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Busy Busy Busy – Happy Halloween

Happy halloweenMy great friends Lee and Laura go ALL OUT with the halloween decor and usually get 1000+ kids to their home at the corner of Houston and Crestwood. If you’re out and about on Friday evening, stop by and take a look.



Dr. Lonnie’s Open House on Sunday

Pop squiresCity Council November 5th will have the “Pop Squires” home on the agenda. The house itself isn’t on the agenda. What is is a whole buncho of requests for variances and exceptions. They could tear the house down if they want, but we need to put pressure on the city council to preserve it, the variance requests are the only leverage there is. They cleverly disguised the issue of the historically significant house, and thankfully Steve Evans noticed it during the planning commission meeting. We’re checking the agenda, and well republish the request for yo to send letters, emails or phone calls on Monday. We first started covering this story here and here last week

The Beckett Festival continues until November 15.


I heard there’s an election. Actually, I’ve intentionally kept all politics off of VeryVintageVegas, but this is Ron Howard reprising Opie AND Ritchie and I can’t resist.

Click Here to See it. The embedding wouldn’t work which bums me out.

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Rental Opportunities In Vintage Vegas – Mid Mod And Retro Homes For Rent

There’s a lot of you out there aren’t quite ready to buy yet, and you have lots of friends and co workers who are starting to catch on about urban living.

Even though there’s plenty of other reasons to become an owner, there’s plenty of reasons to at least live downtown or in one of the historic neighborhoods as a renter. Here’s some of the properties being offered by Bonnie at Oak Tree Management. All of these properties belong to friends or clients of mine, and I’ve referered them to Bonnie. I’m only plugging these properties today, but you can search rentals on our MLS FINDER just as easily as you can look at homes for sale.

8th Banquette



1900 S. 8th Street a very well kept mid mod. I’ve been to several parties there, it flows well and handled a crowd with no problem. Everyone loves the kitchen with it’s built in booth and original GE All in one range and oven. The bathrooms are original and colorful as they should be. 2300 SF with Pool $1950/month

All the pictures are in the MLS and well worth clicking over to see them.


801 oakey dining room 


801 E. Oakey is a cottage style home with real hardwood floors. It’s a little rougher around the edges, but only $850. per month.

The MLS brochure has more pictures.




15th Fireplace


And finally for today, one of the icon Mid Century Modern of Downtown Las Vegas is also available for lease. 1701 S. 15th has just had a complete makeover and modernization.  Each of the 3 bedrooms has it’s own bath, and the kitchen is totally sweet!

It’s 2200/month. And there’s more pictures in the MLS




If you’ve got a home to rent out, I can help with the marketing, and Bonnie will do a great job with the management if you need full service help.


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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day


Help me out. I know there’s a good caption for this, but it eludes me.

The comment button is below.





The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Hammargren Home Of Nevada History Open House This Sunday

Dr. Lonnie Open House FlyerThis is your official invitation. There’s still a few slots open for volunteers. Call or Email me if you want to help.

Trust me on this. You’ll want to attend this event.


Admission is a donation to the “Living Grace Home” for pregnant teens www.livinggracehome.com
$5.00 per person; children under 12 are FREE



Below is the entire press release, which I didn’t write. 

 “Hammargren Home of Nevada History”
13th Annual Nevada Day Open House
Sunday – November 2nd; 1:00-5:00 PM
Howard Hughes and Bugsy Siegel exhibits

Las Vegas, NV: October 28, 2008;

there are three areas at the Hammargren complex we will highlight for the 2008 Nevada Day celebration this year:
• Howard Hughes; his aviation achievements, exhibits, artifacts and flight records
• The European Space Agency’s Columbus Laboratory Exhibit and more
• Signs & memorabilia from four recently imploded Las Vegas Hotel/Casinos; and
 over a decade ago, when the Flamingo Hotel razed Bugsy Siegel’s famous “Oregon Suite”, the hotel pool and other motel building…Dr. Hammargren was there…and hauled off some historic gems.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day


It’s so sad. They went away and left him all alone. He’s a good little bucket, and a faithful one, too. He’ll just sit and stare out the window waiting for them to come home.

If they don’t, he’ll probably leak on the carpet.




The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Mid Century Modern Rental Homes In The Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

This week we’re looking at some of the rental properties that are available. In general, the rental market is pretty tight, and rents have been rising. Many of the homes that were in the rental inventory are now part of the foreclosure inventory. This has caused a reduction in the number of properties available for rent. There’s also the factor that a lot of previous homeowners who have been foreclosed on have become renters again.

Supply and demand dictates prices. It’s one of the unchangeable laws. It’s true in the sale market which is why prices have dropped so dramatically for buying, and it’s true when it becomes harder to find a rental and rents push upwards.

MaryMargaret who started the Atomic Age Alliance, our club for Mid Century Modern lovers has a couple of her properties that are coming available, and we’re giving her a big plug today. Everything MM does is  creative, dramatic and fun.  Both her descriptions and the properties themselves are great examples, and there’s multitudes of great mid mod photos if you follow the links.

If you know someone for any of these, MM’s contact info is in each of the links, and make sure to tell them mention VeryVintageVegas or UncleJack. (I collect brownie points also, btw).

El Ranchito


El ranchito frontThis home was named after and takes its design cues from the Strip’s very first Casino – the El Rancho Vegas which was designed by Wayne McAllister in 1941. El Ranchito carries along the El Rancho spirit by using the same color scheme, plantings and updated version of a split rail fence. The weeping mortAr brick finishes up the facade nicely. The original El Rancho was about a mile away from where this house stands. The home features nifty fifties light fixtures, cool original ceramic tile bathrooms and pristine original condition Oak HARDWOOD FLOORS! The interior features sparkle gold glitter ceilings, large sliders opening up to the back yard with covered patio and a private pool.

Pictures and more here:


$1400 month – VVV fans who identify themselves – get a $50 discount!!!





The “Space Age Bachelor Pad” at the Pistachio Pad


Bachelor_kitchenThis classic Las Vegas triplex has the ultimate Classic 1950s vibe! Retro Vintage Formica in the kitchen! Spartan retro design, but with everything you need to have a winning stay in Vegas! The Space Age Bachelor Pad has mostly built-in furnishings: desk, bookshelves, cd shelves, and bureau, but also includes a rolling queen bed and desk chair. This is an efficiency unit with kitchenette with full sized fridge and icemaker and a dishwasher, just no stove or oven, but hey – back in the 1950s – a bachelor ordered in Chinese and used a hot pad! (We’ll supply the hot pad and linens and dishes if you need them).

By the way… Why IS it called the Pistachio Pad? Because we planted 3 nut bearing pistachio trees in front. There are also 2 almond trees, a lemon tree, and there is more room to grow if you like to garden…

Pictures and more here:


$900 month includes ALL utilities AND free wifi and Free cable tv.




Hale Mala


Hale Mala frontThis home is extra special. It has an original “Youngstown Kitchen” (original hip collectible all metal kitchen cabinets). If you love the Book of Tiki and wish you could spend more time in Hawaii, then you will love this home! It even features the original 1960s tiki print backsplash in the bathtub! There is a large in-ground lava rock fire pit in the back yard perfect for summer parties! There is tiki art and even several tikis are on site including one carved by the famous Leroy Schmaltz of Disneyland’s Tiki Room Fame.

Pictures and more here:


$1350 month – VVV fans who identify themselves – get a $50 discount!!!







Caddy Shack Vacation Rental 

Caddyshack fireplaceAnd then there’s the Caddy Shack which was the last stop on the Historic Paradise Palms Neighborhood  Home Tour a few weeks ago.  


There’s more some pictures of the Caddy Shack in this link to the Vacation Rental By Owner Listing.












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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day

868446_A01_22I was going to save this one for the next hangover, but I’ll use it today.






The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Retro And Original Homes For Rent In Vintage Las Vegas

We all know there’s homes for sale. Lots of them, in fact. But there’s also homes for rent, and we rarely cover them here at Very Vintage Vegas. This week I’m going to feature some of them, and use them to demonstrate how fun, interesting and diverse the historic neighborhoods can be.

I often help people to find a rental, though it’s not a service I advertise. Mostly I do it when it’s someone who is new to Las Vegas. They know they’ll buy eventually, but want to rent for a while so they can get the feel of things, and the “lay of the land”.  I can help my readers or their friends find a rental also.

Sometimes, I’m asked to help find a tenant or to manage a property. I don’t have a management license, and refer the owners to Bonnie Adar-Burla at Oak Tree Management. She does a great job of property management. There’s several downtown homes that she has for lease that we’ll be discussing and helping to promote this week. We also have some very “groovy” homes for rent that MaryMargaret Stratton owns and manages.

Before we get to all the others,  I want to tell you about 1131 Strong Drive in McNeil.

IMG_8141I was all aflutter last year when I discovered a home in McNeil that was just the epitome of great Mid Century Modernism. It also made the point that the classic desert modern design wasn’t the only type of MCM. A very ranch styled home from the front, but pure modernism from the inside and the back.

The owner has now asked me to find a tenant for a one year minimum lease. The $1800 a month will include pool and landscape service.

IMG_8132One of the most rare elements of modernism was the exposed beam ceiling. Every room of this home has exposed beams, and the other 4 things I love about it are the 3 original bathrooms and an unbelievable original kitchen.




The Master Bath is in Pink, with one of the coolest showers I’ve ever seen.










IMG_8143The hall bath is very well preserved in Blue, and the guest/maid/roommate bathroom which is en suite is in maroon.









I’ll be getting it into the MLS today as a rental, putting a v-flyer together for the featured homes section. In the meanwhile, if you know of a candidate for a 2600 foot 4 bedroom, 3 bath pool home in McNeil, give me a call.


So let’s not forget that there’s another whole part of real estate in Vintage Vegas. Some people just rent. They’re not cut out to be owners, or aren’t ready financially or mentally for it. There will always be renters, and there will always be landlords to provide them housing.  Some of you should be landlords, and some of you shouldn’t. Some of you should be renters and some of you shouldn’t. All of you should be appreciative of the great mid century modern housing opportunities that exist.






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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day

872070_901_16After all, it’s the kitchens and the bathrooms that sell the house!






The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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The Mystery House At Flamingo And Sandhill And The Paradise Crest Neighborhood

IMG_8129If you’ve ever driven south on Sandhill from Flamingo…. you probably felt compelled to pull over and stare. That’s the backside of Dr. Lonnie Hammargren’s Home Of Nevada History.

Dr. Lonnie holds an open house every year on the Sunday of Nevada Day Weekend. That’s THIS COMING SUNDAY, November 2, from 1 to 5 pm.

There’s a 5 dollar donation requested which will go to the Family Support Groups of The Nevada Army Military Reserves.




PA283704Last year there were about 4000 who attended, and we’d love to break that record this year.

I’m helping to organize the volunteers who really don’t do much of anything more than remind people to “watch their step” or to direct traffic in some of the tight spots that are encountered while on the tour.

I STILL NEED ABOUT 10 MORE VOLUNTEERS! I’d love to have them come from the VVV readership. The 20 who already called or emailed me are the people who always step up and help.  If you’ve never joined a club, come to a protest rally, attended a council meeting, or anything else to help the cause….This is a great way to get started. Call me or email me if you’d like to help.  


IMG_8119And while you’re there on Sunday, take a drive thru Paradise Crest.

It one of the very best preserved “leave it to beaver” 1960’s neighborhoods in the the whole valley.





P8062023All the homes were on at least a third of an acre. The trees are enormous, and the homes are for the most part charming ranches.

Going south, it’s one of the furthest out subdivisions that I talk about at VVV. Flamingo Road was about the edge of town in 1970.

Sunday November 2, 2008

1–5 pm

4318 Ridgecrest Drive, Las Vegas NV 89121



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Best Picture Of All From The Flamingo Club Party

IMG_8191And it deserves it’s own post as a big thank you to Meg for hosting.







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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day

874443_301_19Garages keep getting fancier and fancier.






The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Flamingo Club

IMG_8225The Flamingo Club started as a small gathering of neighbors in the Beverly Green Neighborhood. It’s now jumped the boundaries and expanded to become the favorite monthly event for downtown residents from all the historic and urban neighborhoods.

Last night was hosted by Meg Stoddard. Besides being the monthly Flamingo Club Party, it was also Meg’s housewarming, and with Halloween only a week away…. lots of us went all out with the costumes.

















Heidi and Scott Swank originated the monthly event, and now that it’s expanding, we’d like to see lots of Flamingo Club events in lots of the different neighborhoods.































MaryJOY, the official VeryVintageVegas Fashionista certainly went to the nines and helped everyone have a great time.









Meg finally got to meet Flora D’Alessio who not only sold the home to Meg this summer, but is also the lady who designed it, and meticulously maintained it for 45 years.

With the addition of Megs life long collection of mid century and danish modern furnishings, the home is truly a time capsule of fabulous mid century modernism. We’re trying to arrange a feature piece in a major magazine for later this year.





Most of us in costume were just doing the “vintage retro” thing, but some some of the guest were in full Halloween mode. Inky and Smiley were dead on as the colonel and the chicken!

We had a few ghosts and a few witches,
















Jake and RandyI accidently caught the moment, where Jake met Randy. While they were chatting, it was discovered that Randy (on the left) grew up in the home Jake just purchased on 6th Street. Jakes doing the home over from top to bottom, and Randy’s going to dig out some childhood pictures to help Jake get it right.







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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day

873400_101_12Talk about media whoring…..This guy is constantly interjecting himself into the pictures.














The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Film Challenge Participant Seeks Our Help

Joshua might need a turn of the century looking living room/parlor etc for a movie. I’ve offered up any number of Mid Mod sets that could work if he wants to change the era, but if there is someone with great antiques etc, then maybe we can help. If you can, contact him directly, since it’s such short notice.



Hi Jack,


I’m a fledgling filmmaker producing a short this weekend for the National Film Challenge (www.filmchallenge.org). We’ll be given an assignment tonight (genre, character name, prop & a line of dialogue). We’ll then have about 3 days to write, shoot, edit and score a 4-7 minute film. Since we don’t know what we’re going to shoot, we over-prepare with more actors, props and locations than we’ll need.


One of the categories we could draw is Historical Fiction. I have a drama in mind that takes place in 1896. If we pull that category, we’d like to be able to find a location to shoot in on short notice. I’m wondering if you’re familiar with any historical homes that might work as a turn-of-the-century set. If we’d be able to shoot there, we could get the owner a special thanks in the credits, along with a copy of the film on DVD.


Any suggestions would be fantastic.


Thanks for your help.



Joshua A. Cohen

Cohencidence Productions

6625 S. Valley View, Suite 422

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Cell/Text: 702-785-7654

eFax 702-549-2742

[email protected]




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