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April 24, 2008

“Home Rage” Is The Newest Chapter Of The Foreclosure Crisis Drama

Channel 8 Reports, we pass it along. I just came from a house that wasn’t trashed by the previous owner. It was trashed by kids in the neighborhood. My client Frank has had an all […]
April 22, 2008

Three RANTS and a RAVE From Jack LeVine, The Vintage Homes And Mid Century Modern Realtor In Las Vegas NV – Part One

Lets start with The Rave. There’s a pioneering ripple of people who are trying  to buy a home right NOW. Each of them is in their own personal step along the process. Each and everyone of them […]
April 10, 2008

Zero Down Loans Are Still Available For OWNER OCCUPIED property in Las Vegas

  The other day, in the liar, liar, pants on fire post, I was talking about investment property, and the idea of real estate as a “get rich quick scheme”. But if you’re buying a […]
April 8, 2008

But The Man On Tv (With The Rolls Royce) Said I Could Buy For Zero Down, AND Get Cash Back At The Closing

The BalwdGuy says it best: Liar Liar Pants On Fire! and just for fun, watch the video he uses to make the point. Someone we all know and love got pretty chunky. I’m here to tell […]
April 7, 2008

Why Buyers Need A Realtor® And Why You Should Be Picky About Which One You Select

I got a call Sunday from a home buyer who I had showed one of my listings to a few months ago. She was in tears. She wanted to know if I could step in […]
April 4, 2008

Why Jack LeVine Thinks Short Sales Are Usually A Waste Of Time When You’re Trying To Buy Las Vegas Real Estate

Barbie and Blaine didn’t get the home they were trying buy! . WHY YOU ASK? Because it was a short sale. It was listed at a ridiculously low price. My guestimate was that the house was […]
March 25, 2008

The Las Vegas Real Estate Market Is In The News After Yesterday’s Housing Sales Reports

Well, at least once we got past the sex scandals, and the election stuff. As I’ve reported to you before, my activity level certainly mirrors what’s being reported in the national press and in investment […]
March 19, 2008

Phenomenal Credit Score & Report Information

As we continue to deal with a volatile stock, bond, and mortgage market, with a continued credit crunch we want to provide you with every opportunity to educate your self.  This great blog post on msnbc’s […]
February 25, 2008

The Las Vegas Real Estate Market – Random Musings And Stories From Jack LeVine

TURN OFF THE TV! Some days, I think it’s just me against the entire media machine. Schizophrenia best describes what you hear on TV and in the newspaper. Interest rates are down, no wait, they’re […]
February 11, 2008

Foreclosures: 100 worst hit zip codes – But They’re NOT In Vintage Las Vegas

I’ve said it many times and will keep repeating it. The foreclosure problem was a suburban thing. I’m told there’s whole neighborhoods in the Summerlin, Anthem, Green Valley and Alliante areas that look like abandoned ghost […]