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January 26, 2008

Another Chance For The Best Deal In Las Vegas For A Mid Century Modern Home

There’s a bank owned Mid Century Modern home in Paradise Palms that sold in 3 days the first time, but the deal fell out, and it’s back on the market. It’s priced at 250k on […]
January 16, 2008

Who Knew? Secret Hidden Bath Tub Parts

So I spent the first hour trying to get the bathtub unclogged. Plungers, and Drano and Liquid Plumber and nothing worked. I finally broke down and called the plumber. While waiting for him, I took […]
December 16, 2007

Suite Charity Open To The Public

Our friend and client Dennis Dunn told me last year that he was bored since he’d retired so early in life. I suggested that he put his time and energy to a productive use, and […]
December 16, 2007

Everywhere We Look In Vintage Las Vegas, We’re Still Seeing Constant Improvement

The momentum has not changed in the least. New landscaping, new driveways, new windows, new roofs, and who knows what on the insides of our classic 50’s and 60’s homes. If you see an improvement project […]
December 10, 2007

Major Renovation Underway in John S. Park Historic Neighborhood

Last month we reported the partial demolition of a the home on the corner of 7th and Bracken in the Radlick Park Subdivision. We grabbed some photos over the weekend of the framing that’s in process. […]
November 26, 2007

Everywhere We Look – Replacement Windows Are A Major Upgrade To The Homes Of Vintage Las Vegas

Energy Efficiency is a major part of making our older homes “functionally modern”. Window and Sliding Door replacement is one of the most expensive things we can do, but they pay for themselves in no […]
November 23, 2007

What’s Under Your Sink – Have You Looked Lately?

Or for that matter, at the top of your water heater? Or up on your roof? Is there a problem waiting to happen? Home inspections aren’t just for new buyers. A couple of hundred dollars […]
November 23, 2007

What Can Happen If You NEVER Change Your Filters

It’s just the funniest example I’ve ever encountered. We see streaks on the ceiling eminating from the registers, but this was just too much. Flocked wallpaper was all the rage once upon a time, and […]
November 15, 2007

Is Your Vintage Vegas Fireplace Ready For A Nostalgic Night Of Snuggling?

Vintage Las Vegas Homes Often Have Real Wood Burning Fireplaces One of the advantages of living in Vintage Vegas is that we have wood burning REAL fireplaces. In 1989 they were outlawed for new construction, […]
November 14, 2007

A New One On Me – What’s Inside A Water Softener

No one guessed right about the orange glow in the dark caviar like substance that showed up in my toilet the other day. Actually, we thought the washing machine was broken. That’s how it all […]