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FOG HAT At Fremont Street Experience This Weekend

LAS VEGAS – February 25, 2010 – Fremont Street Experience welcomes race fans during NASCAR weekend with the 7th annual RaceJam beginning Monday, February 22 through Sunday, February 28. The week-long party will feature live performances from headliner Foghat, in addition to Jimmie Ray’s Johnny Cash Tribute and The Jay Bolan Band.
Foghat brings their earthy blues rock music to Fremont Street Experience performing hits that catapulted their success including “Slow Ride,” “I Just Wanna Make Love to You,” and “Fool for the City.” Foghat will perform free concerts at 9 p.m. both Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27 on 3rd Street Stage. Roger Earl and Dave Peverett joined forces in the 1960s with a true passion for rock and roll and enlisted fellow band members Rod Price and Tony Stevens to form Foghat. The band immediately began touring performing to excited fans worldwide. Foghat currently consists of members Roger Earl, Craig Macgregor, Bryan Bassett and Charlie Huhn and continue their non-stop tour with incredible energy, promising new and exciting performances from one of rock’s most established acts.
Jimmie Rae’s Johnny Cash Tribute is a dynamic, charismatic performance that incorporates music from all six decades of Johnny Cash’s career including some of his last songs such as “Hurt” and “Like the 309.” The band brings a wide range of music including old vintage country, a touch of gospel, blues and rock to Fremont Street Experience.
The Jay Bolan Band brings the best of classic rock to Fremont Street Experience with hits from groups including Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Grand Funk, Lynard Skynard and more. The group’s love of live performances keeps them busy averaging 300 shows per year drawing crowds at countless venues.
The 7th Annual RaceJam begins at 8 p.m. on Monday, February 22 and in addition to live entertainment, includes drink specials sponsored by Crown Royal and 42 Below. All are invited to ride on downtown and enjoy great music while surrounded by the iconic neon lights of the Fremont Street Experience. All concerts are free and open to the public and parking is available at the Fremont Street Experience parking garage located at Carson and 4th Streets. The entertainment schedule is as follows:

Friday, Feb. 26
·     5:30 to 8:30 p.m. – The Jay Bolan Band – 3rd Street Stage
·     9 to 11 p.m. – Foghat – 3rd Street Stage
Saturday, Feb. 27
·     5:30 to 8:30 p.m. – The Jay Bolan Band – 3rd Street Stage
·     9 to 11 p.m. – Foghat – 3rd Street Stage

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Topping Out Ceremony For Smith Center For The Perfoming Arts

WHAT:           The Smith Center for the Performing Arts gets one step closer to opening its doors as it celebrates the “topping out” of Reynolds Hall, reaching its highest point of 170 feet. The ceremony will begin with a live performance down City Parkway by Clark High School Marching Band and will culminate with the raising of the final steel beam, topping out construction for this monumental project. 


Guests in attendance will have the opportunity to sign the final steel beam before it is put in place, becoming a part of The Smith Center’s history. Immediately following the ceremony, tours of The Smith Center will be available. 


WHO:             Myron G. Martin, President & CEO

Donald D. Snyder, Chairman of the Board

Oscar B. Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas

Mr. Fred W. Smith, Chairman of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

Clark High School Marching Band


WHEN:           Thursday, February 25, 2010

                         2:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

                        Media check-in is at 2:30 pm


WHERE:        The Smith Center for the Performing Arts Construction Site

Entrance to the construction site is available from Clark Avenue, located on Grand Central Parkway, just north of Bonneville Avenue.

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The Palmer and Krisel Homes of Paradise Palms – Plan 6

PLAN 60003All of the Plan 6’s in Paradise Palms are south of Desert Inn. There’s a few west of Spencer, but primarily, they were on the golf course.

Probably the most easily recognizable of the Palmer and Krisel plan 6’s, and the most popular is 6A with its butterfly roof and and shaddow block. I think it was also the most difficult to modify, so they tend to still be intact.

The “Revision House” that we showcased last month was a plan 6C.

I need to do an actual survey but I’m guessing that about 200 of the homes in Paradise Palms total were the Palmer and Krisel designs. I verified with Bill Krisel in an email exchange last year that many of the other floor plans and elevations in Paradise Palms are not his.

The Krisels have an intrinsic value, now that his name is well known to those who are in the know among the Mid Century Modern preservation movement. Unfortunately, one of the outcomes of the current market conditions is that NOTHING except for how many square feet a home has is being given any value by the appraisers. This will change over time as the market comes back.





PLAN 60002The plan 6’s have the cantilevered concrete hearth and the polygon popout over the fireplace, which was a truly distinctive feature of this floorplan. In the amenities list, the fireplace is called a “wood burning fireplace with projected hood”.

Prices from the builder?

Lot A – $27,450

Lot B – $28,550

Lot C – $31,150

I’m assuming the C lots were on the golf course.









IMG_6940Here’s a the general look of the fireplace in the plan 6, from the revision house.

The floating, cantilevered hearth was  originally plain cement. Here it’s been covered in slate.





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Here’s a special request from Brian Paco Alvarez. He blogs daily at EnculturateLasVegas about the Arts and Culture in Las Vegas. EnculturateLasVegas should be one of your daily reads.






The Special Session of the Legislature begins on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 9 a.m. Charged to mitigate the budget crisis, our legislators are looking at all options. Extremely vulnerable, once again, is state funding to the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) – public funding that supports the work of artists, arts organizations and educators across the state.


The actual agenda of the special session and time for public testimony are still unknown, additional information may be available later on Monday, February 22, 2010. A number of individuals from Reno will represent Nevada’s arts industry at the Special Session.


You are encouraged to attend the Special Session in Carson City, whether you speak or not. Just as important is your E-mail to your Senator or Assemblyman or Assemblywoman that clearly and concisely expresses your sentiments about the value of public funding for the arts.


Background/Position Summary

  • The NAC sustained a 43% reduction in state funding last session. The agency, as most others in state government, will take an additional 10% cut as outlined in the Governor’s Budget plan.


  • A number of legislators understand that further cuts to, or elimination of, the NAC will not solve the budget crisis. Instead it will destroy the work of thousands since the agency’s inception in 1967, and it will deny Nevada its opportunity to use creativity as a road to recovery. Deeper cuts would jeopardize hundreds of thousands of federal dollars that NAC puts to work to support affordable and accessible programs to the public on a daily basis.


  • We trust that, after this total 53% cut to one of the smallest of state agencies, the work of the staff and its statewide constituents may proceed and assist the state with creative solutions to current and future challenges.



All legislators understand those facts, and that:


  • The arts and arts education are not non-essential services, but fundamental to our lives, our children and our communities.
  • Nevada’s arts industry is – at this moment — providing solutions to our shared economic crisis and its ripple effect on our communities and education system.


E-mail Tips

To email – use a powerful statement in your subject line, i.e. (a) The arts are essential to my community; (b) Arts Council funding to {my organization} has an economic ripple effect; (c) [my organization} uses NAC funding to employ staff and/or artists; (d) NAC supports art education for at-risk youth; (e) NAC support has helped build our organization into a sustainable business, etc. Briefly state the value of NAC funding, how you leverage those funds, economic/educational benefits, etc.


Talking Points That Focus on The Arts As Providing Solutions Now

  • The arts industry is comprised of large and small businesses and entrepreneurs—the very same business sector that our government says is critical to Nevada’s recovery.
  • The arts drive economies and attract 21st-century businesses to our state.
  • The arts attract quality tourists who stay longer and spend more money.
  • The arts are one of the most efficient and effective reasons for Nevada’s middle class to remain in this state, maintaining homes, paying taxes, supporting businesses and contributing to a positive ripple effect that sustains our state’s economy.
  • The Nevada Arts Council and grantee constituents now provide primary, frontline education programs for our youth in school and, perhaps more importantly, after school. The arts provide that critical link between creative thinking and science, history and other core subjects.
  • The Nevada Arts Council accomplishes all this and more on a sliver of the state budget–three cents for every one hundred dollars. This is a remarkable return on investment.



Visit Arts4Nevada.org Nevada’s online advocacy center and statewide calendar for additional background, talking points and copies of effective speeches and letters presented by your colleagues at recent Town Hall Meetings.


Don’t forget the Thank You

Thanking our elected officials for the work they do is a hallmark of the arts industry. Please continue doing so, by acknowledging our legislators for their many long days and sincere efforts to help Nevada find solutions to the financial crisis we all face.


And thank you for all your efforts to insure affordable, accessible arts and arts education programs for Nevadans across the state. Your action has and WILL continue to make a difference.


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The June 1963 Paradise Palms Newsletters – Commercial Center In Urban Las Vegas Is Introduced

Newlsetter June 63 vol 2 num 60001In today’s installment, we get introduced to “Commercial Center”, which is currently under construction and scheduled for an August 1963 Grand Opening. A must read article!

 “New concepts in the use of space and frontage design, based on architectural studies, create a feeling of activity which is essential to bringing traffic to a shopping area.”

Newlsetter June 63 vol 2 num 60004 

The “Welcome Mat” introduces us to Sam Melchionne and his family. Sam’s the band leader at the Desert Inn Sky Room.

A great piece of Las Vegas History in the tribute website. There’s some terrific pictures buried in it.

Lynn Zook at Classic Las Vegas also has a picture of Sam Mechionne with Robert Goulet in this post 

I want that Sunburst Clock!

Newlsetter June 63 vol 2 num 60003

It’s all about the “ladies”! And the HAIR!

Newlsetter June 63 vol 2 num 60002

Watch your speed. Sometimes I think they really struggled to fill the page. In retrospect, it’s still a fun read, though.

Paradise Palms was the first Master Planned community in Las Vegas. It’s filled with what we now call Mid Century Modern homes. They deserve to be restored and collected.

Paradise Palms can be located on both sides of Desert Inn Road, between Maryland Parkway and Eastern Avenue. Some of the homes are on what’s now the “National Golf Course”. When the community was built, the course was the “Stardust Golf Course”.

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Palm Springs Modernism Week

I did a 36 hour whirlwind trip to Palm Springs this weekend for a very small part of Palm Springs Modernism Week. My last visit was 12 years ago. I should have planned for three or four days, as there’s so much to see. Next time!

Jack LeVine with William Krisel Sunday night was the world premier of the new documentary on William Krisel, Architect.

It turns out, I got to play a role in the film. The film does a great job of telling Bill Krisel’s story, and telling of his philosophy of architecture, and at the end, there’s segment about his Paradise Palms homes in Las Vegas, and the new wave of appreciation for them. That’s where I came in. The “Alexanders” – 1000’s of home in California that were designed by Bill Krisel are already hot commodities among the modernist revival movement. The better preserved, or better restored, the more valuable. Las Vegas has the only group of them that are relatively undiscovered, and that was one of the points I was able to make in the film. The other point is that the houses are desirable for both the baby boomers coming back to our childhood homes, or the kids and grandkids of the boomers who have discovered that there’s something else besides Tuscan Tile Roofs and Suburban Stucco.

I had the opportunity to meet him and speak to Bill, both before after the movie.  which is significant to me, because he’s the architect who actually drew the floor plans and elevations that we are currently publishing in the Paradise Palms Brochure Series.

From my brief conversation, I learned that he never came to Las Vegas. Irwin Molasky, the developer of Paradise Palms was friends with Bob Alexander, who was building in Palm Springs. When Irwin saw the Krisel homes, he commissioned Bill to create a set of them for Las Vegas.

IMG_7325Probably the most important thing I learned from the film, and the conversation, is that the consumer public NEVER heard of the architects of tract housing. A few famous architects who did custom work had their name in the public – Lautner, Neutra, etc – but it was the builders names that were attached to the tract products. Bill Krisel was famous in California among the builders and developers, and he produced plans for more that 40,000 buildings during his career. It’s only in the last 10 years that his name surfaced in the modernist revival community. That’s when he acquired the cult following of affectionados of his work.

After the question and answer period, I was able to grab a picture with Paradise Palms residents Zane and Jenny Donaldson who had also driven down for the premiere. In the background next to William Krisel is Jake Gorst, the director of the film who was on the panel. I’m not sure where Alan Hess was at the moment, but he was on the panel as well.

The DVD of the documentary will be available in about a month, after the Los Angeles Premier at the Getty Museum. We have the wheels in motion for a “LAS VEGAS MODERNISM” weekend in October, which will feature a screening of the film here.


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Fremont Street Experience Hosts The Annual Fat Tuesday Bar Crawl – Downtown Las Vegas


Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl - Fremont Street Experience - Downtown Las VegasNO CHARGE FOR THE CRAWL, FREE ENTERTAINMENT, GREAT DRINK AND FOOD SPECIALS!
Check in between 5 and 10 pm, then crawl at your own pace!
FREE Mardi Gras Beads for first 1000 people!


Fremont Street Experience




Free Entertainment
* David “Mojo” Poe – 5-11pm – 3rd Street Stage
David “MoJo” Poe started his entertainment career as a child prodigy clarinetist. He will be performing Cajun and Zydeco music on Fremont Street with Swing Era great Benny Goodman.
* Carl Ferris – 7-11pm – Casino Center West
Carl Ferris’ improvisational saxophonist delights crowds nightly on Fremont Street Experience. 
* Man on the Street – 7-11pm – 4th Street Area
Rouge Canopy Technician K-ARL steals access to the canopy interviewing visitors and displaying them on Viva Vision.
* Pete Contino Band – 8-11pm – 1st Street Stage
The Pete Contino Band entertains using a unique mixture of musical instruments described as “acoustic zydeco/blues.”
* Bob Sachs Dixieland Trio – 8-11pm – Main Street Area
Bob Sachs, Tom McDermott and Steve Johnson revive the New Orleans born Dixieland music. 

First 1000 people to check in will receive beads.
Back by popular demand from the Summer of ’69: Vegas or Bust event in 2009; FSE will be premiering John Van Hamersveld’s full length hand drawn Viva Vision show melding “Signs of Life” and “Indigo Edge” to the music of The Zombies.  Be the first to see this beautiful piece of art displayed on 12.5 million lights.  Premiering at 8 pm with an encore at midnight.

Food and Drink specials

$1 Hurricanes at the Main Bar inside the Golden Gate
Special Pricing at Gold Diggers at the Golden Nugget
$2 Who-Dat Apple-tini’s at Fitzgeralds Vue Bar
$3 Crown & Coke at the Casino Bar at the Fremont Hotel & Casino
$2 shots of Jack Daniel or Southern Comfort at any casino bar at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino and Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel (valid until 1 am)
16″ One Topping Pizza with 60oz Pitcher of Beer for $10 at Benny’s Bullpen Sports Bar and Cigar Lounge at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel (valid until 1 am)

Local restaurant Rhythm Kitchen will be on-site cooking some of their specialties from 2 pm – 10 pm to feed your need for a proper Fat Tuesday. All items sold for $5 each for a half pound portion.

Baby Back Ribs- Slow Cooked Memphis Style Slathered with BBQ Sauce

Charbroiled Oysters- Gulf Coast Oysters Grilled with a Garlic and Parmesan Cheese Compound Butter

Su Vi Chicken Wings- Cajun Grilled Wings Marinated in French Creole Spices

Shrimp Boil- Cajun Shrimp Boiled with Corn and Potatoes

Free parking with validation upon check in for Fremont Street Experience Garage. 3 hour validation always available at participating casinos.

Click Here to RSVP
Text FREMONT to 99158* to RSVP for the event
* Message & Data charges may apply. Text STOP to End. Text HELP for Help.
Check in located at 425 Fremont Street, Suite 160, 89101, next to Walgreens. Check in and hand stamp required to receive special offers. 
Must be 21 to participate.  Restrictions apply.  Management reserves all rights.

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Retro Renovation’s Pam Krueber Makes A Mid Mod Video For ETSY

Our favorite post war baby boom housing blogger made an important video that makes some important points.

Of course you should read Pam’s announcement at RetroRenovation, and follow the links to the original posting on the ETSY site, as well.

Before you watch it, I want to make a couple of points that I don’t say often enough.

Mid Mod, or Mid Century Modern is a CATCH PHRASE! It means lots of things. It’s an era in history. It’s a style, and an aesthetic, and much of it has become timeless. Some of it is just kitsch and camp now. Some of it is worth imitating, copying and collecting. Some of it just isn’t.

It’s real easy to get all caught up in what’s the most visibly “unique” about the “modern” houses of the era. Those are the few that I call “Desert Modern”. Pam calls it “High-Fallutin Modern” in the video. You’ll see when you watch that she has a clever little name for that which isn’t high-fallutin. The homes in Paradise Palms, for example with their unique shapes, outrageous roof lines, geometric designs ARE NOT THE NORM. They’re not even – by any stretch of the imagination - the majority (except in PP).

MOST of the Mid Mod houses in the world are actually “ranch homes” which is why I try to use the term Ranch Modern to describe them. Ranches are the vast majority of homes in VintageVegas. The desert moderns are scattered among the ranches, and do have a collectible rarity factor. Regardless of size, or whether they’re tract or custom, most mid mods are ranch.

Pam’s whole website is devoted to what’s become her new theme…”Love the house you’re in”. Both the desert modern and the Ranch modern share a couple of simple ideas that were the post war revolutionary “rethinking” of HOW WE LIVE IN A HOME. For example, the sliding glass door, the smallest version of the “wall of glass” was a defining element of modern during it’s heyday. It’s lived on as a staple of housing design. The kitchen as the central hub of the house – part of the living area, instead of being hidden away as a forbidden zone has not gone away. The patio as an extension of the living area into the outdoors – still there! Clean lines, lack of ornamentation, the use of natural materials, bright colors, were all staples of modern.

That era that we now call “Mid Mod” lasted from the end of World War II until roughly 70. That’s when housing started to change again. Popular decorating got more ornate, 2–stories took over; lots started getting smaller; and stucco and red tile roofs became the cookie cutter clutter of todays housing. The Mid Century Modern Heritage Of Las Vegas has one unique element, as well, that exists nowhere else. All of it is centralized to the extent of the size of Las Vegas in 1970. Past that and you’re out of Vintage Vegas and into the suburbs and the sprawl.

Pam’s “RetroRenovation” is the best starting point there is if you want to learn more about what to do with your “modern” house – regardless of if it’s desert modern or ranch modern. And then if you really get hooked….there’s a thousand books and magazines and websites to read. Sit back, make some popcorn, enjoy the show!

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The Paradise Palms Desert News – Building Community In 1963

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10001“Let’s keep Paradise Palms looking like paradise!!” — a motto worthy of re-embracing!

Here’s Volume 2 Number 5, the May 1963 newsletter of Paradise Palms.

This is how people networked back in 1963. Today, they’d just have a facebook fan page. Oh, they do! New fans welcome. New content welcome as well.

Of course, if it’s a real scoop, as these newsletters are, you should give it to me to publish first! 

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10004

The Welcome Mat introduces us to saxaphone legend Vido Musso, and lots of grass and a pine cone lamp.

We also meet The vice president of the Flamingo, a pair of pedal-pushers, and 2 pairs of flood pants.

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10003An Impala and a ?

Any of these names recognizable?


Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 page 40001

Another plug for Vido Musso

Babette DeCastro of the DeCastro sisters.

Frances Faye 

Jack Nicklaus – you know who he is, so I didn’t link it.

I’m hoping someone will uncover more of these newsletters.

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Plan 5 – The Tri – Level In Paradise Palms – A Mid Century Modern Neighborhood In Las Vegas

This one’s for you, Clay.

Plan 5 Paradise Palms 1963 Brochure0001There’s no mistaking the Tri-Level design. They were only built South of Desert Inn, in Paradise Palms– the first Mid Century Modern Neighborhood of Las Vegas. You can’t miss them. There’s about a dozen or so of them all together spread out through the neighborhood. There’s still 3 or 4 of them that haven’t had additions or severe modifications or haven’t been stucco’d over.

Find the one on Pawnee Circle. It’s the best original.

They have some of the largest of the “Stone Screen” or “Sun Screen” privacy walls made out of the decorative concrete block that I’m so fond of. (that link will take you to the entire series that we spent all of last year on)

You’ll also note that they came with a zig zag of concrete panels that made up the steps from the street to the front door.

The line of shadow block in the chimney has always been inspirational.

Plan 5 Paradise Palms 1963 Brochure0002

The rubber stamped pricing isn’t very legible but the builder price is starting to really get up there in 1963.

Lot A = $27,950

Lot B = $25,950

Lot C = $31,550

A few (many) of you have been actually reading the amenities list. A few of them that have amused me, or caught my eye:

“ilsa imported Italian tile or glass tile walls around tub”

“Extra large Superamic tile counter top and splash”

“Wall to Wall Carpeting”  and a “Built-In TV outlet”

“full luminous ceiling with fluorescent tubing”

“6 foot built-in sloped mirrored medicine cabinet”

“Decorative block screen wall across entire lower level”

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Fun Features Found In Foreclosures

They’re starting to pump out the “Shadow Inventory”. Bank of America alone is releasing 500 homes a month. Fannie Mae is letting them out as well, and making them “owner occupied only offers will be considered for the first 15 days”.

Of course, they don’t all qualify for FHA which how most “owner occupied” buyers are able to buy.

IMG_7205But check out this one that came up on 15th Street the other day. It’s got a very cool fireplace, original metal cabinets, big picture windows and an original pink bathroom.
















IMG_7201I was there the day they were cleaning and hauling. I had an amusing conversation with the guys that were doing the “clean out”. They’d never done one before on a Vintage House. They actually thought that it was a tear down, and couldn’t believe that I thought this a very restorable home.

Of course, it’s listed at $57,500. 1500 sf. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

Fannie Mae is offering them with “Homepath Renovation Financing”. You can borrow the purchase price AND the fix up money with as little as 3% down.

I’m just starting on the first of these, so I’ll know soon enough if it’s worth the extra steps.


I mentioned above that this house, like so many in this price range aren’t eligible for FHA loans. That’s because on an FHA loan, the house has to be “livable”. It can be ugly, but it has to be livable.

IMG_7204Besides the missing flooring, and broken glass. This is why it’s not eligible for FHA.

Is the fixup money holding you back? Maybe it’s time to explore this new homepath option. Give me a call. Let’s talk about it.









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Paradise Palms Was The First Master Planned Community In Las Vegas

Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4

Someone – quite wrongfully – suggested that I’m focusing too much attention on Paradise Palms. They asked me why I haven’t done anything on downtown lately….or McNeil or McWhatnot.

I’m just very happy to be back to consistent and regular blogging, and the “Revision House”, as well as these Paradise Palms newsletters and brochures from 1963 were just the thing to get me jump-started.

Another reader posed a good question recently. She did some driving around in Paradise Palms, noting that some of the properties – in fact, some of the blocks looked kind of shabby.

I explained that she’s quite right.  However, that’s true in neighborhoods all over the valley after the last 3 years of market decline, recession, and all that other bad stuff.

There’s dead lawns and peeling paint in Summerlin as well. The HOA there has more power to fight it than we do considering the budget constraints of the city and the county.

Never the less, there’s a TON of foreclosures that have been sold during the last 6 months. (AND A TON OF THEM BEING RELEASED AT THIS MOMENT – IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT YET! The shadow inventory is starting to emerge.)

Most of the people who have already taken advantage of the low prices and the low interest rates have been putting their time and energy into fixing and repairing and redecorating the insides this winter. 

With Spring approaching, I think we’ll be seeing a torrent of outside activity among the many new homeowners.

First however, I think we’re going to see the biggest crop of weeds ever. It just might get uglier for a few months before the lawns and landscapes start to look good again. Of course, we needed the rain, and the logical (natural) outcome will be weeds.

So I’m taking a moment to start the appeal early. I saw my first little green shoots of growth this weekend. They were in the fringes of A NICE LAWN.  Whether you’re Downtown, or in McNeil, or Westleigh or Scotch 80’s or Fran Park, or EVEN in Paradise Palms….get an early jump on them, and stay ahead of them. Go talk to your neighbors. ENCOURAGE THEM to stay ahead of the weeds. Help a neighbor who might not be able to pull them. Your HOME VALUE will benefit. Lots and lots of those vacant properties are going to get new owners soon. The better the homes around them look, the more they’ll be fighting over the available ones. The FIRST thing they always do is pull the weeds at their new home.

Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4 (2)

There wasn’t a lot of news in this issue of the Paradise Palms “Desert – News” – therefore the little essay above, but….


Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4 pI do believe we should try to track down Fu-Fu.

Is she still around?

We know from a previous issue that the tennis courts were in the park that ran westward from Spencer along what’s now the South side of Chippawa Drive, and Chippawa Circle. I believe the pyramid roof house that shows in the background of the the top “tennis anyone” picture is at the end of the Commanche Circle Cul-de-sac.

The butterfly roof “clubhouse” in the bottom picture seems to be where Chippawa Circle is now. What a shame it’s now lost to us.

Newlsetter APRIL 63 vol 2 num 4I’m trying to figure out EXACTLY when the association for Paradise Palms was dissolved. Does anyone know? Any details? Was there a fight over it? Was the community thrilled to lose it? Who led the different factions. I just know there had to have been a battle. Any of you original or extremely long time owners have any insight?

The ONLY clue I have at the moment, is that all 5 houses on Chippewa Circle were built in 1979, and are absolutely NOT part of the brochure series, as they are on the North side of Chippewa Drive. So I know it had to have been at least a year or two before that. But when? Why?

Tomorrow or Wednesday  – Plan 5 of the brochure series.

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Some Mid Mod Eye Candy In Preparation For Palm Springs Modernism Week


Here’s “The Dragnet House”. Aptly named for Jack Webb – Lt. Friday – who built the house in 1960.

From The LA Times:

Palm Springs Modernism Week is coming Feb. 12-21, and to whet your appetite, we’ve got a Palm Springs house with a pedigree for you to examine. The home originally belonged to Jack Webb, best known as Joe Friday on “Dragnet.”  He had it built in 1960, just after the show’s eight-year run came to an end.

The current owners — snowbirds from Illinois — hired Palm Springs decorator Christopher Kennedy to help them get a look that is true to the house’s Modernist roots, but doesn’t look like a paint-by-the-numbers Palm Springs abode.

Read Barbara Thornburg’s full story on the home, or check out our extensive photo gallery, which will have you wishing the snowbird owners would invite you over for some mellow desert stargazing.

Dragnet House - Photo by LA Times











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The “Family Jewels” A Romantic Vintage Clothing And Accessory Sale To Benefit The Erotic Heritage Museum

Family JewelsWant to top off you Valentines Day’s outfit with a dash of Vintage?

Our friend LaBooshnik is holding a one day event with some of the proceeds benefiting the Erotic Heritage Museum.

Fifi is responsible for finding me almost all of my Vintage sport coats and ties. She has a permanent rack at Retro Vegas as well, but this is a ONE DAY EVENT that you won’t want to miss if you’re building a Vintage wardrobe.

It’s a sale of Vintage Costume Jewelry, Men’s and Women’s Cocktail Attire, Exquisite Smoking Jackets, See-through Vintage Aprons, Robes, Lingerie and Gloves from the 30’s to the 60’s.


Saturday February 13, 2010 from NOON to 8PM at the

Erotic Heritage Museum

3275 Industrial Road,

An editorial note and recommendation: We at VeryVintageVegas support museums of all types, and lately we have become friends with Dr. Laura Henkel, the curator of the Erotic Heritage Museum. Don’t just blow it off out of hand. It’s one of the best curated Museums in Las Vegas, though I’ve been told that some people ares squeamish about such things. There’s an excellent article about the Museum in The LA TIMES from last August, and a great website as well, if you think you have to “think about” whether you might be offended or not.

 I encourage you to spend an hour or eight exploring the museum as well as picking out some fabulous items for your Vintage wardrobe.

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Plan 4 – The Original Sales Brochures For Paradise Palms – The Mid Mod Neighborhood Of Las Vegas

 Plan 4 front0001Both The 4A and The 4B models are easy to spot when you drive around in Paradise Palms.

Again, many of the carports have been changed to garages, or living area.

There have been many changes and modifications (some/too many of them being absolutley horrible) to the houses, especially the part of Paradise Palms north of Desert Inn – which even in 1962 and 1963 was the lower end, “starter home” part of the neighborhood.

Many of the 4B’s still maintain their rooflines and clearstory windows. Many of the A’s are now unrecognizable.  

I’m real happy that we can put these out there as a resource for the future new homeowners.

Any of our Paradise Palms readers who live in 4’s care to comment?

PLAN 4 Paradise Palms0001

The rubber stamp says:

Lot A = $24,950

Lot B = $26,050 

Lot C = $28,650


This is the first of the brochures to give us clue that there was different pricing for different lots.







PLAN 4 Paradise Palms0001 turnedIn the brochure, the street is obviously along the right side of the drawing. It really makes more sense like this, when you can picture the driveway cutting across the front of the house with a side entry carport as it shows in the elevation drawing.

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