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April 18, 2008

Very Vintage Vegas – Geographically Speaking

Last night at the Lo-Pro Mixer, someone asked me what I consider to be Very Vintage Vegas. At first I thought he was asking about the types of neighborhoods, and types of homes. But it […]
March 18, 2008

Tiki Culture Played A Small Part In The Mid Century Modernism Of Post War America

Yesterday I mentioned the yard art which is now prominently on display at a Tiki Styled Home in Beverly Green. Of course, someone asked me about Tiki, so I’m compelled to show some other examples […]
March 17, 2008

Spring Time Yard Clean Up Reveals Hidden Yard Art – Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods Have Lots Of Folk Art On Display

One of the things I love to do is give tours of the classic homes and historic neighborhoods of Las Vegas. One of the many “show off” homes that I drive by is this TIKI […]
March 17, 2008

Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement Officer To Speak At Beverly Green Meeting Tonight

Pam Hines, one of the “code enforcement” officers from the City of Las Vegas Department of Neighborhood Services will be the guest speaker tonight at the quarterly meeting of the Beverly Green Neighborhood Association. The […]
March 14, 2008

Las Vegas Planning Commission Sides With Residents Of Historic Neighborhoods

The planning commission turned down the 47 Story hi rise development at 6th and Sahara. About 40 neighbors from the Southridge, Beverly Green, Huntridge, and John S. Park Neighborhood Associations came to the hearing and spoke […]
March 9, 2008

Yes, It’s In The Designated “Downtown Las Vegas Redevelopment District”, But Is It Compatable With Surrounding Single Family Homes?

Gregg Brown, the leader of the 6th and Sahara project neighborhood response has written this guest editorial for us today. The proposed development on 6th & Sahara is items 21 through 25 on the agenda […]
March 2, 2008

Can They Build A Hi Rise Across The Street From Single Family Homes? Why You Should Care…

Should the city give them waivers, and variances, and change the zoning, and allow a major commercial intrusion into a single family neighborhood? That’s the big question on the table for the PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING […]
February 26, 2008

1951 Parcel Map Of Las Vegas – Most Of What I Call Vintage Las Vegas Isn’t There

Update: if you looked at the middle picture   It’s a funny thing about being the “newest” big city in America. Vintage in Washington DC or NYC or Philly, dates back to revolution. In St. […]
January 10, 2008

Planning Commission Hearing POSTPONED

Tonight’s hearing in front of the planning commission about the 47 story Hi Rise for 6th and Sahara has been postponed at the applicant’s request. The new date is Feb. 14th. We’ll keep you posted. […]
January 10, 2008

This Is How Neighborhood Associations Help

All of the really good, and potentially great Neighborhoods Associations came about because of proposed development or political controversy that impacted the adjacent homes. I started the Southridge Neighborhood Association in 2001 in response to […]