newsletter

National Trust For Historic Preservation Online NewsletterOne of my favorite organizations is the National Trust For Historic Preservation. If you’re a member, you get a great print magazine every month, which is aptly called “Preservation”, and your membership helps with preservation efforts all over the country. You can use this link to become a member.

They also publish an online newsletter, which I gladly share with you here.  There’s a link on the newsletter if you wish to subscribe to it yourself.

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The Las Vegas High School Historic District In Downtown Las Vegas

Many of the oldest existing buildings in Las Vegas are in what we refer to as “Lawyer’s Row”. The area was the prewar WWII suburbs of Las Vegas. Amusingly, it’s the area is between Fremont Street and Charleston on the East side of Las Vegas Boulevard. 6th, 7th and 8th Streets to be exact. In their day, the homes were not in Downtown Las Vegas. They were they suburbs. Las Vegas’s population at the time was less than 50,000.

Las Vegas High School Historic DistrictTechnically, the area is the “Las Vegas High School Historic District”. Most of the homes there have been converted to Professional use. Far too many of them have been torn down or have had their charm and character stripped away.  I use the area all the time to point out the distintive difference between PRE WAR housing, and the post war housing that we now refer to as Mid Century Modern.

There’s a walking tour map of the district on the City Historic Preservation Website.


IMG_5830I bring this up because 4 side by side properties in the district – at the corner of 7th and Bonneville are going to be auctioned this Saturday morning.

These are the moments that stop the heart of serious preservationists.

I’m hoping that they don’t all sell to one buyer. They’re being offered first as a group, and if they don’t sell all at once, they’ll be offered individually.

If they sell as a group, the chances that the buyer will want to tear them down to build a McOffice or two.


IMG_5831Here’s pictures of the 4 houses. Three of them are pre-war, built between 1937 and 1939. The fourth one was built in 1947, but still with the pre-war aesthetic.

































IMG_5822The weather is beautiful. Take a walk or a drive thru the tree lined streets of Downtown’s Las Vegas High School Historic District.






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Las Vegas Boulevard Scenic Byway Program – The Lights Are On

IMG_5982Last night was the dedication and inaugaral lighting of the first 3 newly restored neon signs in the “Cultural Corridor” of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Congress created the National Scenic Byway Program in 1997. The Nevada State Legislature designated Las Vegas Boulevard from Washington Avenue to Sahara Avenue as the State of Nevada’s 17th Scenic Byway in 2001,

In 2004, The Las Vegas City Council adopted the a plan for the Scenic Byway that called for the restoration and installation of 20 historic neon signs.

Acording the the progam, all new signs in this designated stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard will have to have at least 75 percent neon and or animation.

IMG_5967The special guest of honor last night was Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, who helped secure $300,000 in federal funding for the restoration of the signs, and for the completion of the “La Concha” visitors center at the Neon Museum.






IMG_5972About 100 guests were in attendance for the lighting ceremony.







IMG_5964At 5:45, just as it turned dark, the ceremonial switch was thrown, and the three signs lit up the night sky for the first time.







IMG_5980The Silver Slipper sign is in the median across from the La Concha Shell. The Bow and Arrow sign is just slightly to the south, and the Binions Horseshoe sign is down the hill at the intersection of LVBN and Washington Ave.

Take a drive north on Las Vegas Boulevard. Either night or day – the signs are stunning.






When I first published this post, I didn’t have a picture of the Horseshoe sign. None the picture I took came out decently. I must have pushed some extraneous button or another on the camera. 

Reader Clay H. (who’s going to be the next new resident of Paradise Palms) sent me one today that he took, so a big tip of the fedora to Clay.

And here’s the Las Vegas Sun coverage on the lighting ceremony which includes some 1950’s and 60’s pictures of the Silver Sliper Sign in it’s original location.



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Welcome to Las Vegas sign - photo courtesy of Las Vegas Review Journal - John GurzinskiI never did a headline in all caps before.

That’s what the mayor said when told about the graffiti on the historic Welcome To Las Vegas sign.

I can’t say anything more than that I agree. I call in every bit of graffiti that I see in any of the historic neighborhoods. Most of the people who I’m introducing to the neighborhoods will over-look one tag. Drive them by 2 or more in a few minutes and they start to squirm.

Get the point? CALL IT IN. Do us all a favor.

Again for the umteenth time –

Graffiti Control HOTLINE 455–4191


Fox 5 News and video here.

Las Vegas Review Journal coverage here.

Channel 3 coverage and video here.

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SouthRidge Neighborhood Association Seeks Historic District Designation

I call all of the downtown neighborhoods historic. From my point of view, they are already. But that doesn’t mean they actually have true designation from the City.

John S. Park Historic Neighborhood District MapOne exception is within The John S. Park Neighborhood. The area between has official designation for the area between Charleston and Franklin, and 5th place and 9th Street.

John S. Park went thru the process several years ago. From it was developed a set of “guidelines” to help the neighbors maintain and protect the rich heritage of the area as well as the architectural integrity. They also created a walking tour brochure. Here is the John S. Park Historic District Walking Tour in PDF format. Take the tour sometime. It’s a very eye opening.

You’ll notice if you look at the tour that most of the homes in JSP Historic District were built before 1950. It’s just 1 more block south, below Franklin Avenue where you’ll break into a completely different type of architecture from post 1950. Welcome to Mid Century Modern. The modernism really starts with Franklin on the north.

And NOW, it’s Southridge’s turn. It’s the Mid Century Modern architecture that really defines the Southridge Neighborhood Association. The boundaries of Southridge are purely arbitrary. Oakey’s on the north, Sahara’s on the south, Maryland Parkway to the East and 6th Street to the west. The neighborhood has several subdivisions, and 2 pockets of custom homes that have no subdivision name. You’ll find Alta Vista, Acres, Southridge, and Oakridge and Town & Country Estates subdivisions in the Southridge Neighborhood.

IMG_3647The Southridge Neighborhood Association has been awarded Historic Preservation Fund Grant money from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office. The funds are being used to “conduct the Phase I Historic Survey and Inventory of the Southridge Neighborhood”.

Yesterday I met up with crew who’s conducting the inventory and survey. Monday and Tuesday are being spent taking a picture of every property in Phase One of the survey. They’ll be writing descriptions, noting the details, INCLUDING obvious changes that have been made to the homes. The number of homes that have been significantly altered with 2nd stories, rough stucco, popouts around windows, arches, mexican fences, and other components that are not Mid Century Modern will play a key role in determining whether the district will be eligible for Historic District designation.

The goal is to show that there’s a unified, cohesive district characterized by the architecture and the history. Courtney Mooney, the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Las Vegas is supervising the process.

Eventually, I’d love to see all of the neighborhood associations go thru the process. Beverly Green is starting it up now, and I hope John S. Park will continue with the rest of their neighborhood that’s south of Franklin Ave.

There is no legislation in the county allowing for Historic Districts. Nor is there an historic preservation office in the county. Chris G. is working on it, and we encourage her to get it passed. It’s especially important for Paradise Palms, Paradise Crest and Royal Crest Rancheros, which are all in the county and not in the city.


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The Cultural Heritage And Historic Preservation Fair AND Morelli House Open House

This Saturday is a big day for the Historic Preservation Community. Both events are Saturday May 9, as part of “Historic Preservation Month”, which is every May. We’ve published the link before, but here it is again for the entire calendar of events this month

Culture and History Fair At Springs Preserve

Come explore culture, performing arts, visual arts, archaeology and historic preservation – more hidden treasures to discover than you ever imagined.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Springs Preserve will host the Culture & History Fair, providing amazing access to the wealth of cultural and historical organizations that are part of the Southern Nevada community. Join us for a day of live entertainment, hands-on activities.

Admission to the exhibition and performances are free to the public, standard ticket prices apply for admission to museums and galleries.

The Springs Preserve thanks its event partners City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission, City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, and IMPACT.

Morelli House – Open To The Public

Morelli_movestage4The Morelli House is the Iconic Crown Jewel of Mid Century Modern Preservation. The former home of Sands Band Director Antonio Morelli was moved from the Desert Inn Golf Club to its present location at the corner of Bridger and 9th Street in Downtown Las Vegas. It now serves as the offices and headquarters of the Junior League of Las Vegas.

The Open House Hours are from 3 to 6 PM May 9th

There’s many more pictures and information on the Junior Leagues Website about the Morelli House 

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Moulin Rouge Sign Removed For “Safekeeping?”

Moulin-rouge-sign-circa-2006 (source unknow)Amy Kingsley atCityLife Blog is reporting that they’ve taken down the sign at the Moulin Rouge on Bonanza, and placed it in the boneyard of the Neon Museum.




Amy says:

Early, and I mean early, on Wednesday morning, a construction crew began removing the iconic sign from the husk of the Moulin Rouge hotel-casino. According to spokesman Jace Radke, the operation began at 4 a.m. and was paid for with $11,000 from the city’s Centennial Fund. Right now, the sign is in safekeeping at the Neon Boneyard.

Representatives from the Moulin Rouge haven’t returned calls for comment. But the removal of the sign certainly means something is afoot. Investors who hoped to revive the troubled property filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November. On Monday, the lenders, Olympic Coast, began foreclosure proceedings.

The sign was removed for its protection. What we don’t know yet is what it’s being protected from. The property owners need to demolish the apartments and portions of the casino that were damaged by fire in 2003 in order to move forward with construction. Right now, however, it’s not at all clear whether any new construction is in the cards.

So the sign will take its place alongside others from the Frontier, The Silver Slipper and the Stardust. As for the building, which is the only hotel in Vegas on the National Register of Historic Places, here’s to hoping it doesn’t end up like all the others.

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“Las Vegas 1905-1965” – A New Look At Las Vegas History Using Postcards

We’re gearing up for Historic Preservation Month which is MAY, but the coverage of Las Vegas History is really heating up already.

Las Vegas in Postcards 1905-1965Our dear friend Lynn Zook, gets ANOTHER plug today, about her new book (with Carie Burke, and Alan Sandquist) of Post Cards from 1905 thru 1965. I got a sneak peek at “Las Vegas 1905–1965”  last week at the Friends of Classic Las Vegas meeting, and was most impressed by the accuracy and the scholarship that went into writing it.

Kristen Peterson,  who’s our favorite preservation reporter from the Las Vegas Sun did a nice article on the book today. You really need to click over to it, as it has several of the postcards that were used, photos from the Sun Archives and lots of great quotes.

There’s nothing else to say except that it’s definitely going onto my coffee table, and ought to be on yours as well.

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Helldorado Parade and Rodeo In Downtown Las Vegas Seeks Volunteers

Helldorado Parade 2008One of the longest running traditions in Las Vegas is the annual HELLDORADO PARADE. This year it’s on Saturday May  16th. Last year I was honored to be allowed to be the driver for Dr. Lonnie Hammargren’s float, and hope to do something equally as fun this year. I might even have a VeryVintageVegas float of my own.

May is Historic Preservation Month and there will be LOTS of events which we’ll be telling you about in the next 6 weeks as we get ready for it. Don’t touch that dial.



Helldorado RODEO returns to Downtown Las Vegas

VVV has been asked to help round up some volunteers for the Rodeo. Jack Eslinger from the City sent the following, and an application form which I’ve pasted below. You can cut and paste and email it in. People ask me all the time what they can do to help with the Historic Preservation Cause. Here’s one way!

The Helldorado Rodeo is back after a few years off.  This year, the City is working closely with the Elks Lodge in coordinating the event.  The Rodeo will held during the evenings of May 14 – 17, 2009.  The site for the rodeo is across Las Vegas Boulevard from City Hall.  The entry area for the rodeo will actually be near the intersection of Stewart and 7th Street.  This year’s Helldorado Days will benefit various charities throughout the valley.
One critical piece to making an event like this work is volunteers.  We are seeking volunteers in the following areas:
Ticket sales/ticket takers
Gate guards
Other Assignments
A volunteer application is attached to this e-mail.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the application and return to Jack Eslinger at [email protected] or fax to 598-0877.  If you have any questions, please call me at 229-2090.
Thank you.


HELLDORADO RODEO EVENT< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

Volunteer Application  (May 14 – 17, 2009)

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National Trust For Historic Preservation Call To Action

National TrustThe National Trust For Historic Preservation has put out an urgent request about the budget cuts that Governor Gibbons has proposed.

These cuts would decimate the Historic Preservation efforts in Nevada.

Please, click here to send a letter to your State Senator and your Assemblyperson.

Short sited budget cuts will have an impact that will be felt for decades. Preservation Action can’t be delayed, or we’ll lose a lot of what little we have left.

Please send a letter or make a phone call to your legislators.


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Las Vegas Loses Another Historic Landmark – Maude Frazier Hall At UNLV

Maude Frazier Hall Under ConstructionWe’re sad to report that Maude Frazier Hall is no more. It was the first building ever built at UNLV. We’ve been covering the efforts of the preservation community to save this historic building for over a year. For more background, you can go here, and here.

We held protests, signed petitions, lobbied the county and the Board of Regents all to no avail.

It’s been vacant and fenced off for a few months now, and we knew it was imminent. Now it’s a done deed. Today the bulldozer and the back hoe were busy at work destroying the historic beginnings of UNLV. 

Classic Las Vegas has some photos of it as it was today, and I went over and took a very amateur video of what I saw.  

Zick Slide 62 Maude Frazier Hall at UNLVWe’ve been doing a series on the Architecture of Walter Zick and Harris Sharp. Maude Frazier Hall was one of theirs as well.

Zick and Sharp left a massive body of Mid Century Modern Architecture in Las Vegas. Maude Frazier Hall was a classic example. Unfortunately, historically and architecturally important buildings mean nothing to the powers that be of UNLV.



Here’s my still photos:












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Clark County Museum Decorates Historic Houses

Clark County Museum Decorates Historic Houses

You’re invited to step back in time during Heritage Street Holidays at the Clark County Museum, running through January 15. Their transplanted houses, dating from the 1920s to the 1950s, will be decked in traditional and historical holiday trim.

The museum is at 1830 South Boulder Highway in Henderson. Admission is $1.50 for adults and $1 for seniors and children ages 3 to 13. Children under 3 are free. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. seven days a week. Call 455-7955 for more information.

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The Most Famous Sign In The World – Welcome To Las Vegas Nevada

fabulous and famous Las Vegas signThe vintage neon of Las Vegas is a very important element in our historic preservation efforts. One of the most important of the signs was designed by Betty Willis. Betty and her neon has been the topic of several blog posts and events from Classic Las Vegas. Footage of Lynn Zook speaking at one of them was edited into the video in today’s Las Vegas Sun.

The county has added a parking lot and exit lanes to allow our visitors a safer experience when taking pictures of the sign.


The Neon Museum has even more good news this week. I already reported that it won a grant from the Hampton Inns Landmarks Project, but now we can report that The Neon Museum will receive a federal grant as well. The next big attraction in Las Vegas will be the fully restored LaConcha Shell visitors center and newly restored signs on Las Vegas Blvd in the Cultural Corridor.

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